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Chapter 307 – Coercive Measures

In Hu Chang’an’s opinion, the greatest threat didn’t actually come from his own clan’s cadet branches. After all, no matter how much they all struggled for power, they were all one family. Indeed, Hu Jun was sometimes excessive, but it was only to suppress Hu Chang’an and to reduce his prestige. In addition, Hu Chang’an was still the clan’s young lord, and he shared a big relationship with some elders who carried out tradition — If they encountered an enemy, they would nevertheless work together for a common purpose.

The problem before them was the up-and-coming Wu Clan.

As for the Wu Clan, it was also an aristocratic family of pharmacists. Back then, when the Hu Clan was in its golden age, this clan was merely an existence a.n.a.logous to an adherent. Unfortunately, over the years, generation after generation, the Wu Clan’s clan heads were all very wise. In every generation, some genius pharmacists were able to support the clan, and even allowed the clan to advance a step upward. Gradually, the Wu Clan’s development became better and better, and its foundations became more and more stable. With each generation, they either preserved their accomplishments or formed a distinct contrast against the slightly weakening Hu Clan.

Up until now, the Wu Clan flourished with the ambitions of replacing the Hu Clan. Most of all, after the Wu Clan finally produced a profound-level pharmacist, it suddenly broke the status quo of Xuanwu City where the Hu Clan was once the sole major power!

The Hu Clan’s profound-level pharmacist was old, and most of the later generations were mediocre. This clan was in a steep decline. Meanwhile, the Wu Clan’s profound-level pharmacist still could live for a long time, and its younger generations were dauntless and enterprising. This clan was full of vitality.

Consequently, under such a reversal, many of the forces that originally adhered to the Hu Clan had already switched to relying upon the Wu Clan. The Wu Clan fought with the Hu Clan in all aspects to the point that, the more time that pa.s.sed, the stronger the Wu Clan became!

In Xuanwu City, although the city lord still originated from the Hu Clan, the members of the Wu Clan had already started preparing to seize that position. However, because nothing had happened to city lord for the time being and the Hu Clan’s prestige still existed over there, the Wu Clan had postponed any endeavors. But this situation would, at most, persist until the life of the Hu Clan’s grand elder ended. At that time, the Wu Clan would certainly seize power like a stormy wind and sudden rain. The Hu Clan would also be as easily defeated as snapping withered gra.s.s or rotten wood.

Gu Zuo finished listening to the disputes between the Wu and Hu Clans, and his heart didn’t feel too good.

Hu Chang’an was in a downcast mood: “I’ve already changed my voice, but I didn’t expect that I would still be detected by that Wu Clan.”

This private room was a top-quality one, where a person could alter the voice of the room’s owner. In order to prevent any accidents from happening, and to use the ident.i.ty a.s.sociated with a private room to intimidate the other bidders, Hu Chang’an had especially made all sorts of preparations. Unfortunately, while virtue was one foot tall, the devil was ten feet tall. He had been making preparations over here, but the Wu Clan had been keeping their attentions on him the entire time. As a result, the younger generation over there had given him a stumbling block without the slightest hesitation.

Gu Zuo furrowed his brows: “Brother Chang’an, are the Wu Clan’s people so excessive?”

Hu Chang’an sighed: “It’s the same as what Hu Jun does in the clan. The owner of that voice is a child of the Wu Clan’s direct line of descent. While it would be out of the question to call him a young lord, he’s capable of acting this way here. In a moment, we’ll reach a dispute. And regardless of whether I win or lose, I’ll lose face. This loss of face will cause the Hu Clan’s reputation to…”

Gu Zuo roughly thought of the twists and turns within all of this, and couldn’t help holding heartfelt sympathy for Hu Chang’an.

— Not to mention the Central Continent, the scramble over benefits was bitter and desperate even on the Peripheral Continents and in the modern era. Hu Chang’an wouldn’t have been able to save the situation by himself, and he wasn’t outstanding enough to garner a backer. Naturally, things were quite difficult. If Hu Chang’an hadn’t been misdiagnosed in the past, the Myriad Leaking Body would’ve been activated long ago. Perhaps the Hu Clan could’ve relied on him to become a bronze-ranked or an even higher-ranked organization. But right now, he didn’t have anything of the sort, so it was hard to avoid being bullied.

There was no other alternative. After all, this place was an auction. Since he wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the auction, he needed to follow the rules. That fellow had properly raised the bidding price, so they could only respond in kind.

Hu Chang’an shook his head, and quoted a price: “Thirty-five spirit crystals!”

Come on. This price was really tough, right?

Yet, matters weren’t outside what Hu Chang’an expected. That Wu Clan direct descendant really got into a dispute with Hu Chang’an. This side called out thirty-five, and that side called out thirty-seven. Hu Chang’an raised it again by one crystal, and that side increased it by another two.

Over the course of time, the price of these Particle Vine Roots constantly rose. Originally, it should’ve been taken away with twenty to thirty spirit crystals at most. Unwittingly, through the compet.i.tion between two clans, it had reached a little more than eighty spirit crystals.

Hu Chang’an’s complexion increasingly worsened.

Hu Changbi was frantic: “Too far! They’re going too far!”

Meanwhile, Hu Changfeng was taciturn.

The atmosphere inside the private room became somewhat depressive.

Gu Zuo was also helpless. Right now, he basically didn’t have a hand to meddle in this kind of conflict.

Hu Chang’an’s forehead was beaded with sweat.

Over yonder, a towering price was announced: “One hundred spirit crystals!”

Hu Chang’an: “…”

After taking a deep breath, he shook his head and gave up.

Hu Changbi was worried: “Big brother?”

Hu Chang’an spoke somewhat dejectedly: “Although we have some properties in our possession, we can’t rely on this to have a battle of wealth. What’s more, even if I want to fight with money, our clan’s resources can’t compare to the Wu Clan’s. If I call out another bid, maybe I could get this item with an outrageously high price. But if it’s like this, would we be able to provide for our household’s retainers and servants? And if I called out a higher price and still didn’t get it, then it would be even more disheartening…”

He continued: “Never mind. Although the Particle Vine Roots are rare, it hasn’t gone extinct. I can’t get them here, so I’ll think of a way later on. I’ll send some subordinates to go to other cities to gather intelligence and to make discreet inquiries.”

It was just that the time of treating his body would be delayed again.

Hu Changfeng stubbornly said: “Lowering the expenses of me and big sister for big brother’s treatment is okay, too.”

Hu Changbi also nodded her head: “What little brother says is true. Big brother, you don’t need to spend any money on me and little brother!”

Hu Chang’an expression was upright: “There’s no need to bring this matter up again.”

Hu Changfeng and Hu Changbi were frustrated, and could only heave a few sighs.

On the contrary, Gu Zuo approved of Hu Chang’an’s way of handling things. Sometimes, a person had to be pragmatic and flexible. The road ahead was clearly impa.s.sible, so why must a person trudge on and humiliate themselves? It was better to think of other ways… It was only a pity that he wasn’t Tianheng. If his big brother was here, he would’ve been able to think of a good method.

As far as the three Hu Clan siblings were concerned, the rest of the auction was dull and insipid. They weren’t in any mood to pay attention to those auctioned items. As for Gu Zuo, since he was their companion, he also naturally had to maintain a consistent pace with them. As a result, although he was very interested in the auction, he still restrained himself and didn’t show anything on his face.

Finally, they endured till the auction’s conclusion. Hu Chang’an led his siblings and Gu Zuo, and they departed together.

How happy they were when they came, and how disappointed they were when they left…

Yet, the matter was far from over!

Hu Chang’an thought that he would return home and promptly dispatch his subordinates to search for information on other places that had Particle Vine Roots. However, he didn’t expect that they would be stopped by a group of people just as they walked out the door.

“Young Lord Hu, are you leaving so soon?”

It was a somewhat handsome young man. At this moment, his face wore a smiling expression. He stood in front of Hu Chang’an in a seemingly good-natured manner: “I’m really sorry. My Wu Clan’s pharmacists are currently studying an ancient prescription that needs a lot of Particle Vine Roots. I heard that there would be plenty at this auction, so I just had to spend some money for them. I didn’t antic.i.p.ate that Young Lord Hu would also need them… If I had known earlier, how could my Wu Clan have allowed Young Lord Hu to waste a trip here?”

Hu Chang’an was aggravated, but he didn’t reach out a hand to slap this person’s smiling face. With this Wu Clan child being so courteous, he naturally couldn’t forget his own manners. This was to avoid being mocked by onlookers.

Thus, he smiled and said: “If one doesn’t know any better, then they can’t be held responsible. Third Young Master Wu, you’re too polite.” After that, he faintly nodded his head, “If there’s nothing else, then this Hu will be taking his leave. There are many people here who tend to let their mouths run. This Hu’s younger siblings are underaged, and it’s better that they don’t stay outside for too long.”

Since that Third Young Master Wu was blocking Hu Chang’an, why would he be willing to let Hu Chang’an leave just like this?

At once, Third Young Master Wu said: “Young Lord Hu is the leader of our Xuanwu City’s youthful generation. If this Wu didn’t know that those Particle Vine Roots were needed by Young Lord Hu, then there wouldn’t be anything to be done. Now that I know, I also can’t simply turn a blind eye. Merely, my Wu Clan also needs it rather urgently. If I donate them to Young Lord Hu like this, then it’ll certainly disappoint my clan’s pharmacists… How about this? If Young Lord Hu doesn’t oppose it, why don’t our two clans’ pharmacists have a pill battle? The Hu Clan’s ill.u.s.trious children are breeding like flies, and their skills in medicine refinement are also exquisite. This is for the sake of not damaging our clans’ good relationship…”

After pretending to sigh, he continued: “How about the two clans send out someone younger than twenty for a spar? When the Hu Clan wins, this Wu shall offer the Particle Vine Roots with open hands, and give them to you.”

Once these words were uttered, the gazes of some martial artists and pharmacists who hadn’t left yet all fell onto Hu Chang’an.

More or less everyone in Xuanwu City knew about the matters between the Wu and Hu Clans. Even if outsiders didn’t know about it, when they asked around for a thing or two, they also thought that they would see some excitement.

They were all waiting for Hu Chang’an’s response.

Hu Chang’an’s face sank like he had been submerged in water.

Hu Changbi and Hu Changfeng’s complexions reddened, becoming especially unsightly.

At this moment, several of the pharmacists next to that third young master stepped forward. However, there was only one person who was under twenty years old. On the Hu Clan’s side, none of the pharmacists were over twenty, but Hu Changbi and Hu Changfeng were underaged. Let alone competing with people, one just had to look at their own realms…

Hu Changfeng was only five or six years old. No matter how intelligent he was, he was only a Houtian Realm. Hu Changbi was a little older, but she was also only a low Xiantian Realm.

Between the two people, regardless of who was taken out to compete, they were guaranteed to be the loser. Third Young Master Wu repeated over and over again that the Hu Clan would win. Wasn’t this sarcasm?

Gu Zuo secretly sighed in his heart.

The Wu Clan’s way of handling things was truly too…sinister.

This was undoubtedly targeting Hu Changfeng and Hu Changbi! The Hu Clan siblings were being coerced on their way home. While one side just so happened to bring along two young pharmacists, could Hu Chang’an overcome the shame to say that they would go back to exchange for another pharmacist who was less than twenty years old? That clearly wouldn’t work! But if they couldn’t make an exchange…

Hu Chang’an trembled in anger.

The words of that person surnamed Wu forced them to face that challenge, but once that challenge was accepted, it was definitely Hu Changbi who would take action. And when Hu Changbi was beaten, her confidence would be greatly damaged, and the Hu Clan’s reputation would take another blow —

Hu Changbi knew that she would have to go. She clenched her fingers, and decided that she would give it her all no matter what happened!

However, at this very moment, Gu Zuo silently walked next to Hu Chang’an: “…Brother Chang’an, after listening to such an interesting matter, my fingers are itching to do something. How about you let me join in on the fun for this match?”

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