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Chapter 141

“Her IP ranking is no . 98?!”

Noah introduced Tina to Kisara and Reentaro . Both of their jaws dropped in shock .

Looking at Tina who is currently smiling like a silly doll, both Rentaro and Kisara exchanged a look of doubt .

“Are you serious?”

Kisara circled Tina . Tina dozed off and Kisara giggled .

“I know Noah is not someone who lies but I find it hard to believe she’s one of the monsters in the top 100 of the IP rankings . “

“A mechanized soldier?”

Rentaro focused more on Tina’s other ident.i.ty . He looked like he’s very interested in topics involving mechanized soldiers .

“You’re telling me she’s both a cursed child and a mechanized soldier? That would give credence to her ident.i.ty as a top 100 ranking initiator . “

Cursed children had superhuman abilities, that’s why they are humanity’s last hope .

Mechanized soldiers were designed with the idea of taking on Gastreas that had superhuman abilities . Mechanized soldiers are on par if not stronger than cursed children .

If you blend the two factors together, you will get a hybrid with unfathomable strength .

It’s not surprising she made it into the top 100 spots of the IP ranking .

Only Noah knows that Kisara and Rentaro are still underestimating her potential despite recognizing her ident.i.ty as one the top 100 initiators .

IP rankings are computed through the achievements of both the initiator and promoter by the IISO .

It’s not just strength that’s considered when calculating the IP ranking .

Intiator-Promoter makes IP and that’s why the contributions of both the Initiator and Promoter are considered when calculating the IP ranking .

Whenever an IP pairing is disbanded, the IP rankings for both the promoter and the initiator will be reset and computed once more .

This is the reason why Noah lacked an IP ranking despite being a person with a high profile .

Tina had her promoter and that person is Ayn Rand .

Ayn Rand serves as Tina’s handler, he issues order and Tina executes them . He’s a brainy person and probably not a very good fighter . In other words, her promoter is only a normal human .

Tina’s ranking is a result of her own achievements and battle power .

If Tina got paired up with a better Promoter, her Ip rank wouldn’t be just no . 98 .

Noah can guarantee that .

Too bad . . .

“My membership in Fairy Tail will reach my master soon . . . Our IP pairing will be disbanded and I will lose my IP ranking . “

She didn’t want to reveal the fact that she tried to Seitenshi so Tina minced her explanations .

“Hence, my IP ranking is only temporary . “

“You’re only going to use your rank, not your powers . “

Noah patted Tina on the head .

“If you find another promoter, I am sure you will ascend into the top 100 rankings in no time at all . “

Tina couldn’t say anything before Kisara’s eyes lit up . She approached Tina with a grin plastered on her face .

“Say, Tina-chan, do you want to come work for the Tendo Civil Security Corp?”

Noah and Rentaro gasped at the same time .

“Tina is in Fairy Tail, did you miss that part?”

Noah said .

“Are you trying to poach her from me?”

“Kisara-san . . . “

Rentaro was awkward for her .

“You’re way too blatant about your intentions, aren’t you?”

“What’s the big deal?”

Kisara eyed Noah and she snorted with her head turned to the side .

“I believe Guild master Noah is someone who respects the decisions of others, right?”

Rentaro can tell that she’s trying to pick a bone with Noah .

“Kisara-san, what is with you?”

“You’re easy to anger recently, what happened to you?”

Rentaro mumbled but Noah drilled her motivations down to it being his presence near her .

Kisara is probably still hung up on what happened last time, right?

He meant the time he got to look at her birthday suit when he went over to her company .

Noah felt like teasing Kisara . He squatted down and he rubbed Tina’s head, he coaxed her .

“Tina, do you want to leave Fairy Tail and leave Onii-san behind?”

“Leave Onii-san?”

Tina immediately shook her head .



Kisara’s lips started twitching, she tried to get on her good side .

“That guy isn’t as nice as you think, the Tendo company is a way better option . “

“Yeah, based on what?”

Noah struck her down with a firm verbal blow .

“Are you saying you can offer her better treatment than what we’ve got here in Fairy Tail?”

Kisara’s stiff smile froze up .

“Or, are you saying Tendo Civil Security Corporation is more well-known than Fairy Tail?”

Kisara’s facial muscles continued to twitch .

“Or, do you want to say Tendo Civil Security Corporation has more businesses than Fairy Tail?”

Kisara snapped and her veins bulged at the side of her head .

“Are you telling me that the Tendo Civil Security Corporation gives free board, tuition to its employees?”

Noah shrugged .

“President Tendo, is your company offering something at least on those lines?”

“Ah . . . hahaha . . . “

Kisara had a very ugly smile on her face .

“I-I can get those sooner or later . . . “


Noah patted Tina’s head .

“Tina, do you want to go to the Tendo corporation?”


Tina shook her head vigorously .

“I want to stay by Onii-san’s side, you can’t tempt me with better offers!”

Kisara turned into a statue .

“Ugh . . . “

Rentaro buried his face in his palm .

“Kisara-san, Tina just wants to be with Noah, can’t you see that?”

“Well, there ya have it, President Tendo . You have your charms, you just chose the wrong target to poach, that’s all I have to say . “

Noah teased her with a smile .

“Oh, but don’t lose hope . Work hard and make Tendo Civil Security Corporation a good company with great benefits, you can do it!”

“Yo-you guys . . . “

Kisara trembled . She ran outside while bawling out loud .

“I will remember this!!!”


Rentaro wanted to chase after her but Noah interrupted him with a sigh .

“Tina . “

Noah whispered to Tina who looked like she’s going to doze off again .

“Go take a nap . “


Tina replied as she wobbled her way over to her room .

Noah walked in the same direction Kisara ran off to .

“Come on, learn to take a joke, you’re lady, aren’t you? . . . “

Rentaro flinched in surprise, he quickly followed after Noah .


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