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Chapter 256 – The Sect Master Requests an Audience

Sure enough, with an upright expression, Xi Yangyun spoke with a very solemn bearing: “The Sect Master has summoned you two.”

— What?!

Gu Zuo suddenly startled.

The Sect Master summoned them? Why did the Sect Master summon them? Didn’t that little prince say that it should’ve been the Pharmacist Hall’s upper echelons who’d meet them? At the very most, it should’ve been that Golden-Level pharmacist or the Grand Elder of the Xu Clan.

One couldn’t look at how Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng had revealed great potential. In the end, they didn’t have any foundations, and their team was still comparatively superficial. Moreover, when one considered the two of them by themselves, they were also merely newcomers in Qingyun Sect. It stood to reason that it would take, at the very least, quite a few years of operation to build connections with the real high ranks of Qingyun Sect. Right now, being capable of making friends with such young generations like Xu Lingxiu and Xi Yangyun was already very rare.

That the Sect Master summoned them was actually somewhat inconceivable.

Tianheng was also slightly shocked, but he quickly calmed down. He showed a dignified look to Xi Yangyun: “Senior Sect Brother Xi, the — Why has the Sect Master summoned us?”

Xi Yangyun replied: “Junior Sect Brother Gongyi and Junior Sect Brother Gu don’t need to worry. The reason why the Sect Master summoned you two is naturally because your achievements are extremely great. This has alerted the Sect Master. This time’s invitation for you two to go isn’t for other matters. Rather, it’s because that psychic power technique is truly out of the ordinary. It can practically subvert the entirety of Qingyun Sect. Therefore, the Sect Master wants to meet you two face to face, and personally reward you guys.”

Gu Zuo still felt that his own facial expression was a little stiff.

The Sect Master huh? It was said that he was an exceptional powerhouse among powerhouses, an insurmountable expert among experts. His strength was above the Atomic Realm, but it wasn’t known exactly how strong he was. That kind of personage wanted to meet with them, and the psychological pressure was just too great.

Moreover, Gu Zuo was still quite conflicted. Would the system in his mind be discovered by that exceptional powerhouse?!

Tianheng also pondered silently.

On the contrary, Xi Yangyun didn’t feel that this behavior was strange.

To be honest, the Sect Master rarely appeared before others. Even if he appeared, disciples with insufficient strength wouldn’t be able to see him. Even Xi Yangyun himself, a direct descendant of Grand Elder Xu, wouldn’t be summoned by him. As for Xu Lingxiu, a quasi Golden-Level pharmacist with great future prospects, he just met with the Sect Master once when he was very young.

When he first heard that the Sect Master wanted to summon Tianheng and Gu Zuo, Xi Yangyun was so shocked that he almost fell out of his seat. It was only after he finished listening to Xu Lingxiu talk about these two’s contributions that he slowly calmed down.

That’s right. Although the things that these two people were trading were considered a business deal, the potential worth of the items of this trade far exceeded what the two obtained. As a result, it was considered that they had stored up many contributions to the Sect.

If it was just the Spirit Devouring Pill Refining Method, then it actually would’ve been easy to deal with. The contribution was large, but it absolutely didn’t reach the point where it was worthy of the Sect Master summoning them to handle this matter personally. However, the psychic power technique was different! After Xi Yangyun listened to Xu Lingxiu talk about some of the details, he found it hard to believe!

— If all of the pharmacists learned it, not only would the success rates of their pill refining grow higher and last longer, the pharmacists themselves would also possess a certain degree of self-defensive capabilities. No longer would they be killed so easily like before! This would simultaneously advance the strengths of martial artists, and alleviate the pressure on the martial artists!

On top of that, if it was combined with the previous Spirit Devouring Pill Refining Method… It would take only a few years for the total power of Qingyun Sect to increase by leaps and bounds.

The gaze that Xi Yangyun used to look at these two people had also changed.

Not to mention that this move of Gu Zuo had quite possibly foiled the conspiracy behind Chongyun Sect, this matter in and of itself was enough to make Qingyun Sect feel grat.i.tude from top to bottom k2014; No matter how many times Tianheng slapped Chongyun Sect’s face, that was just obtaining superficial honor. It wasn’t like this type of work, which wholly supported the substantive being of the Sect.

It was also because of this that it was worthy of meeting the Sect Master.

Tianheng didn’t ponder for too long. He quickly inquired: “When does the Sect Master wish to see us?”

Gu Zuo followed along and looked over, too.

Xi Yangyun said: “It’s tomorrow.”

Tianheng resolutely cupped his hands: “Since it’s like this, Ah Zuo and I will accept the Sect Master’s order.”

Xi Yangyun smiled and stood up.

Following this, they talked about other things. After a short period of casual conversation, Xi Yangyun said his goodbyes and departed in order to let Tianheng further improve his own mental state.

Once he left, Gu Zuo looked to Tianheng with a bit of horror: “Big brother, I’m uncertain about meeting the Sect Master. What should I do?”

Tianheng smiled: “If Ah Zuo is worried about the system, then just ask if it has a way to hide itself.”

Gu Zuo snapped out of it, and really went to ask the system.

[System, do you know what the Sect Master’s realm is?]

[Five strands of medicinal qi. Will the host exchange?]

[Eh, it got cheaper again?]

[The system has already upgraded. The corresponding manner of exchange has also altered.]

At this time, Gu Zuo realized that he was going off-topic, and hurriedly returned to the main subject.


[Five strands of medicinal qi have been deducted. Answer: The current strength of Qingyun Sect’s Sect Master is at the high Ascendant Realm.]

Gu Zuo was a little stunned.

The Sect Master was actually a high Ascendant Realm! It wasn’t easy for those Grand Elders to become Atomic Realms. What kind of a person was the Sect Master, who had already become an Ascendant Realm?!

This was simply unfathomable!

After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Gu Zuo spoke with Tianheng: “The Sect Master, he’s already a high Ascendant Realm…”

Tianheng looked at how nervous Gu Zuo was acting, and softly pinched his cheek: “No matter how powerful the Sect Master is now, he was nothing but a Xiantian martial artist many years ago.”

Gu Zuo’s heart calmed down.

Ah, right. Hadn’t the Sect Master also cultivated step by step from Houtian to Xiantian? It was impossible for that guy to have jumped up to the Ascendant Realm in just a short period of time. With his system and his big brother’s Tiandu Body, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem for them in the future!

Soon after, Gu Zuo discovered that he had gotten off-topic again.

Presently, the important point wasn’t the Sect Master’s realm. Rather, it was whether the system’s existence could be hidden based on the Sect Master’s realm!

Hence, Gu Zuo promptly focused his attention, and continued his dialogue with the system.

[Then, will the Sect Master discover your existence?]

This time around, the system surprisingly didn’t charge a fee.


Gu Zuo: “…”

Very blunt and nimble.

Moreover, although the system lacked any emotions to speak of, he still felt that there was an undertone of pride.

After obtaining an answer from the system, Gu Zuo felt much more relieved. He quickly explained everything to Tianheng. Then, they rehea.r.s.ed the scene of meeting the Sect Master a few times, and Gu Zuo was more confident in his heart.

Afterwards, Tianheng patted Gu Zuo on the head, pulled him onto the couch, and asked him to get some proper rest.

Gu Zuo also tugged onto Tianheng’s arm in pa.s.sing: “Big brother should get some rest, too. We need to be ready for the big day tomorrow.”

Tianheng’s gaze warmed: “Okay.”

Just like this, there were two people who didn’t cultivate on this night. Neither relaxed nor tensed, they earnestly rested for the whole night.

At dawn of the next day, they punctually woke up. After tidying up their appearances, they left the main hall of Shuangyun Hall, and met with Xi Yangyun.

— To reach the place where the Sect Master was located, they still needed Xi Yangyun to lead the way.

But unsurprisingly, Xu Lingxiu had already arrived first thing in the morning.

Gu Zuo looked at Xu Lingxiu with some cheer: “Senior Sect Brother Xu, you’ll also be going with us?”

Xu Lingxiu said: “Originally, I was going to accompany my master, but since you guys are also going, I came early to bring you along.”

Now with Xu Lingxiu, Xi Yangyun’s presence was no longer required.

Once Xu Lingxiu gave a whistle, an extremely robust and powerful wild bird dropped from the sky. It carried the three people, and soared away.

Down below, Xi Shuangyun leisurely walked next to Xi Yangyun, and raised her head somewhat.

Xi Yangyun lowered his head, and looked at his family’s younger sister: “Shuangyun, previously, you looked down upon Lu Jiusi. Now, I also hold him in contempt. But how do you feel about Junior Sect Brother Gongyi and Junior Sect Brother Gu?”

Xi Shuangyun startled. Soon after, she unhurriedly shook her head: “Regardless of potential or moral conduct, these two people are both exceptionally good. They’re a thousand times better than Lu Jiusi. It’s just that…”

Xi Yangyun asked: “Just what?”

Xi Shuangyun helplessly shook her head: “It’s just that these two people didn’t spare a glance at anyone else. Not even this little sister.”

Xi Yangyun: “…”

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