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Chapter 71 The Same Day Last Year

Hearing what Li Yun said, Xia Ning realizes at once there must be something happening.

It seems that the police office gets all the people related to Li Yun arrested by one call.

As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of the police office to fight against prost.i.tution, gambling and drugs. Even if she asks for a favor from Yi Yunrui, it won’t work.

In addition, Li Yun brought trouble to her first. Even if she can let her go, Yi Yunrui will not permit that.

“Sorry. The military department, the police department and the commercial department are three independent departments with different duties. Li Yun, I really can’t do anything for you.”

“No. Xia Ning, as long as you can speak for us, my friends and I will be saved. Xia Ning, I promise that I will never disturb you any longer in the future. Please save me. They all know what I have done and won’t let me go. I am a thorn in their flesh now. I really don’t know what I can do. Xia Ning, please help me. Please!”

Xia Ning’s eyes darken. Honestly, she is really not fond of people in that circle and she doesn’t want to get involved too much. Actually, this bad luck doesn’t happen to Li Yun alone, so, even if she speaks for her, there won’t be anybody willing to help Li Yun.

What is more, she doesn’t want to bother Yi Yunrui with such kind of things.

“Sorry, I really can’t. I don’t know about your problems. I can’t help you…”

“Xia Ning! You are a b.i.t.c.h. You don’t help me! Well, let’s wait and see.”

Not waiting for Xia Ning to finish her words, Li Yun swears at her angrily and hangs up the phone.

Xia Ning is shocked and hangs up too.

Xia Ning feels a little hungry, so she goes to the kitchen to prepare some foods. When she comes back, she finds that is a new message from Yi Yunrui.

The message is very simple, telling her that he may not come back for supper because of something and asks her to take care of herself.

Xia Ning replies simply: Noted.

In less than a minute, Yi Yunrui texts back, also simply: Sorry.

She looks at the word “Sorry” and can’t help feeling something wrong. However, she is uncertain. She replies again: It is OK.

There is no further response from Yi Yunrui. Xia Ning puts down her phone. It is the last day before she goes to work again. She wonders where she can go to have fun.

C city is large, if she walks all the way, she will be exhausted. World Era Weekly is quite far from the military compound. Is she going to take a bus to work every day?

Well…why not buy a car?

Buy a car as her conveyance.

She is an economical person. Though she is rich now, she doesn’t desire very expensive cars. Something suitable will be OK.

Then a scene pops in her brain. What about BYD F3?

Though it is of low grade and cheap, she likes the style of the car. It is only as a way of conveyance, good enough.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes her deposit card with her and puts on the coat. She hails a taxi and goes directly to the 4S store.

She chooses a white F3 and buys it immediately. The 4S store is also efficient in getting the license plate ready. Soon, the plate is a.s.sembled. Xia Ning directly drives the car to the road.

She has got her driving license. In the past, she dared not spend too much money even she had some, being worried about something. However, after Ou Yixuan got married, she became optimistic about many things.

Xia Ning is driving around the streets when her phone rings. She then pulls over.

It is a call from Mei Ruo.

“h.e.l.lo, Xia Ning. I am calling to tell you something. Is it convenient for you to talk now?”

Mei Ruo’s voice is so sweet that listeners will feel soft. Xia Ning hesitates slightly, “Hum. Yes. Please speak. It is fine.”

“Rui is going to have supper at my place this evening. Do you mind?”

Xia Ning’s heart tightens. She wonders how to react to that.

Why is Yi Yunrui going to have supper at Mei Ruo’s house?

“Err. Xia Ning, please don’t misunderstand. It is just that I am back, and our comrades-in-arms want to get together for dinner to welcome me. The Commander will come together…”

“Oh, OK. Have fun. I don’t mind.”

“Then, thank you. I will look after Rui for you and make sure he will not drink too much. That is all. Bye.”

Mei Ruo hangs up. Xia Ning looks at her phone blankly for a little while and gives a light sigh. She puts the phone aside.

She often feels that she stands between Mei Ruo and Yi Yunrui. The feeling is getting stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, some words pop in her brain: Will you let go of Yi Yunrui?

Xia Ning is shocked, wondering why she has this idea.

Can she let go of Yi Yunrui?

Can she? Yi Yunrui is her husband. If she lets go of him, the situation will be different from what she did with Ou Yixuan. That is called divorce.

As if a part of her heart is scooped out, Xia Ning feels so painful that she can hardly breathe.

No, of course she doesn’t want that. But if it happens, is she capable to reject it?

Who will want a woman like her of no power or influence?

Xia Ning gives a light sigh. Her mind is in a mess.

At the moment, her phone rings again. It is from Li Baoer, “Ning, where are you? I am bored. Let’s hang out together.”

As Li Baoer plans, Xia Ning drives the car and arrives at Li Baoer’s apartment. Seeing the shining F3, Li Baoer bursts into some words, “Wow, My Ning has become a golden luxury. You drive the four wheels here!”

They sit at the F3 and wander around the streets for the whole afternoon. They have a good time.

Xia Ning’s phone doesn’t ring again. Yi Yunrui doesn’t call her and she is not going to call him either.

Mei Ruo is back. It is imaginable that many people in the C Military Region are happy about that. She believes that it is also hard for Yi Yunrui to reject them. So, she will not spoil their fun.

“Do you want to have sushi?” Xia Ning looks at the watch and finds it is past five in the afternoon. She suddenly gets the idea.

“Yes!” Li Bao widens her eyes and puts up her hands, “I like sushi best! Which sushi restaurant is the best in C city?

“Hokkaido.” Xia Ning says and presses the accelerator. The car leaps forward.

No matter at what time of the day, there are always plenty of guests in Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.

Manager Kudou notices Xia Ning once she enters. He goes to her and bows to greet her. Seeing this, Li Baoer is so surprised that she opens her mouth unconsciously. She says by Xia Ning’s ear in a low voice, “Mrs. Commander. You are given great respect!”

Xia Ning smiles and says to Kudou, “I am good. My friend and I will sit at the conveyor belt. You may do your own work.”

Kudou responds. He gives the clerk some instructions and leaves.

Li Baoer also finds that the sushi served to them seems to be better than that to other guests.

“Ning, listen to me. It is my treat!” Li Baoer says.

Xia Ning smiles lightly, “Next time.”

Li Baoer stares at her, “No. This time. You can have the next.”

“Hum. It is still on me next time.”

Li Baoer is confused. What does she mean by “still on her next time”?

When it is time to pay the check, Li Baoer finds that Xia Ning speaks something to one of the managers in the restaurant and they leave directly!

What is going on?!

Until they go out, Li Baoer is still confused. She pulls Xia Ning and asks, “Ning, why didn’t they collect the money? Do they accept credit? I have money with me. I can pay now.”

Xia Ning smiles mysteriously, “Have a guess.”

Li Baoer blinks her eyes. She wants to say something when she sees a man coming to them and she is shocked, staring at the man blankly.

“Xia Ning. Long time no see.”

Xia Ning is frozen when she hears the familiar voice. Unbelievably, she lifts her head and looks at the man.

It is Ou Yixuan, handsome as he always is, dressed in famous brands of clothes from head to toe.

They have not met for several months. He looks the same. However, the vicissitudes on his face add the charm of maturity to him.

“Yes. Long time no see.” Xia Ning smiles mildly.

“Where is your husband? Why are you here alone?”

Xia Ning is upset, “He is busy at work. I come for dinner with Baoer. Well, aren’t you busy? Why do you have time to come to C city?”

Ou Yixuan smiles bitterly, “I am unemployed at present.”

Xia Ning lifts her eyebrows, “What about your wife?” In her opinion, Yin Jingsi loves Ou Yixuan very much. Why does the hen-pecked husband come here alone?

“She is visiting some relatives.” Ou Yixuan glances at Li Baoer, “Baoer, if it is convenient. Could you give us some time?”

Hearing this, Xia Ning is unhappy, “I have agreed to hang out with Baoer. Why do you ask her to leave?”

Ou Yixuan is stuck. He is embarra.s.sed, “I have something to talk with you. I wonder if Baoer…”

“It doesn’t matter. It is OK for me to walk around myself.” Saying this, Li Baoer pats on Xia Ning’s shoulder, “I am leaving now. See you tomorrow.”

“Hey! Don’t go.” Xia Ning grabs her. She says to Ou Yixuan, “I don’t think there is anything we can talk about. If you have any problems, you can go to your wife.”

Ou Yixuan’s eyes darken, “Ning. One hour is enough. Will you?” Ou Yixuan pauses here and points to the Starbucks not far away, “One hour. We have a talk and I will not bother you any longer.”

Xia Ning shakes her head. Actually, she really doesn’t have anything to talk with Ou Yixuan.

“Ning, I remember that I have something to do. You two have a nice talk.” Li Baoer pulls Xia Ning over and says by her ear, “Make him drop the idea forever. OK?”

Xia Ning freezes. Li Baoer is implying that Ou Yixuan is still…

She looks at Ou Yixuan’s face carefully. Seemingly he still loves her.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning nods. Li Baoer turns to leave.

After Li Baoer leaves, they stand there, face to face. Xia Ning turns her face, “Actually we don’t need to go to the coffee shop. You can speak here.”

“Ning, do you know what date is it today?”

Xia Ning thinks for a while, “It is August 21st.” It seems a familiar date.

“Hum.” Ou Yixuan nods, and meaningfully he says, “It is my birthday today.

Xia Ning is shocked. That is why she is familiar with the date. It is Ou Yixuan’s birthday.

In the past, she kept number 821 at the most important place in her heart. On the day every year, she would try her best to please Ou Yixuan. But it takes only half a year for her to forget the date.

Ou Yixuan looks at her quietly. He sounds like begging, “Could you stay with me? For just one hour.”


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