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Chapter 1615: Disgusting Dark Meat

Ding Xiaoru had made this suggestion to don these black robes and pose as normal ghosts in order to see how his brethren were going.

An Lin looked on at the two people flirting with one another as they strolled along the streets, and his lips twitched. He was clearly just having a second honeymoon with his dao partner!

All of the living beings on the streets were hovering.

The streetlights were dark green or dark red, and one could only see black shadows hovering beneath them.

From An Lin’s human perspective, the scenery here was absolutely terrible. However, Ding Xiaoru and Li Yiyin were having the time of their lives and had almost forgotten what they were here to do.

An Lin held onto Xu Xiaolan’s soft and warm hand as they strolled aimlessly through the streets.

“Everyone come and have a look! This is the dark meat the Dark Spirit King has given glowing endors.e.m.e.nt to. It packs flavor and aroma into one irresistible package and is only two spirit stones per serving! Eating it will make your entire body and consciousness rise straight to cloud nine…”

A skeleton with black fur growing all over its body yodeled in front of a shop.

An Lin was curious and was drawn over.

The shop sold a local delicacy, which was a ball of inky-black rotten meat, around which dark energy revolved and a foul odor emanated.

Xu Xiaolan’s brows furrowed with disgust. “This packs flavor and aroma into an irresistible package?”

An Lin repressed the urge to throw up. “Eating this will probably kill you!”

To their astonishment, there were many hovering living beings lining up, and those who had already purchased the meat were chomping on it with relish.

“Eurgh…” Xu Xiaolan was retching already.

Tina’s eyes were s.h.i.+mmering with curiosity.

“Giant An Lin, I want to taste it…” Tina urged.

“If you’re really going to eat something so disgusting, then make sure you don’t do it on my shoulder.” An Lin wasn’t even trying to hide his disgust toward this dark meat.

One of the eight-armed blue fire ghosts was just pa.s.sing by, and it was instantly enraged upon hearing this. “What? Are you looking down on the dark cuisine of our Tian Ming City?!”

An Lin was astonished. Wasn’t “dark cuisine” meant to be looked down on? How could this blue fire ghost ask this question with such a straight face?

He shrugged and ignored the blue fire ghost as he continued onward.

“Hold on! You insulted our Tian Ming City’s dark cuisine, and you think you can just leave?” The blue fire ghost instantly hovered over to An Lin with an enraged expression on its face.

An Lin was speechless. “I said that the dark meat looked disgusting, what does it have anything to do with you?”

“Howl! Disgusting, you say? You dare to call our Tian Ming City’s dark meat disgusting?” The blue fire ghost’s blue flames exploded with astonis.h.i.+ng power.

An Lin certainly was astonished. This piece of Spirit Nurturing Stage trash dared to yell at him?

The blue fire ghost pointed at An Lin in fury. “The dark meat is a local delicacy created by the Dark Spirit King. It is loved by the entire Ghost Tribe, and you dare to insult it?!”

“I’m just giving a simple review. Again, what does this have to do with you?” An Lin’s expression darkened.

The altercation between An Lin and the blue fire ghost had drawn many bystanders.

The blue fire ghost pulled out a black, crystalline cap from its storage ring, which it placed upon its head.

All of the surrounding ghosts let loose cries of surprise.

“It’s a Tian Ming Cap!”

“Ah! It’s one of the guards of Tian Ming City!”

“No wonder it has reached the Spirit Nurturing Stage at such a young age. It’s one of the top prodigies of the Northern Opposite Sh.o.r.e Realm Army!”

“Did that black-robed ghost just insult our dark meat?”

“Hehehe… This is gonna be good.”

The blue fire ghost raised its proud head and pointed at An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, and Tina with its eight hands. “All of you have insulted the Dark Spirit King in public! Come with me to the Tian Ming City’s judgment plaza!”

An Lin faltered slightly upon hearing this. “I’m just saying the dark meat is disgusting, when did I insult the Dark Spirit King?”

The blue fire ghost’s flames sprang even higher. “You still dare to call it disgusting!! I told you that this is a local delicacy created by the Dark Spirit King. Insulting the dark meat is the equivalent of insulting the Dark Spirit King! It is a heinous crime for which you need to be punished!”

Its eyes glowed with a scorching light as it spoke.

A thought occurred to An Lin, and he called out to the purple-robed man appraising some skeletal crafts nearby, “Ding Xiaoru, come have a look at this dark meat and tell me what you think!”

The purple-robed man made his way over with a woman in a colorful dress, both of whom wore curious expressions on their faces.

Li Yiyin looked at the blobs of black, rotten meat with black bugs squirming all over them, and a disgusted expression appeared on her face. “What is that thing? It’s disgusting…”

Ding Xiaoru looked at the relatively pure dark energy revolving around the rotten meat and gave an objective review. “Using rotten meat and dark bugs to produce dark energy is a good idea, but eating it like this is nothing but disgusting.”

“You dare to insult the Dark Spirit King as well? Guards! Tie these people up!” the blue fire ghost roared.

Ding Xiaoru: “???”

Several armor-clad ghosts suddenly hovered out from the spectating crowd before encircling their ghostly claws around the necks of An Lin and the others.

Ding Xiaoru’s expression became thunderously dark. “Do you know who you’re trying to tie up?”

“Why should I care?!” The blue fire ghost chuckled coldly. “This is the Dark Spirit King’s territory, and everyone who insults the Dark Spirit King must receive judgment! In Tian Ming City, the Dark Spirit King is the paramount G.o.d!”

All of the spectating ghosts erupted with rage.

“Tie them up!”

“Tie them up!”

“Tie them up!”

“How dare they insult the Dark Spirit King in public? They should die a thousand deaths for their heinous crimes!”

“Trash like this should be captured and fed to the dark bugs!”

All of the ghosts had a common enemy, and all of them wore cruel smiles on their faces.

Ding Xiaoru was completely dumbstruck. Was this what Tian Ming City was like nowadays? You couldn’t even say anything bad about the Dark Spirit King? No, he didn’t even say anything at all about the Dark Spirit King. All he had done was denounce the dark meat being sold here…

An Lin looked at Ding Xiaoru with an amused smile on his face.

“Lock them up!” The blue fire ghost was still acting all high and mighty.

“Even if the Dark Spirit King were here in person, it wouldn’t dare to talk to me like this.” Ding Xiaoru looked at the blue fire ghost with a cold expression.

“You’re still flexing? Looks like you really want to die!” The blue fire ghost extended all eight of its arms toward Ding Xiaoru!


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