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Chapter 1167: Turtle Sh.e.l.l

The Heavenly Star Dark Sh.e.l.l could even defend against a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure’s attacks, so it would obviously be able to keep the Ancient Dragon Empress’ attacks at bay as well.

The Ancient Dragon Empress’ chest constricted upon seeing this, and she spat through gritted teeth, “Why… why is it a turtle sh.e.l.l again?!”

The last time she tried to kill An Lin, he unleashed a s.h.i.+ny green turtle sh.e.l.l.

This time, she wanted to kill Xu Xiaolan and An Lin at once, but Xu Xiaolan unleashed an even bigger and more powerful turtle sh.e.l.l; a turtle sh.e.l.l that even she could do nothing about!

Were these two dragons or turtles?!

“Howl!” the Ancient Dragon Empress roared as the red divine dao light became even denser and more powerful. Blood tears flowed again, and blood seeped out from under her rainbow dragon scales at an even faster rate. The despair, grief, and indignation of being slaughtered manifested themselves into substantial energy, which relentlessly struck the inky-black turtle sh.e.l.l!

“Phew… Thank G.o.d for your turtle sh.e.l.l, An Lin…” Xu Xiaolan’s features were a little pale as she heaved a faint sigh of relief.

“Now’s not the time to let down our guard. Don’t forget that the Heavenly Star Dark Sh.e.l.l spell technique can only last ten minutes.” An Lin transmitted his voice to her, “We have to think of something within ten minutes.”

“It’s for thirty minutes. This turtle sh.e.l.l can be activated thrice,” Xu Xiaolan transmitted her voice in response.

She turned to look at the Ancient Dragon Empress, and a thought seemed to occur to her as she continued to transmit her voice, “I have an idea. That dragon looks like she’s very tired from unleas.h.i.+ng this spell technique, and she’s even bleeding…

“This type of spell technique should be very harmful to her. We don’t know what the time limit for this spell technique is, but it would be ideal if she could continue to maintain this spell technique…”

An Lin immediately caught on to what she was saying, and he transmitted his excited voice, “You want to exhaust her to death?”

Their eyes met, and no more needed to be said.

“An Lin, what do we do? My turtle sh.e.l.l is about to crumble.” A desperate expression appeared on Xu Xiaolan’s face, and she gripped her Dragon Sparrow Sword tightly in her hand, as if she were preparing for a battle to the death.

“Don’t panic! We’ll run away as soon as the turtle sh.e.l.l cracks. Can’t you see that she’s bleeding profusely? She must already be severely injured, so she definitely won’t be able to catch us!” An Lin offered words of consolation.

The Ancient Dragon Empress was just about to take a rest, but she hesitated upon hearing An Lin and Xu Xiaolan’s exchange.

If the turtle sh.e.l.l spell technique was about to crumble, it would conserve more energy if she maintained her Pain of Slaughter, rather than stopping then starting again…

This was like if someone were sobbing loudly, it would be easier to keep sobbing, rather than stop, before immediately sobbing again.

Of course, this would only be viable if the turtle sh.e.l.l was going to disappear soon…

Xu Xiaolan had already said that the turtle sh.e.l.l was about to crumble. As soon as the turtle sh.e.l.l crumbled, the Pain of Slaughter would instantly detonate them on the spot!

But… what if Xu Xiaolan and An Lin were acting?

The Ancient Dragon Empress’ eyes narrowed, and she instantly made an evaluation.

No, there was almost no chance of that.

Such a powerful defensive spell technique could not be maintained for long!

Even if they were acting, this turtle sh.e.l.l defensive spell technique would not be able to last even a minute!

The Ancient Dragon Empress continued to shed b.l.o.o.d.y tears, and even though she had slightly decreased her power output, she was still maintaining her Pain of Slaughter.

A minute pa.s.sed…

“Ah… An Lin, I can’t hold on…” Xu Xiaolan clasped a hand over her chest and surrept.i.tiously bit open her lip to feign blood flowing from her mouth.

“Don’t give up! The Ancient Dragon Empress won’t be able to hold on for much longer! We’ll be the ones to come out on top in the end!” An Lin encircled an arm around Xu Xiaolan’s slender waist as he offered words of encouragement.

Ancient Dragon Empress: “…”

She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being swindled…

This spell technique was much more powerful than she had imagined! Even though it looked like it was taxing on the user’s body, this was still the most powerful life-saving trump card she had ever seen.

Keep going! They’re definitely not going to be able to keep this up much longer!

Another minute pa.s.sed.

The Ancient Dragon Empress was about to collapse…

Her energy reserves were showing signs of being completely depleted, and she was feeling anemic from excessive blood loss as well.

How had things come to this?

The Ancient Dragon Empress gripped her claws tightly together as indignation and sorrow welled up in her heart.

Right at this moment, the powerful aura from a distance away had closed in.

The Ancient Dragon Empress’ worst fear had eventuated. She didn’t get a chance to kill An Lin and Xu Xiaolan before another powerful foe entered the fray.

“Hahaha… An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, have you two been trapped here? I’m here to save you!” A red and white dragon approached from afar as it laughed heartily.

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan were both excited upon seeing who it was.

“Senior Long Aotian, you’re finally here!” An Lin greeted him with an elated expression.

“Be careful of the Ancient Dragon Empress! She’s very powerful! Take care not to let her red power of the divine dao engulf your body!” Xu Xiaolan cautioned.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m up against!” Long Aotian turned to face the Ancient Dragon Empress with a scorching light in his eyes. “You must be the most powerful being among the evil dragons. I’ve never seen you fight before, but this time, I’m going to allow you to witness my power!”

The red and white dragon roared as he slashed his claws through the air. White power of the divine dao materialized a corkscrew tornado that swept toward the Ancient Dragon Empress.

Long Aotian possessed the pulsation divine dao. Everything could pulse, and pulsation was power!

The s.p.a.ce in the wake of the corkscrew tornado also began to pulse and twist, creating an extremely terrifying energy attack that relentlessly brushed aside the Ancient Dragon Empress’ divine dao.

Long Aotian’s tornado easily tore through the red divine dao power, which encompa.s.sed this entire s.p.a.ce, only for the Ancient Dragon Empress to evade it with her wraith-like movement techniques.

“What?” Long Aotian’s expression s.h.i.+fted as he paused in his tracks.

The red divine dao power was very bizarre, as if it wasn’t even substantial.

The rain of blood was still falling.

The Ancient Dragon Empress turned to glare at Long Aotian with her crimson, bleeding eyes.

The red power of the divine dao extended to instantly enshroud Long Aotian within.

“Be careful, Senior Long Aotian!” Xu Xiaolan immediately grabbed onto An Lin’s hand and flew toward Long Aotian.

The turtle sh.e.l.l also moved with her.

That’s right, she discovered that she could move while maintaining this spell technique. The only thing was, the turtle sh.e.l.l seemed to be somehow slowing her down…

Long Aotian was completely enshrouded by the red power of the divine dao, and he could suddenly feel his blood wailing, struggling, and churning! All of this was happening because of this red power of the divine dao, which seemed to be able to penetrate through anything!

His power of the divine dao was unable to defend against the erosion of the Ancient Dragon Empress’ power of the divine dao.

Long Aotian was given a ma.s.sive fright. Thankfully, Xu Xiaolan had arrived nearby and provided reinforcements in his time of need.

“Get in!” Xu Xiaolan yelled.

Long Aotian immediately reverted back to his human form before hurtling toward the turtle sh.e.l.l projection!

An opening appeared in the projection to accept Long Aotian.


Long Aotian crashed heavily into the interior of the turtle sh.e.l.l.

Blood was flowing down his entire body along with cold sweat. He panted heavily, and his blood surged again as he threw up another mouthful of blood.

“Huff huff… That was close. I felt like I almost died…” Long Aotian spoke with fear lingering in his heart.

“You really DID almost die.” Xu Xiaolan rolled her eyes. “We already cautioned you about the Ancient Dragon Empress’ divine dao domain.”

“And I took that to heart. I didn’t underestimate her at all, but she was still more terrifying than I had imagined.” A wry smile appeared on Long Aotian’s face. “No one had ever seen her fight, but who would have thought she would be this terrifying…”

An Lin stroked his chin as he surveyed the bleeding dragon. “Just what kind of experiences could result in her attaining such a terrifying divine dao…”

They were back to square one again.

The only difference was that it was only An Lin and Xu Xiaolan hiding in the turtle sh.e.l.l at first.

Now, it was An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, and Long Aotian all hiding inside the turtle sh.e.l.l…


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