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Chapter 150 – Tousand Leaf Stream, Sword-Draw Style, Black Fallen Strike!

When he saw how Xu Xiaoshou gripped the hilt of his sword, he knew what the lad’s next move was.

“Sword-draw style?” Yuan Tou snorted.

As one of the few people who knew Xu Xiaoshou’s true fighting ability, and as one who’d even witnessed Chao Shu’s death, Yuan Tou had taken the time to carefully study the various moves of the youth before him.

It was unknown where this lad had learned such a strange “sword-draw style,” which had an amazing power, but the more amazing thing was his sword speed!

Few people at Master Level would be able to respond to such a formidable sword speed in time without being prepared for it in advance.

Unexpectedly, Xu Xiaoshou spoke a few simple words while holding Hiding Pain in his hands.

“The Sword-draw Style… Evolved!

“Thousand Leaf Stream, Sword-draw style, Black Fallen Strike!”

Yuan Tou was baffled. He wondered if this was… an extended tactical term.

Then he saw the lad lower his head and pat the scabbard in his hand, whispering, “Make me look good and cooperate with me…”

Yuan Tou didn’t feel so good!

Was this lad playing him?

His strongest long-range move was the “Mysterious Realm,” but this spiritual technique seemed to have no effect on Xu Xiaoshou’s Innate Level Physique.

The only option left was close-range combat… Yuan Tou was waiting for Xu Xiaoshou to strike, but the strike never came. Xu Xiaoshou continued dilly-dallying around.

The Mysterious Overlord Spear shook once, becoming impatient.

Yuan Tou no longer hesitated. Even if Xu Xiaoshou were to suddenly strike, he had no choice but to draw closer to him.


A hundred meters away, a strike arrived.

The Black Fallen Scabbard in Xu Xiaoshou’s hand shook once, and Yuan Tou suddenly felt sword energy coming from it.

His heart beat faster. As long as he could block the sword energy, he would be able to seize the opportunity to finish Xu Xiaoshou off.


Seeing Xu Xiaoshou reluctantly draw his sword and strike hastily, a sinister smile almost appeared on Yuan Tou’s face, but then he froze suddenly.

“My G.o.d!” he thought. “How come there’s so much sword energy?”

As far as he could see, the frequent sword energies kept getting stronger as Xu Xiaoshou pulled out his sword. They filled the s.p.a.ce around him.


Yuan Tou was panicked. As far as he could remember, there was no mention of such a formidable “sword-draw style” in the information he’d gotten!

This couldn’t be the freaking sword-draw style. It was more like a human splicing machine.

Due to the momentum, Yuan Tou was unable to turn back. All he could do was raise the Mysterious Overload Spear and seize an opportunity to slash it down.

“Mountain Heavy!”


The powerful force knocked the incoming white sword energy into pieces as if it were paper mache!

But before Yuan Tou could being to feel thrilled over this, he froze again.

His pupils gradually dilated, reflecting the white sword energy… behind the shattered white sword energy.

“How many freaking layers are there!” he thought.

“There’s at least one thousand layers of sword energy!”

A large amount of meaningless white sword energy pa.s.sed through his body, but a great deal of sword energy also remained inside his body.

Yuan Tou just managed to turn his heavy spear around to block the sword energy in front of him, but he was unable to block much of the energy, and the spear was knocked away by the sword energy.

The rest of the sword energy cut through his body.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle…

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

The moment he got the Black Fallen Scabbard, he’d had the idea of improving the “sword-draw style” because of the white sword energy on the Black Fallen Cliff.

But he hadn’t expected this scabbard to have such a powerful effect after cooperating with his sword will.

“Who could withstand this?” he thought. “I should know. This is the sword energy that knocked me around, and I have a Master Level Physique!

“With the addition of my own sword will, the power has increased rather than decreased!”

“It’s too strong!”

Xu Xiaoshou was excited. Looking at the Black Fallen Scabbard, he believed he’d truly picked up a treasure.

Among those sword energies that had been emitted earlier, only one of them had actually been emitted by himself. The rest was the power of this scabbard.

“Cough, cough, poof!”

In the distance, the sound of someone coughing up blood rang out. Xu Xiaoshou was astonished that his opponent hadn’t died yet.

Yuan Tou was indeed alive, but he’d been greatly injured.

If it wasn’t for his habit of wearing the “Black Mysterious Heavy Armor” before battles, he probably would’ve died here.

Looking at the armor, which had been struck to pieces, Yuan Tou felt his heart ache.

This was a seventh-grade defensive spiritual armor!

Its value was comparable to that of an attacking spiritual weapon at Master Level, but it’d been destroyed…

Yuan Tou reached out his hand to grab the Mysterious Overload Spear, intending to get up from the ground.

“Ka, ka!”

The spear had also shattered…


Doubly struck, Yuan Tou spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“D*mn it…”

He looked at Xu Xiaoshou in the distance and wondered how the lad had grown in strength so fast in one day.

“Didn’t this guy barely win with blood all over his body after fighting Chao Shu in a life and death battle?” he thought. “Why is it that I’ve lost in my fight with him just after one hit?”

Cursed, Pa.s.sive Points +1.

Xu Xiaoshou had turned his attention away from his scabbard and was looking at his opponent.

To be honest, even though he’d killed Chao Shu and severely injured Luo Leilei, he didn’t dare to treat this person differently.

This was because, in his opinion, all three of them were equally weak.

All of them were ants to someone like him, who was at Master Level!

But he really hadn’t expected Yuan Tou to be so weak…

In his line of sight, he saw Yuan Tou, who was trapped in a deep pit, take out a small blood-red bottle and pour out… a drop of blood?

It was a golden blood… which was something he hadn’t seen before.

Was this Yuan Tou’s backup plan?

It was understandable that he’d probably prepared for this fight before coming since he’d witnessed the death of Chao Shu.

Yet Xu Xiaoshou didn’t do anything to stop him.

He aspired to fight with someone in the hopes that they could push him to his limit. He didn’t intend to win with just one strike every time.

That would put him in a confusing situation.

Yuan Tou swallowed the golden blood and grimaced.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him curiously, as if he were observing a lab rat.


His muscles bulged and his hair grew.

Yuan Tou’s eyes turned scarlet, and he grew by more than half of his own height, with bulky waist and shoulders. He looked like a giant!

Xu Xiaoshou felt disgusted, wondering what he’d become to have all this hair over his body.

“Yuan Tou… an ape… returning to the body of his ancestors?”

Ten feet tall, Yuan Tou stood up from the deep pit, looking quite formidable.

“Xu Xiaoshou…” His voice became rough and hoa.r.s.e. “You have indeed become stronger, but eventually you will die because of your pride!”

Yuan Tou was also surprised that Xu Xiaoshou hadn’t stopped him from taking the “throne essence blood.” However, since he’d swallowed it, Xu Xiaoshou…

He would have to regret it in h*ll!

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him calmly and said indifferently, “If this is all you can do, then you’re not worthy of my pride.”


Cursed, Pa.s.sive Points +1.


Yuan Tou, though his body looked clumsy, abruptly appeared in front of Xu Xiaoshou and slapped him across his face, sending the stunned Xu Xiaoshou flying!


Xuan Tou found his hand being knocked backward at the same time. As a result, he was also sent flying!

“Cough… poof!” Xu Xiaoshou spurted blood!

“Holy s.h.i.+t! What the h*ll. This speed…”

Shocked, he wiped the blood off his lips.

That golden blood turned out to be extraordinary, as it’d improved Yuan Tou’s strength to such an extent!

He’d thought that, with such a bulky body, this guy would move like a snail, so he’d failed to react fast enough to avoid the swift strike.

Xu Xiaoshou stood in the empty s.p.a.ce and looked at Yuan Tou.

Though Yuan Tou’s eyes were scarlet and had gone berserk, he hadn’t completely lost his sanity.

Yuan Tou was also stunned.

What was it that when he’d slapped him he was knocked away, even though Xu Xiaoshou had obviously failed to react?

What was the reason for this?

His b.l.o.o.d.y pupils flashed with rage. Yuan Tou grew impatient and disappeared with a whoos.h.i.+ng sound.

When he reappeared, he’d already arrived in front of Xu Xiaoshou and blasted him with a thrusting fist.

“Good timing!”

Faced with a fist the size of a maternity basin, Xu Xiaoshou didn’t dodge. With a whistling wind, he thrust his own fist forward and didn’t even bother adding spiritual elements.

Yuan Tou’s eyes were full of disdain. He didn’t even see Xu Xiaoshou’s incoming fist. In his scarlet eyes, there was only a bean-sized man!


There was no sound at all as their fists clashed. The air exploded and shot up into the sky.

The falling snowflakes in the thousand square feet area were swept away by the soundless waves.

One second vacuum!


The next moment, an earth-shattering sound resounded as the two fists clashed, and the two of them were sent flying backward at the same time.

Ten feet, a hundred feet, a thousand feet… Xu Xiaoshou could barely steady himself.

Ten feet, a hundred feet, a thousand feet… The giant-like Yuan Tou plummeted to the ground and then stopped.

It was a tie!

His scarlet eyes widened in shock. Yuan Tou was completely flabbergasted.

“How can this guy, with just a flesh body, match me, someone who just swallowed the ‘throne of essence blood?'” he thought.

“He must be a freaking fiend!”


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