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Chapter 100: An Adorable Little Princess

A single lightbulb hung from the ceiling, which was filled with the corpses of many tiny bugs.

In conclusion, this house looked downright terrifying.

The netizens raised a ruckus. “What the heck? What’s the production crew trying to do? This is on purpose, right? Can anyone even stay in such a run-down house?”

“The production crew is so merciless! Su Shengjing can stay in such a place, but how can Little Jiu?”

“Exactly! Little Jiu is an adorable little princess. How can she live in a place like this with Su Shengjing? Isn’t this too miserable for her?”

“Su Shengjing is a piece of trash who did so many bad things that he used up all of his daughter’s luck! Tras.h.!.+”

“What the heck? Little Jiu is so pitiful! Why does she want to live in such a place with him?”

“Little Jiu, come to my house now… I’ll let you sleep on a princess bed and feed you with delicious food!”


Good lord! This house is even worse than the slums in my cities. We have to stay here for three days and three nights! The first thought that surfaced in Su Shengjing’s mind was that Su Jiu would be upset.

“Darling, this house…” Su Shengjing hesitated, wanting to console Su Jiu.

He was about to say something when the little girl unexpectedly raised her head and looked at him. Delight appeared in her sparkling bright eyes. “Wow! Daddy, this house is bigger than ours!”

As she spoke, she touched the table. The action immediately left some dust on her fingers. “It’s just a bit dirty, but that’s okay. Daddy, let’s clean the house together, okay? I’m really diligent. I always do a good job!”

The little girl was filled with optimistic energy.

Su Shengjing was speechless.

My dear daughter, say that again?

Su Shengjing was not the only one who was stunned. The similarly astonished netizens quickly left comments.

“Any other child would burst into tears on seeing such a house. Yet, Little Jiu is so happy. Does this mean that her usual life is really tough?”

“That’s for sure. Who told her to have such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d father?”

“Little Jiu has to work so hard at such a young age? Su Shengjing, I’m going to sue you for child abuse!”

“Boo hoo hoo, poor baby!”

When Su Jiu walked in and noticed that Su Shengjing was still motionlessly standing at the door, she waved at him and said, “Daddy, come in quickly!”

Her excited expression made Su Shengjing feel very upset and bitter.

Logically speaking, no one would like a house like this. Is she pretending to be happy because she knows we have to cooperate with the production crew? Is she unwilling to affect my mood?

When he thought of this possibility, Su Shengjing’s heart ached for her.

He walked in, squatted in front of Su Jiu, and stroked her tiny head. Then, he a.s.sured her in a low voice, “Darling, the house we chose this time is not ideal. It’s going to be hard on you, so please don’t be sad. I promise you that I will work hard and buy a big house for you in the future.”

“Daddy, I’m not sad.” The little girl replied in a serious tone, then flashed a sweet smile at him. “As long as I’m with you, I’m happy. It’s fine even if I have to live in a run-down house!”

Su Shengjing suddenly felt an urge to cry. He became incapable of uttering a single word as he pulled Su Jiu into his arms and tightly hugged her.

“Ahhhh! Little Jiu’s smile is so sweet and cute! It’s killing me! My heart is melting!”

“Why do I suddenly feel like crying?”

“Although Su Shengjing is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he’s quite nice to his daughter.”

“From this angle, Su Shengjing looks so handsome. He has indeed become different after losing so much weight. His side profile is amazing! Look at that jawline, that Adam’s apple… Wow!”

“Are you guys crazy? This piece of trash is just putting on a show. He’s using his daughter to improve his image. He’s just pretending to dote on her. Don’t let him trick you!”


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