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After the incident with Master Lin, Lin Fan and his servant walked into the town. Lin Fan got closer to the girl and talked to her, the girl was shocked by Lin Fan’s presence, and she said, “Thank you for help, but I don’t have anything to give as a reward except my loyalty to you my lord.”

“On the top of the hill where is a thousand of swords ready to stab me, or on the top of a burning volcano, I will never back down. Like thunder, I will crush everything that gets in your way.”

Lin Fan was puzzled. The people here are so easy to manipulate with his act, will they be fine to stay like this?

“Okay, okay, hurry up, this Young Master doesn’t have time to waste on your fantasy.” He mumbled and then stepped forward to help her and asked, “What is your name?”

The servant said: “I was a dancer before I start working for Lin Family. Back then, my name is Zhao Guangyi. But, when I enter the Lin Family, I can no longer use my name. I am just a nameless servant.”

Lin Fan nodded his head, and on a whim, he said, “Well, I’ll just call you… Servant, and you will be my personal servant!”

The servant was stunned again. She never felt like this before, even cried, trembled in the presence of Lin Fan.

“Thank you, Young Master. You have saved my life, you even give me a name.” 

“Let’s go,” Lin Fan said.

What happened right now, how come it felt so weird.

“My servant, one question.” Lin Fan whispered to the servant’s ear. “Who is the Master you mentioned back then?”

The servant was a little bit afraid to tell Lin Fan about that, and when the servant was sure that no one besides the two of them is around there, the servant dared to whisper: “Young Master, he is your father, Lin Wan.”

She mentioned the name without the honorifics. If someone ever heard of it, she will be executed immediately.

It was really hard to believe.

Lin Fan was confused. He is in deep thought.

“That… How old is he?” Lin Fan asked.

He wanted to meet his old man, but when he thought about it…

That was a bad plan, too crazy, in fact.

At least he could talk to someone that he could trust right now.

“Sixty.” Said the servant.

“What?” Lin Fan stared at the servant, her eyes said that she was just teasing him, “Took you so long, and then you tell me that he is sixty years-old men?”

In fact, Master Lin was looked like eighteen years old.

“Let’s go.” Lin Fan has put his trust in her.

Lin Fan wasn’t afraid of asking her with so many questions.

Now he had to figure out what was going on around here.

Lin Fan asked the servant, and she obediently answered every time he asked questions. Usually, people would doubt whether this was the real Young Master or not, why he knows nothing?

But the servant didn’t care about it too much. She only knew that Lin Fan would be a great master in the future.

It took a while.

Lin Fan had doubts, but now he was finally convinced that he came to a fantasy world.

This city was called Youcheng.

The Lin Family was wealthy in the city, but not the only one, there were two others.

The three great families have supported the city for generations.

The servant guessed that Lin Fan didn’t understand what was going on. He usually cooped in at the Lin Family. So it was normal if he didn’t know much.

But Lin Fan already knew the current situation.

Especially his reputation at Lin Family was not exactly good, but not too bad.

He was the only heir to the Lin Family.

He has no mother, only the father left.

Not interested in cultivation.

Like to stroll around.

He liked to laze around and disliked rules.

Lin Fan could understand why a son of a landlord would turn out this way.

But he found this kind of day wasn’t so bad.

“Don’t you think this secluded city is a little messy?” Lin Fan raised his feet, and his shoes were stained with mud. The roads in the city were all covered with mud after the rain.

Street vendors are selling their products.

Shopkeepers on both sides of the road greet the customers.

But Lin Fan’s mind was occupied about his golden finger, which was activated earlier.

That left impression in his heart.

He really wanted to try it.

Next to him, was a booth where hawkers sold accessories.

When Lin Fan got closer to the booth, he intentionally threw punches until the booth was destroyed.

The hawker was furious, but when he saw Lin Fan, the hawker bowed down to him. “Young Master, please forgive me.”

This was the Lin Family Young Master, everyone would recognize him immediately

Obviously, Lin Fan was the bad guy here.

“Sorry, I mistook you for somebody else.” Lin Fan said, then he turned and left, Lin Fan looked a little confused.

The servant took out the silver and give it to the hawker, then continued following the young master.

And the hawker was staring at the sky, he didn’t understand what happened.

The hawker looked at the silver in his hand, a big smile was painted on his face, he got two silvers, enough for him to have a good meal for several days.

Lin Fan continued strolling around the city, nothing caught his attention.

In the end, he thought, who was the lord of this city? This city was a mess, how could it come down to this state?

But come to think about it, there was no ruler in the city. Lin Fan sighed.

The servant followed the young master and held her head. She was wondering, what happened to the young master? Why did he keep sighing?

When the Young Master came out to play, it was crazy.

Go back to Lin Family’s Residence.

“My servant, leave me alone for now.” Lin Fan pushed the door open and talked to his servant.

“Yes, Young Master.” The servant answered.

Lin Fan nodded, he closed the door, a slightly serious face, gradually changing, into a big smile.

“Yes, although this city is a bit messy, at the very least, it serves some purposes for its lord.”

It wouldn’t hurt to research a little.

“Does the number about this body power represent my current physical strength?”

Lin Fan was not so sure, but he kept going on.

The nine points for body power should not be that bad.

“If the one point body power was from my previous battle in the subway station before I got here, then these nine points should belong to the current body power. The status window where the body power located is glowing, and it has a +”.

Lin Fan was not a newbie who knew nothing, he has played a lot of games, the monster hunting, earning, and distributing attribute points was a piece of cake for him.

Lin Fan concentrated his mind.


A status window popped up

The number was changing.

9 became 10.

135 rage points were instantly reduced to 35.

‘Body Power: 10′

Lin Fan checked his body, and his appearance did not change whatsoever.

But just now, he faintly felt a heat flowed within his body for a moment, and then faded away.

“My physical strength seems to have increased a bit.”

“Is it real?”


Lin Fan smiled.

“If this is cultivation, then this is much simpler than conservative training.”

“Now we’re talking! with this, there will be a lot of fun things waiting for me.”

“As for hard work, I’ve had enough hearing about that boring stuff.”

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