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Chapter 1588: Pulverise Buddhism’s Golden Body!

The Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch was currently filled with a sense of defeat.

His innate talents and abilities were already considered outstanding, and barely anyone could ever hope to counter him. Despite being in the Immortal Realm, he could still accomplish the miraculous feat of defeating someone with a higher level of cultivation, causing his name to be well-renowned throughout history.

However, in recent years, he was continuously met with counters.

There was Feng Yunsheng in the past and the current Yan Di.

Both times, he was cornered by opponents with a lower realm of cultivation.

Now, he had to face the same choice when he fought against Feng Yunsheng last time.

Either he fights to the death, or he slowly watches as he loses the battle.

Different opponents, yet facing the same circ.u.mstances once again. This caused the old Demon, whose reputation was already established during the Middle era, to feel dejected until he had the urge to spit blood from his mouth.

“As expected, Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian were truly prodigious talents even during the past.” Looking at Yan Di, Gao Han gave his praise, “However, the Heaven Trampling Monarch was the one who carried forward their legacy. You’ve already walked far past the foundations that they laid down.”

“I thank you for your praise in the name of my father. However, now doesn’t seem like the appropriate time to talk about this.” Yan Zhaoge gazed at the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva and the others and sent a voice transmission asking, “Daoist Gao, how are your results?”

Gao Han nodded and sent another voice transmission, “I’m almost done. How about you, Daoist Yan?”

“I’m fine here as well.” Yan Zhaoge asked, “With this, our actions later would become much more convenient. Within a certain amount of time, we can take the opportunity to flee.”

Yan Zhaoge came facing such risks personally to break through his opponents’ tracking methods, which would then attain a higher chance of victory when fighting for the Immortal Ending Sword later.

This was also why Gao Han came instead of Ling Qing.

Now that their goals have been achieved, they would next have to consider how to retreat unscathed. Yan Zhaoge asked, “My father picked that old centipede as his opponent. Daoist Gao, do you mind dealing with others?”

Gao Han smiled, “Why not?”

As he spoke, he lifted his palm, causing boundless radiances to converge as well.

Compared to Buddhism’s methods, where the radiance was pure and l.u.s.trous, the radiance within his palm was blazing with fiery scorch and had an even larger ma.s.s!

At this moment, even the actual sun wasn’t as brilliant as Gao Han’s fist.

As the radiances expanded across tens of thousands of miles, its explosive force had already landed above the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva.

Suddenly, a pouch appeared and went up against Gao Han.

As if it could contain yin and yang within, the pouch opened, attempting to contain Gao Han’s brilliant sun within.

The three Buddhist Bhantes weren’t as aggressive as the Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch. When facing Yan Zhaoge and Gao Han, they weren’t in such a hurry and only dealt with the two patiently.

A huge batch of reinforcements would immediately arrive as long as the Nine-Headed Great Sage and the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva broke through the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor’s secret art.

While obtaining the complete set of Immortal Extermination Four Swords sounded lucrative, since Yan Zhaoge and the others dared to appear, the benefits of capturing them won’t pale in comparison to the Immortal Extermination Four Swords.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others were much more brutal than they expected.

“The Eighteen Arhats truly live up to their name. Greetings to the revered Bhante Angaja.” Yan Zhaoge looked at the Pouch Sac Arhat coming toward Gao Han and sighed, “Back when the central Blessed Lands of Saha was split apart, I wonder how many among the thirty-five Buddhas, the five hundred Arhats, and the three thousand Venerables had perished by the hands of the Amitabha Buddha. While Buddhism’s vitality was preserved, it still didn’t live up to its heights during the Middle era, where Buddhism was at its prime.”

As he spoke, he strode toward the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva and the Ear Digging Arhat.

“I’ve always heard that your Buddha is benevolent. If that’s the case, and if you put yourself in our shoes, then why did you lot pressure us Daoism during the Great Calamity?”

The Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva held a lotus with a smile, “We’re merely of a different path. Our cultivation has yet to attain perfection, and there are many troubles where we still can’t see through. We must look like fools in your eyes, Daoist Yan.”

“Of course not. Since our paths are different, then let’s decide our outcome with our strength.” After he finished speaking, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have enlarged all of a sudden. In the eyes of the Buddhist Bhantes, his figure seemed to have filled up the entire cosmos.

He strode forward and instantly arrived at the front of the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva.

From the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva’s field of vision, the figure who exploded in size came near him in the very next instant. From what he sensed, he felt as if the entire sky was about to collapse onto him.

Five Qis Unifications, Grand Virtual Realm. Currently, Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Scripture had already reached the realm of utmost marvelousness. Without the need to do anything, just by standing there alone, the Cyclic Heavenly Seal’s horrifying aura would expand imperceptibly, suppressing its opponent’s mind and movements.

The Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva’s state of mind far surpa.s.sed his peers of the same realm, and he came back to his senses very quickly.

A lotus grew under his feet, and he fled by floating away, jumping out of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal’s area of effect.

However, at that moment, Yan Zhaoge suddenly extended his palm.

With this, the Sarvanivaranaviskambhin Bodhisattva mind was instantly grasped within Yan Zhaoge’s palm once again!

However, on the other side, the Ear Digging Arhat’s figure flashed, and he arrived at the side of Yan Zhaoge. By extending his finger, he tapped on the joints of Yan Zhaoge’s wrist.

As if Yan Zhaoge’s moves were all within his expectations.

Currently, they were like two fellow a.s.sociates who knew each others’ techniques by heart. It seemed that Yan Zhaoge had purposely displayed his weak spot in front of the Ear Digging Arhat.

The Ear Digging Arhat, someone who made a name for himself in the Land of Buddhism by discussing the “Inauguration of Ear.”

The so-called “Inauguration of Ear” implied that humans gained the ability to recognize through the awakening of awareness. It was among the six roots of humankind becoming aware of the world.

Among the Six Roots of Tranquility, the Inauguration of Ear was among one of them.

In Buddhism, other than turning a blind ear to vile words, they also affirmed to never listen to others’ secrets.

Bhante Nagasena was the most well-versed in the Inauguration of Ear, hence others giving him the name of the Ear Digging Arhat, signifying the tranquility of his ears.

On the other hand, if his ears didn’t seek tranquility, and he listened to the secret of others, he would also become one of the few strongest Buddhist Bhantes compared to those of the same realm.

While he had yet to become a Buddha, he could perceive the thoughts of others, making him well-renowned throughout the world.

Right now, he was using the methods he used to subjugate Devils. By predicting Yan Zhaoge’s movements, he would then limit his foe’s movement.

However, just as the Ear Digging Arhat’s finger was about to come in contact with Yan Zhaoge’s wrist, Yan Zhaoge suddenly flipped his palm!

The sudden change of action completely surpa.s.sed the Ear Digging Arhat’s expectations.

It wasn’t due to Yan Zhaoge’s swiftness or how profound he was. Instead, it was as if Yan Zhaoge had planned this move all along.

It wasn’t Yan Zhaoge who placed his vitals in front of the Ear Digging Arhat. Instead, the Ear Digging Arhat seemed like the one who purposely stepped into Yan Zhaoge’s trap!

Yan Zhaoge clasped his fingers together, grabbing onto the Ear Digging Arhat’s finger, and yanked it!

With a crisp “crack,” the finger of this Buddhist Bhante comparable to a Daoism Heavenly Monarch was snapped apart.

What’s more, the cracking sounds didn’t end just like that. It continued spreading upward from the Ear Digging Arhat’s finger, pa.s.sing through his wrist, his arm, and until his elbow. It showed no signs of stopping and even continued to progress further!

Within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, turquoise brilliance flickered for an instant.

With the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, he could ignore Buddhism’s supreme arts, which allowed the caster to read others’ minds.

After cultivating the Origin Heavenly Scripture and the Heart’s Will Heavenly Scripture, he could even create illusions, giving away a fake prediction for the Ear Digging Arhat.

Currently, countless layers of Cyclic Heavenly Seal were overlapping beneath Yan Zhaoge’s palm. They intertwined, transposed, and transformed, with all of them pouring into the Ear Digging Arhat’s body.

Despite grabbing only his finger, it seemed as if countless Cyclic Heavenly Seals were landing all over his body.

Even with the toughness of Buddhism’s Golden Body, his body was instantly fragmented like shattered porcelain, pulverized by Yan Zhaoge into pieces!

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