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Chapter 17 Part 2 (Two) He must be an Alien

Kang Yu backs to his normal, looked at me, still thinking whether he must forgive me or not.

I have sat on my bed, looking at him directly.

I really understood that I done wrong.

Not long after that, he peeled a banana for me, “Eat.”

My eyes twinkling… this mean… this means he has forgiven me already.

“Not angry anymore?” I asked him softly.

“Eat your banana!” suddenly he glared at me, but this expression much better compare to just now.

I am happily eating my banana.

Really sweet and taste good!

After I done eating, hesitated I wanted to eat one more, “I still want!”

Kang Yu peeled another one, gave me, I ate, looked at him, I realized his hand on bedside, propped his head and looked at me.

That kind of eyes sight… I paused for moment and blushed.

Why must he look at me with that kind of eyesight as if looking at his treasure?

I avoid looking at him, quickly to eat my banana.

He does not know how good looking himself, he looked alike male lead in manhwa, which able makes me to have nosebleed.

“Miao Miao…” he used very gentle voice tone.

“En?” His voice nice and tickling my ears, as if something that scratching me.

“Don’t diet anymore!”

“I know! I won’t!” I really don’t want him to get angry.

“I like woman with big breast!”


When I discharged from hospital, I really obediently eating and sleeping, and then continuing to be fat, could not do anything about it, now if I ate little, my father and mother would be panic and sweating heavily, because they afraid I might have another idea to lose weight.

I not dare, if it wasn’t because I have got my lesson, I would not dare to think for dieting again.

Hence, I really live alike pig.

At one blink winter holiday has pa.s.sed for half, the spring coming, two big things were happened.

The first one, my family private house was acquire by the government—–demolished, we must move to high storey apartment house, my father because he wanted to move in time during the spring, immediately asked our relatives to help moving all the furniture to new house.

I just recovered from my sickness, my father and mother are loved me so much, during moving to the new house, they didn’t allowed me to do anything, Yan Yan was the one suffering not only cleaning her own new room she also cleaned my new room, she shouting all the day and exhausted.

Since there was not my business, I was so boring but happy too, I was secretly going to Kang Yu’s house.

New year eve, 30 that day, finally we moved to our new house, because we were hurried moving to new house, my mother didn’t buy vegetable, so that we ate whatever there were, a family gathered and watching new year show, snacking and eating instant noodle, just like that, before ten o’clock, my father and mother also Yan Yan who were exhausting, all of them had slept earlier.

On contrary, I fully awake, took the opportunity during all of them sleeping, I secretly hide myself inside my room and called Kang Yu using phone, prepare to say happy new year.

When clock showed 00, I looked out through my window, “Star Wars” firecrackers, fireworks filled outside sky, deafening ears, it was so loud which made me and Kang Yu hung the phone call, it also made my father, mother and Yan Yan awake.

Hence, all of us as one family went down stairs to join “Star Wars”, together to make noise, welcomed year 1997.

Our new year pa.s.sed on that way.

The second thing was, due to National Games on October 1997 held in Shanghai, after the spring, the Shanghai Government issued “partic.i.p.ating letter” to more than dozens high school students to partic.i.p.ate the Eight National Games opening ceremony performances group. Pitied us as the high school students, our treasures holiday had taken, be treated as cheap/low-cost labor and began to have eight-month long rehearsal gymnastics performances.

Since it was large scale opening ceremony performances, naturally there were many colorful clothing, until today I still remembered, those performances clothes were piercing into eyes, the upper clothes were tight and the lower clothes were lower and showing bell-bottoms, the color was frightening people, there was school used gaudy blue, orange, red rose color, while Shi San Nv Girl’s high school was using frog green color, really alike frog when dressed, even those beautiful girls were looked alike frog after they dressed, and then our hands held one green and red pom pom, grouped as one group until the last day the audience also could see the people in groups but only the pattern stands.

I was having body shape problem, could not wear any clothes so I did not partic.i.p.ate in rehearsal so I was put in logistic group.

Fortunately I was put into Logistic group so I didn’t wear and dance with that frog clothes, my face was not thick.

Amitabha! Long Live Fatty!

Yan Yan school didn’t get the notice, so that her was school not partic.i.p.ate, because of it, she was unhappy.

All the male students from the partic.i.p.ated school were taking part in dragon claws performances, not to mention the color, it was terrified ugly, their clothes also tight ones, it reminded me with high school students who were partic.i.p.ating Jiang Wan sports practice, but when Kang Yu wore that clothes, appeared in front of me, simply to say he looked alike vixen (人 ren 妖 Yao : litteraly mean ladyboy or trans.e.xual, but in here I used Vixen)

But, his lower part, was too… tight too…


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