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Chapter 75: John’s Move!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Inside a gray six-story building.

“We found John!” Sona exclaimed.

In the surveillance room.

Pairs of eyes looked towards the projection screen.

At a road filled with tall buildings.

John looked around as if memorizing everything around him and a.n.a.lyzing the variables and driving relationships between them.

The surveillance camera zoomed in.

John’s fingers were calculating at an extremely high frequency.

“Who are you targeting this time, John?” Victor’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. He asked in a deep voice.

“Is this the way he calculates and creates accidents?” Fritz asked a question too.

“With his intelligence, he should have already taken into account our attention and added it as one of the variables.”

In a corner, the young man with thick dark circles suddenly looked up and coldly said.

“Or maybe John did this to let us see him.

“That’s why he deliberately appeared there.

“As for John’s actions.

“It’s to hide another goal.

“It will serve as a cover-up.

“It’s also possible that John has considered this step.

“We might guess he was hiding something.”

“So these actions are actually his real actions.”

The young man with the dark circles looked up.

His words were even more shocking.

This was a contest of intelligence and a perfect system.

Failure was destined.

However, no one in the police headquarters knew about this.

Moreover, even if John was really acting on his own intelligence, he would also be having the upper hand, because he could do whatever he wanted.

Regardless of whether his actions were real or fake, the detectives and experts had to treat them as real.

If they missed any detail, they could lose everything.

But to remember every detail of John’s movements, putting aside the possibility of successfully memorizing it, would also take a lot of effort even if they succeeded.

Moreover, these actions might be fake!

If they expended tremendous effort and still ended up in failure, that was something that no one could accept.

Most importantly, John had started moving again.

At this moment, there was no time for them to hesitate.

Each of John’s actions represented the death of a person of status.

Perhaps as a detective, many people didn’t like those business big shots.

But violating the rules must be stopped.

That was the real reason why detectives existed.

They weren’t really protecting fairness and justice.

Strictly speaking, they were just following the rules set by the big shots in the upper buildings.

Perhaps the detectives in the past were also full of enthusiasm.

But their edges have long been worn away by time.

After learning the truth about the world, no one dared to say that they were a righteous person anymore.

“You guys go to the scene now!”

Inside a gray six-story building.

The eyes of the young man with thick dark circles grew brighter and brighter.

He looked up at Victor.

He said in a deep voice that was without a doubt.

Hearing the young man’s words, Victor’s eyes flickered.

After a moment, he nodded.

“Ore and Detective Fritz, the two of you come with me.”

Victor looked at them and said.

A black car drove out of the underground parking lot of the gray six-story building not long after.

Silence returned to the surveillance room on the sixth floor.

The secret service agents and more than ten criminal investigation experts were all nervously watching the scene in the surveillance footage.

After the Stansen incident and the death threat, for the first time, John’s trace was caught by them.

“Drive slower.”

In the quiet car, John noticed that Hamlet kept glancing at the rearview mirror.

The accelerator also gradually sped up.

John then suddenly said in a deep voice.

After saying all this, John looked at the image in the rearview mirror.

More and more people followed behind them.

It was far from the number that a single force could reach.

Beside another bridge.

John told Hamlet to pull over.

Under the streetlights.

He walked to the tall frame and pretended to remember his surroundings.

“What do you think he’s doing now?”

Not far from John.

The Secret Service agent, Ore, gripped the steering wheel in silence.

He looked at the young man not far away with a complicated gaze.

“Captain Victor, get out of the car and test John’s reaction.”

In the car, the few of them were wearing earphones.

The young man with dark circles’ voice sounded.

In the front pa.s.senger seat.

Victor didn’t hesitate at all.

He reached out and opened the car door.

In the dark, on the highway, the wind was slightly big.

Victor shivered and tightened his coat.

He looked at John and took a deep breath.

Under the tall frame.

“Captain Victor?”

John saw Victor approaching.

He waved his hand and called out from afar.

“We meet again, what a coincidence,” John said with a smile-like expression.

“What are you planning to do again?” A hoa.r.s.e voice sounded.

Victor had a complicated look on his face.

“I’ve been quite interested in construction recently, so I wanted to come out and take a look.”

John saw Hamlet get out of the car too.

He was looking at Victor warily.

John shook his head and said casually.

In a modest villa in Owain City, Johnson, who was wearing a bathrobe, looked at the screen.

In the dim light, there was John and Victor.

“Who’s this person?”

Johnson pointed at Victor.

He looked up and asked the underground manager of Owain City’s western district, Yongen, who was sitting opposite him.

“He should be from the Owain City Police Station.”

Yongen responded lightly.

“Are your men ready?” Johnson nodded and suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Yongen nodded.

John was undoubtedly deliberately leading around some people.

He wandered aimlessly through the city.

It attracted the attention of many people.

“December 1, 2020, 11.18 PM and 39 seconds.

“The car you’re in is moving from east to west at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

“11.21 PM and 42 seconds the same night.

“North of the main road, a half-filled van was moving along.

“11.24 PM and 21 seconds the same night.

“You told Hamlet to keep the car moving.

“Same night, 11.28 PM and 52 seconds.”

In the car.

John stared at the refreshed steps in front of him.

His brows immediately raised slightly.

His body tensed up slightly.

His fingers that were on his thigh kept tapping against it.

“11.30 PM and 18 seconds.

“11.30 PM and 26 seconds.

“11.30 PM 37 seconds.

“Pull the brake!”

John suddenly shouted in a deep voice.

Hearing John’s words, Hamlet didn’t hesitate or have any intention of asking.

He stepped violently on the brake.

A piercing sound exploded in the night sky.

The marks of two tires landed on the asphalt road.

A small farce had begun.


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