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Chapter 358

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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 358 – How to Obtain Rikudou’s Power

“Lady Hana, how long do you need to take over the Tenseigan” Namikaze Minato asked.

Hana shook her head, “I’m not sure. I only know the theory to control it but never actually tried to use the Tenseigan.”

“Lady Hana! Please take your time to try! We will be outside, guarding you!”

“Thank you, everyone. I will try my best!” Otsutsuki Hana bowed to everyone and walked into the room with Toneri.

After she went into the room, Ryo immediately asked about the situation outside. “Nii-san, did the puppets moved in strange movement?”

“No, not yet. It seems like the Branch Family clan leader commands the puppets to guard the castle, but didn’t command them to attack. Not a single puppet comes here, but the Branch Family clan members tried to get in from time to time. But they’re being taken care of by us.”

Ryo smiled. “So as long as the puppets stay still, we’re not in danger. We just have to take care of the Branch Family clan members and wait for Hana to take over the Tenseigan. By then, everything will be over, right?”

“Exactly. As long as the puppets outside didn’t move, we are safe.”

After learning about the situation, Ryo no longer worried about the Branch Family clan members outside. He sat on the ground, closing his eyes. He and Korin both studied Tenseigan’s power. Just now, they came into close contact with the power. And Ryo also successfully absorbed its power. Both Tenseigan and Rinnegan belonged to Rikudou’s power, the strongest power in this world. Ryo had no intention to walk in the path of Rikudou Sennin Mode. He already knew that his biggest trump card was always Hyoton. Rather than using Rikudou Mode, he’d prefer to fuse Hyoton with Rikudou’s power.

Just now, when he came into close contact with Rikudou’s power in Tenseigan, he had made a similar attempt. The result naturally failed, but Ryo was determined to fuse the two powers. His Hyoton’s based on Natural Chakra, and so was Rikudou’s power. They both had something in common, so Ryo only had to find a way to merge it.

It’s now year 58 in Konoha, only 2 years away before the manga plot started. For now, his strength could be handled with Obito in Rikudou Mode, but not strong enough to fight Kaguya. He wanted to study everything about this world. He would learn every secret and stand on the top of the Ninja World. He wouldn’t run away from Kaguya.

“Let me see, as far as I know, there are three ways to get Rikudou’s power. The first method is to extract the Indra and Asura Chakra from Naruto and Sasuke. Then he would fuse the Mangekyou with Rinnegan. The second method is to transplant a Rinnegan and merge with Juubi. The third method would be Rikudou Sennin directly give his power to Ryo.”

“What do you think, Korin?” Ryo used telepathy to communicate with Korin. After receiving Ryo’s voice, she answered, “I think the answer lay in Madara. Even with Indra and Asura’s chakra, we might not be able to open Rinnegan. We should find a safer method. Uchiha Madara’s Rinnegan is a fusion of Indra and Asura’s Chakra, making it the purest form of Rikudou power. We only need to borrow a portion of his Rinnegan to trigger your cells with Mangekyou’s resonance. It should be easier than using Indra and Asura’s Chakra and endangering your life.”

“That’s a good idea. Madara’s Rinnegan is on Nagato. After we went back to Earth, I’ll go meet him!”

“Hey, take it easy. You just evolved into Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. It’s not even on the full potential. After we return to Konoha, you should refine the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan’s power.” Korin suggested.

“Alright.” Ryo wondered but agreed with her suggestion anyway.

The topic shifted to Sasuke Uchiha. Unlike the manga, Ryo’s intervene prevented the full extermination of the Uchiha Clan. Now that Orochimaru had reached the perfect reincarnation method without damaging the soul, he had no interest in Sharingan. As a result, Ryo was worried about Sasuke’s fate. Korin disagreed because as long as Ryo didn’t prevent Kaguya from being released, Sasuke’s destiny remained the same.

“Someone’s coming! A lot of people this time! Shishui, Lain! Get ready!” Minato’s voice interrupted Ryo and Korin’s telepathic discussion. After hearing his words, Ryo released his Spiritual Strength sense and felt dozens of Branch Family clan members entered the castle, just like Minato said.

As soon as they entered the castle, the enemy scattered towards different directions. Minato in the Sage Mode sensed this. He immediately informed Shishui and Lain about the situation.

Shisui pondered, “Minato-sama, I think those Branch Family clan members purposely scattered to distract us from the Tenseigan. They would disturb Hana-san as soon as we chase them.”

“It’s entirely possible. Well then, Lain, stay here. Shishui and I will take care of the Branch Family clan members outside!”

After he heard Minato’s arrangement, Ryo opened his eyes and said. “Lain! You should go after them. Leave this to me!”

Lain enthusiastically nodded and left with Minato and Shishui. The three of them moved swiftly, the infiltrating Branch Family clan members were quickly defeated. Leaving only a few people rushing towards Ryo. He, too, quickly defeated his enemy.

After the previous time’s failure, several more teams were sent in only to get defeated by Ryo’s team. A few hours later, the Branch Family clan members suffered a significant loss while Ryo’s team was getting tired. Shortly after, Hana, who had been inside the room for hours, suddenly pushed the door and walked out. Hana saw Ryo was alone and asked, “Where did your friends go?”

“They went out to deal with the Branch Family clan members. I’m in charge of guarding you. Why are you out here? Did you succeed?”

Hana nodded, “Indeed, I have full control of the Tenseigan.”

“That’s great! Now we can do the rest of our plan.”

“First of all, I’m going to save my clan members.” After that, Hana descended to the upper floor.

The Otsutsuki Main Family clan members were implanted with the Truth-Seeking Ball. After Hana controlled the Tenseigan, the ball was released from her clan members, and they were all free. After greeting her clan members, Hana returned to the Tenseigan again and regained its power. The 10,000 puppets were instantly paralyzed.


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