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Chapter 587: Family of Three (1)

See, he scared the child so much that it left a psychological trauma on her. Of course, she doesn’t want to call him grandpa. He deserves it!

Su Shengjing nodded and softly said, “Yes, Baby, Daddy is here. It’ll be fine. No one will hurt you.”

Su Guobang added, “Yes, no one will hurt you.”

The little girl furrowed her eyebrows as if she were hesitating. A few seconds later, under Su Guobang’s expectant gaze, she called out in a childish voice, “Grandpa.”

Su Guobang’s heart skipped a beat. He suddenly felt that the little girl’s voice was so pleasant when she called him grandpa. Pretending to not have heard her, he said, “Little Jiu, say it again. Grandpa didn’t hear it.”

Su Shengjing sneered.?Ha, just keep pretending!

Although the old man was no longer young, his ears were still very sharp. How could he not have heard that?

Su Jiu knew that Su Guobang was pretending, but she still raised her voice and shouted again, “Grandpa!”

“Yes,” Su Guobang happily replied. His face, which had always been stern and gloomy, seemed much brighter.

The wish that he had wanted for so long had finally been fulfilled today. It wasn’t easy either, and the price he had to pay was huge!


Not long after, Su Shengjing brought Su Jiu back to his apartment. The moment the father and daughter stepped out of the elevator, they saw someone waiting at the entrance of their house.

When Su Jiu saw the woman, her eyes lit up. She happily called out, “Mommy!”

Initially, she was not used to addressing An Yuan as her mother, but by now, she had completely accepted it.

An Yuan was the same. Ever since she had accepted that Little Jiu was her daughter, besides her work, she had placed her whole heart on the little girl.

An Yuan reached out and wanted to hug the little girl, but Su Shengjing naturally pa.s.sed the child to her. An Yuan tightly hugged her daughter, then asked Su Shengjing, “Did you both have a good time at the amus.e.m.e.nt park? Have you eaten yet?”

Su Shengjing recalled that when he had replied to her message, he did not say that he had brought Little Jiu to the Su Residence. Instead, he had told An Yuan that he went to the amus.e.m.e.nt park. An Yuan had not suspected anything and was only concerned about whether they had lunch.

Su Jiu obediently replied, “Mommy, Daddy and I have eaten. What about you? Have you been waiting for us for long?”

“Not long! Since Little Jiu had lunch with Daddy, does she want to have dinner with Mommy tonight?”

An Yuan used to be a beautiful and valiant older sister. When she had met Little Jiu, she would always speak to her in a gentle tone. Now, she was even gentler. Su Jiu felt like she was floating and stepping on cotton. She agreed without thinking. “Okay!”

Su Shengjing could only watch as An Yuan carried her daughter into the opposite door. Luckily, Su Jiu came back to her senses in time and asked, “Mommy, can Daddy join us?”

Su Shengjing and An Yuan had separate meals and accommodations. They had only agreed that Su Jiu would stay at their places, alternating between the two every week.

Hearing Su Jiu’s words, An Yuan subconsciously glanced at Su Shengjing. When she saw him looking at her, her ears heated up. She quickly looked away. “If… your father wants to, we can eat together.”

Look, isn’t she clearly giving Daddy a chance?

Su Jiu immediately gave Su Shengjing a look. “Daddy, did you hear that? Mommy said yes. Come in quickly!”

Su Shengjing clenched one hand into a fist and put it to his lips to cough. He looked very uncomfortable, and his ears were slightly red.

In his point of view, if they ate together despite knowing that An Yuan was Little Jiu’s mother, they would really look like a family of three..


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