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Chapter 186

Kouryou Academy was founded by the Dawn Organization, a genetics research firm. Only those who have an Astar Mark can enroll in this academy. All of them are recipients of Lucifer nanomachines, superhumans known as Exceeds.

To put it bluntly, the students here are all test subjects. Dawn Organization is probably testing the physical and mental enhancements of their nanomachines on test subjects, even testing their germ cells.

The Dawn Organization is a research firm, everyone here knows what to expect from them.

Imari is also cognizant of this fact.

“That’s why most of the students here are here for a solid reason.”

Imari explained to Noah while they strolled along the path with exquisite Sakura trees lined on both sides.

“There are those who came here for the free food, allowance, and lodging. But, if they find out they are going to be test subjects then I guess they would probably think twice about staying, right?”

Imari mused out loud. Noah was reading the student manual. He can understand her concern.

n.o.body likes to feel like a lab rat. Noah agreed that the students here probably have very good reason to stay despite the shady aim of the sponsor here.

But, humans intrinsically seek growth. They want to become strong.

To obtain power that others, so what if one has to lose some humanity in the process?

“Dropping out of the academy requires a student to remove their Astar Marks, becoming human in the process. This is why Kouryou Academy isn’t afraid of a maleficent student dropping out and running away with their hard work.”

Imari bounced over to Noah. She backpedaled while facing Noah.

“Noah, if you don’t have a good reason to stay then bowing out now will save you from a lot of trouble down the road.”

Noah shrugged. Noah had no reason to stay here.

He came here because he trusted his guts. He had a feeling he can find the World Fragment here.

He’s also not worried the researchers will turn him into a lab rat. His body can reject all negative energies and influence. He should be safe.

Noah replied nonchalantly.

“What about you? What’s your motivation to stay?”

“Who knows?”

Imari giggled. Her eyes flashed seriously for a second there.

“Maybe I am just here for the sweet student allowance?”


Noah didn’t notice Imari’s temporary failure to keep her poker face. He was more intrigued by the student manual.

“If they are going to treat us like lab rats then I say we get them to feed us well.”

“Right? Right?!”

Imari chuckled along with Noah. She turned back around as they walked at the same pace.

Today is also the student orientation day for Exceeds.

Kouryou Academy concluded the injection drive and student orientation on the same day.

The next day, the students are expected to start taking

Noah and Imari located the a.s.sembly hall with their student pamphlets. The a.s.sembly hall was grander than your average high school a.s.sembly hall.

They found two empty seats and they sat down.

Imari looked around and she gasped.

“There are so many people here.”

Noah also glanced around.

There are around 100 students in the a.s.sembly hall.

With such a luxurious welcome, the student numbers looked like it wouldn’t make financial sense.

However, the one hundred students here represent a population of about 100,000 students. This is largely because there’s only a 1 in 1,000 chance that a student is compatible with the Astar Mark process.

Ding ding

A bell rang, everyone immediately focused on the source of that sound.

They set their sights on the main door, just like a deluge, the students went silent in waves.

Imari’s eyes also widened.

A breathtaking girl walked in. She had a face that will etch itself into the minds of anyone who saw her.

Her silvery-white hair reached her waist while her skin is porcelain white. Her eyes were the most captivating feature of her face. She had deep red eyes and it was obvious that she was a foreigner. She looked like she’s around 14 in age. She also had a lithe figure.

It wasn’t a stretch to say she had an angelic face that only belonged in fantasy settings. Her youthful look captivated many students here. However, she was sporting an expressionless look. The sound came from the bells on her ribbons.

The beautiful girl with white hair found an empty seat too. She sat down and went motionless like an enchanting sculpture.

People started whispering as many students marveled at her beauty.

“She looks like a doll.”

Imari gasped in shock.

“Is that girl a foreigner?”

Noah didn’t answer her. He continued gazing at the girl. He’s not interested in her looks, he’s just curious why the girl had no apparent emotions.

It looked like Noah was stunned by the beauty in Imari’s POV.

Imari nudged him with her elbow.

“Come on, I know what you’re thinking. However, you’re just perpetuating the ‘men-be-men’ stereotype here.”


Noah chuckled. After that, he chatted with Imari to pa.s.s the time.

After a while, when the seats are almost filled up. The sound of the microphone firing up echoed in the hall.

Then came the sound of footsteps in the silent hall.

Tap tap tap tap

The speaker wore high heels.

Another shocking individual made her appearance. She walked over to the podium.

Everyone exchanged curious looks, they couldn’t’ believe their eyes.

The speaker had raven-black twintails. She wore a black gothic lolita dress, she also had a short stature of around 150cm. Her cute doll-like face couldn’t hide the devilish intelligence beneath her cute appearance.

She was a pet.i.te young lady who looked barely 10.


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