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On the outskirts of Konoha, in the Uchiha’s district, Fugaku and Katachi were discussing’s attempt.

“Well, from what you’re describing, they’re probably being used, perhaps even controlled in some way or another. However, with the current atmosphere in the clan and Konoha, they could just be acting on their own!” said Katachi.

“Katachi dono, I’m leaning towards the idea of them being controlled, but no matter what the case, determining the one responsible for the matter can wait. What we should consider now is how to eliminate the impact of this incident.”

“Indeed, this could be the result of conspiracy or something spontaneous, but no matter what, some people are going to use it to create a conflict between us and the village. We must deal with this as soon as possible.”

“Katachi dono, what do you suggest I should do?” Fugaku was having headache thinking about the matter.

“To prevent any possible impact, we must first determine how much of this has to do with us. We should investigate inside the clan!”

Fugaku frowned, asking in surprise: “Why?”

“It’s obviously to protect our people! We must first check if the relocation didn’t make those three have a grudge against the village, inciting them to make such a foolish move. If that’s the case, we’ll figure out how to cover the matter up. If not, then this should be definitely someone trying to get us in trouble with the village!”

Hearing Katachi’s words, Fugaku admired the old wise man even more than before. Indeed, with such matters, he held no candle to him when it came to putting strategies.

“It amazes me that you’ve thought of all of this! I understand. Thanks for your guidance, Katachi dono; I will definitely settle this matter.” Fugaku said very seriously.”

“No matter how you go about it, you must never concede the Uchiha’s pride!”

Fugaku took Katachi’s words to heart. The clan losing their pride was something that he could never bear.

After the Kyubi’s night and the rumors that spread in the village, the conflict between the Uchiha and the villagers became more and more acute, and the clan had to move to the periphery of the village.

If the Uchiha continue to make compromises, they would have no dignity left in Konoha.

Thinking about that, Fugaku promised: “Rest a.s.sured great elder, I’ll never let the clan lose its dignity.

“Well, I’m relieved to hear that!” After saying that, Katachi turned around and left.

On the same day, Fugaku mobilized the police force and began to investigate the three Uchiha and their entourage.

At the same time, Ryo was also making his move, teleporting directly to the top of the Hokage Rock, sitting down, and entering Sage Mode.

He didn’t think as much as the Uchiha, and was certain that there was someone to control the three.

With Hiashi laking sure they weren’t under Genjutsu, he had two possible scenarios left to investigate: Either these people had their wills directly tempered with, with a Jutsu similar to Kotoamatsukami, or they were controlled by Black Zetsu.

Ryo was leaning to the second possibility, as even Kotoamatsukami should cause a subtle Chakra disorder early after its use.

No matter how minute, a man of Hiashi’s caliber should be able to detect it. During the Five Kage Summit in the Manga, Ao managed to detect Danzo’s use of Kotoamatsukami on Mifune.

Although the people present at the attempt mentioned nothing that would point to Black Zetsu, the latter was incredibly good at hiding. It shouldn’t be difficult for him to escape the eyes of Konoha.

Now, Ryo’s perception was strengthened with Sage Mode, covering most of Konoha. When he focused on the Naka Shine of the Uchiha, he immediately detected Black Zetsu.

At the Same time, Black Zetsu was lurking underground focusing on detecting fluctuations in Natural Energy.

Black had always been cautions, and immediately after noticing that someone was using Sage Mode, he chose to leave.

Obviously, Ryo could sense that, and he immediately condensed moister in the soil around Black Zetsu into a small Ice Shard, getting it attached to Black’s body.

The reason why he didn’t just trap Black Zetsu was that he intended to follow him, in order to finally find Obito!

Ever since the Kyubi’s Night, Ryo had been bothered by what happened to the extreme. Obito now knows that Rin was alive; he had no reason to do what he did, but the Kyubi’s Night still took place.

Therefore, Ryo formed several theories about what Madara might have done to Obito.

In order to verify any of them, he had to first find his old friend. The only problem was that the world was simply too big! Looking for a person in hiding who’s constantly on the move like Obito was tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack, so Ryo could only give up on scanning the whole world, and wait for an opportunity to track him.

Black’s actions in Konoha were exactly this opportunity he needed, for he should now be on his way to find Obito.

Black Zetsu’s perception was obviously very sharp, and Ryo knew that all too well. Therefore, he kept his distance, and he even made sure that the Ice Shard he used was rid of Natural Energy. This was enough to fool Black Zetsu, but it obviously caused the Ice to melt at a normal speed.

The more time Black Zetsu’s trip took, the more anxious Ryo became, even beginning to think that he should just show himself to Black. However, while he had a way to imprison Black Zetsu, he had no way to make him speak.

The latter was still going extremely fast underground, and the Ice Shard was getting more and more miniscule. When it was about to completely melt, Black Zetsu stopped!

Ryo sensed that not too far from his Ice Shard, there was a Teleportation Barrier Mark. Immediately, he masked his Chakra with Shi’s secret Jutsu and he moved there.

“Oh, so it’s here?” Looking at the familiar furnishings, Ryo immediately realized that this was the Hotel in which he stayed with Jiraya back when the two snuck in here.

Ryo remembered that a White Zetsu was disguised as the owner of this hotel. Thinking back, he was glad that he masked his Chakra, otherwise he would have been discovered on the spot.

He then entered Sage Mode, confirming that no people were around, and then slipped out of the hotel.

Since the Yagura was controlled by Madara, the village gradually turned into the b.l.o.o.d.y Mist described in the Manga.

While Yagura did get to be in control of his own body after the death of Madara, he was controlled again by Obito shortly after that, and he didn’t get enough time to change the village back to how it used to be.

In the current Hidden Mist, most Kekkei Genkai Ninjas were ma.s.sacred, and Yagura’s cold blooded method of selecting Ninjas through getting them to kill their peers was implemented. Compared to the era of the past Mizukage, the overall number of Mist Ninjas was cut by two thirds.

However, this caused a ma.s.sive shift in the quality of Ninjas who were left. Even Genins were comparable to most Chunins, let alone those of more elite ranks…


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