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There is another pot. Warm the cooked pot. Take the lid and check inside. Yes, it’s a delicious smell.

The dish is ready, place it on the kicthen table.

“Umm, what is this?”

Kirikchan will help me bring the dish to the table.

“Well, actually it’s better to have meat. This dish called Nikujaga without niku.”

TLN: Meat and potatoes stew without meat.


Oh well, Seasoning and other materials for Nikujaga are same. Although I do not think it is called Nikujaga when meat is not contained.

when everyone is seated, Kurts-kun said “Status open”.

Following that, everyone checked the status before starting the meal.


Kurts-kun make a loud voice when he put nikujaga in his mouth before he chew it.

“Wow, this is, sweet. use soy sauce, right? Although soy sauce is salty, it’s sweet!”

“Fufu, It’s a little sweet because I also used Mirin.”

Show a light yellow potion.

“Oh, it’s a light yellow lose potion! It is also a seasoning!”

Kirikchan is saying amazing.

“Kurts, check the status”

Kurtz take out the status screen again on Bryce-kun word.

“Defense strength plus 10. Attack strength become plus 10!”

“Well, I am also …. The correction value has changed after meal … There is no doubt that this meal will add correction values”

“Eh, so it’s like that, lets talk about it later, it’s not good when it’s cool down, so please eat while it’s warm. You should eat fish with little bit soy sauce. Oh, that’s right. Vinegar soy sauce may also be delicious. Vinegar soy sauce … I can not make gyoza. There were nira and cabbage, and vegetable gyoza could be made without meat. It may be a little bit tasty, but I will make gyoza tomorrow! “

TLN: Gyoza (dumpling), Nira(Chinese leek).

I decided to keep vinegar soy sauce as tomorrow’s pleasure and ate fish with a little soy sauce.

Put it on rice.

“Ah, it’s delicious, the scent of soy sauce in cooked rice, And although it is looks bland the fish that we got tired are easily torn, also sweet and this is the best. “

“Un tasty!”

“The fields should be kept for a while. Vegetables are delicious “

Kurtz is nodding while eating carrots and onions.

“Sorry, I only have a few more times to eat such delicious food …”

Bryce-kun murmured.


Everyone’s gaze gathers at Blythe.

“Today, the level has reached 10. When Loafus-san comes, I  will graduate.”

Kirikchan bit her lips.

Kurts facing down a little bit and raised his face immediately after that.

“Well then, We have to celebrate!”

Kurtz-kun voice dispelled the atmosphere of sadness due to separation.

“Oh! If we celebrate, we have to make a feast! Then I wonder if we can get a meat”

“Nee, We got a lot of potion today, so tomorrow morning, if we take a potion like today, Lets hunt! Kirika also has level 4, so kirika can hunt!”


“That’s right, rather than just slime in a dungeon, there are times when we can train with hunting, right?”

Bryce nodded.

“Well surely, that’s right. Let’s hunt in the forest tomorrow, lets prepare after meals.”

“Hunting is a thing that catches birds, rabbits, boars, deer and so on ….right?”

I am the one who said meat, but It’s a matter of course …

“Sorry, everyone,  about animals, I can’t handle animals”

Certainly there are lots of things to do before taking the meat, take out the internal organs and get the skin off right?, How do you take it out? What if it’s a bird? Aaa, I’m not confident!

“Don’t worry, I will do it”

Bryce-kun, he laugh.

Well. even though he has a little boy face, Now He looks like a trustworthy adult.

“Thank you, but …”

Since Bryce will gone, if you think about the future …

“If you want me to teach you, of course I will teach you.”

Please treat me well!

“Me too! It is not necessary inside the dungeon, but is it necessary for adventurers right?”

“Ah, Kirika too!”


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