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Chapter 375 The Story Begins

“Scroll of Seals? What’s that?” Naruto asked as he scratched the back of his head.

Yamanaka Ryo explained with a smile, “The Scroll of Seals is a banned book designed by Shodai Hokage, Senju Hashirama. It’s a big Scroll. Later generations of Hokage recorded Ninjutsu they had created or improved here. Therefore, the danger levels are too high as they possess huge, formidable power. The Forbidden Techniques that ordinary Ninjas aren’t allowed to learn is kept in the Hogake’s office.”

Naruto was even more intrigued as soon as he heard the word ‘forbidden’, “There’s such a thing in this village? Uncle, how can I read this book?”

“It’s easy. Just stole them in the Hokage’s Office!”

“…Steal! Uncle, please be serious! That’s the Hokage’s office we’re talking about!”

Unlike in the original manga, Naruto now had Kushina and Ryo to teach him. He fully understood the village’s strength.

“Forget it! I can’t handle those Anbu Ninjas at Hokage’s office!”

“Since I told you to steal it, I’ll do everything for you. By that time, no one would be able to stop you. What you need is to play a show with us. After the show, you can open the Scroll of Seals and learn whatever Ninjutsu you want to learn.”

“Eh? There’s such a thing? Uncle, you’re not teasing me, right?”

Hearing this, Ryo smiled at Naruto, “So, what do you say?”


The next day. At the graduation exam, Naruto came to Ninja Academy with a pale look.

“Naruto, what’s wrong with you?” Choji, who was in a close friendship with Naruto, noticed him and asked with concern.

“My stomach hurt last night,” Naruto answered weakly.

“Then what about your exam today?”

“Naruto, you can’t fail the exam! It’s troublesome!” Shikamaru also reacted upon hearing the news.

“Oh, shut up!” Naruto sighed, lying on the table, ignoring everyone.

After a while, Iruka came to the cla.s.sroom and took the whole cla.s.s to start the graduation exam. The students were very relaxed, talking, and chatting. The test was not like the one during the war years. It’s much simpler right now. There was no actual combat, the test was just to pa.s.s the Three Style Arts technique. It’s fairly easy for most students, they can pa.s.s it with ease.

Iruka noticed Naruto’s expression from the beginning of the exam. He intentionally put Naruto’s turn in the end. Naruto was the last one to perform. Chiji, Shikamaru, and Ino, who had pa.s.sed the test didn’t immediately leave, but stood at the door, seeing Naruto’s exam result. Outside, Sasuke also sneakily stole a glance in the cla.s.sroom.

Naruto walked weakly to the exam room. Iruka asked with concern, “Naruto, are you okay?!”

“I’m alright, Iruka sensei. Let’s get started!” Naruto formed a hand seal, creating a clone.

Iruka sighed and said, “Naruto, just pa.s.s for today! You can’t pa.s.s with just Body Clone!”

On the other side, Mizuki was getting excited after seeing Naruto’s condition. He then pretended to be a good man and said, “Iruka, usually he has a good performance in practice. He was also skilled in Three Style Arts. He’s just tired today. Just let him pa.s.s!”

“I can’t do that, Mizuki. I know his skill, but he still can’t pa.s.s the exam. I will ask Hokage-sama to reconsider and give him a chance to retake the exam. But I won’t let him pa.s.s today.” Iruka refused.

Hearing this, Naruto didn’t say much. He pretended to walk out of the room. Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino wanted to comfort Naruto. But he ignored them and went straight to the training grounds to sit there.

In the cla.s.sroom, Iruka and Mizuki tidy-up the student’s exam result. Before leaving the Academy, Mizuki smirked at Naruto, who was feeling down. Initially, he planned to find a student failing the exam to help him attract the attention of the people in Hokage’s Office. And then, he would sneak in to steal the Scroll of Seals. But he didn’t expect that Naruto was actually failing the exam, it was a windfall for him.

Who was he? Naruto was the son of Yondaime and the predecessor of Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki. Now, he was Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki. His ident.i.ty is known throughout the village. It can be said that Naruto will be his key to sneak into Hokage’s Office and steal the Scroll of Seals.

After finishing his business with Iruka, Mizuki immediately rushed to the training ground and went to see Naruto. Seeing Mizuki’s figure approaching, Naruto murmured to himself, “Here it comes.”

“Mizuki sensei, is something wrong?”

“Naruto, Iruka is doing it for you. Don’t be sad. Just now, he has gone to Hokage-sama to discuss your exam. And Hokage-sama had agreed to give you another chance!”

Hearing this, Naruto looked up to Mizuki, “Mizuki sensei, is that true?!”

“Of course! But the test that Hokage-sama has given to you isn’t as simple as Three Style Arts. Are you confident about it?”

“Of course! Once my body recovers, there’s no exam I can’t pa.s.s!” Naruto patted his chest confidently.

Mizuki smiled after hearing Naruto’s response, and said, “Then listen well. This time, Hokage-sama gave you the mission to go to his office tonight to get a scroll. Give it to me, and you will graduate.”

“Un! No problem! My body will recover by night. I will definitely pa.s.s the exam!”

“Then, I’ll be looking forward to it!” Mizuki turned to leave. Looking at his back, Naruto smirked.


At night, in Hokage’s Office building, Mizuki created a Shadow Clone Jutsu and sneak in, deliberately issued a movement to attract the guarding Anbu Ninjas. Upon receiving Hatake’s order, they quickly left the building towards Hokage’s house.

As soon as the Anbu Ninjas left, Naruto quickly entered the building. Hatake hid in the woods with Ryo and observed Naruto and Mizuki’s actions.

“Ryo, what makes you willing to do everything just so Naruto could steal the Scroll of Seals? What technique did you want him to learn? What other techniques do you and Kushina can’t teach him directly?” Hatake asked, feeling puzzled.

“Skills learned with our own efforts are even more cherished, right? The purpose of this action isn’t just to make Naruto learn Ninjutsu. It’s not that simple.”

“Not that simple? You mean, Mizuki? What else? He’s just a Chunin.

Ryo smirked and said, “Hehehe. Uncle, Mizuki isn’t just an ordinary Chunin.”


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