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Chapter 1666: Reactions of the Mighty Figures

Sect Leader An Lin’s legendary feats in destroying the Northern and Southern Heavenly Gates shook the entire continent.

As a result, the Kingdom of the Nine States United Army was in extremely high spirits.

Countless people revered An Lin as the number one War G.o.d of the human race!

It seemed like An Lin was securing victories no matter where he went and no matter who he fought. As such, no one had any objections to his t.i.tle as the number one War G.o.d of the human race.

In the Heavenly Court.

The seven Celestial Maidens crowded around the Celestial Thearch, asking him about his heroic involvement in the destruction of the Northern Heavenly Gate. However, the Celestial Thearch wasn’t keen on talking about that. After all, he had done nothing aside from pus.h.i.+ng the bronze gates! He couldn’t bring himself to reveal such a humiliating truth to them!

However, the seven Celestial Maidens did not let up. Celestial Maiden Tian Yu that he adored the most was even inquiring about what An Lin was doing! The Celestial Thearch immediately flared up with rage and told her to go ask An Lin himself if she was so curious about him!

Celestial Maiden Tian Yu thought about this for a moment and realized that her father was right! Thus, she headed straight for the Four Nine Immortal Sect, leaving the Celestial Thearch to wonder where he had gone wrong…

In the West Sea Alliance.

Lan Xiaoni invited all of the West Sea mighty figures for a celebratory feast in the wake of the destruction of the Northern Heavenly Gate.

The beautiful mermaid’s cheeks were flushed from alcohol, and she mocked all of the mighty figures present with her laughter. “Look at all of you! I told you yesterday over and over again that An Lin isn’t dead… but you all refused to believe me. Some of you were even talking about surrender! How do you feel now? Does it hurt to get slapped in the face?”

Some of the mighty figures present wanted nothing more than to crawl into a secluded hole in order to hide their shame.

“I told all of you last time that An Lin wasn’t dead, but all of you refused to believe me, and you were all slapped in the face a hundred years later. This time, I told all of you that An Lin wasn’t dead, and it only took one day for him to slap all of you in the face again…”

The most revered being in the West Sea was currently acting like an insane drunkard, but none of the mighty figures present dared to interrupt her rant.

“I just want to know…” Lan Xiaoni downed the alcoholic beverage in her cup in one go before surveying all of the mighty figures present with a vehement expression. “Why is it so hard to believe in An Lin? How many times do you need to be slapped in the face before you choose to believe him?”

Alliance Leader Lan’s words reverberated throughout the palace. Ma.s.sive tsunami waves suddenly swept up in the ocean around them for over a thousand kilometers, as if the G.o.ds were venting their rage!

Within the Divine Palace of Life of the Dark Marshlands.

Emperor Fu Tian flapped his fan silently with a thunderous expression on his face.

How was he alive? How was An Lin alive again?

Did the Heavenly Human Tribe not take any responsibility for the news they spread?

Emperor Yi Deng was the one who had received the heaviest blow, and he was still in a shocked daze.

Just yesterday, he was drinking to his son’s deceased spirit, telling him about how An Lin was finally dead. But now, An Lin was alive again?

He had done this once before.

But this time… only a single day had elapsed. He would have to tell his son that the news about An Lin’s death was fake. If his son really could see him from the other side, his spirit would probably be driven insane.

Even he felt like he was about to be driven insane by these twists and turns!

What the f*ck was all this bullsh*t?!

In the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool.

A bunch of Dark Wing Tribe powerful beings emerged from a spatial rift.

“Hahaha… This is most likely the place where An Lin had fallen!” The Dark Wing Emperor was very elated as he looked at the rubble, which spread for a radius of several thousand kilometers around him. “If we do a thorough search, we may even be able to find An Lin’s body.”

He pulled out an inky-black feather.

This feather could absorb the residual energy unleashed by the Evil-Slaying Sword on a battlefield before using this residual energy as a guide to find the location of the Evil-Slaying Sword.

Sure enough, the feather really did absorb a burst of energy, so this must have been the place where An Lin had once fought.

The Dark Wing Emperor was even more convinced now that they had come to the right place.

Soon, the pointy end of the feather pointed toward a certain direction.

“That’s strange. Why is it pointing toward the south? And it appears to be pointing to a location extremely far to the south. Is it within the Kingdom of the Nine States?” A bad feeling welled up in the Dark Wing Emperor’s heart. “Could it be that the Heavenly Human Tribe took the Evil-Slaying Sword as spoils of war?”

That was not impossible.

However, this was the closest the Dark Wing Tribe had ever gotten to the Evil-Slaying Sword. They were going to recover the Evil-Slaying Sword even if they had to do it by force!

After making up his mind, the Dark Wing Emperor was just about to issue a command to set off for the Kingdom of the Nine States.

At this moment, the Starry Night Monarch who had stayed behind at the Dark Wing Tribe floating continent and was currently browsing news from all over the Tai Chu Continent erupted into a panic. He immediately contacted the Dark Wing Emperor via voice transmission talisman.

“Emperor! Bad news!”

“What is it? Quit making such a big fuss!” The Dark Wing Emperor was a little displeased.

The Dark Wing Tribe had been forced into seclusion for many years… Wait, no, they had put themselves into tactical seclusion for so many years and were finally revealing themselves to the world again. This was meant to be their resurgence, and the Dark Wing Emperor was quite disappointed to see one of his monarchs letting his emotions get the better of him.

“I just saw a piece of ma.s.sive news! An Lin is not dead! Not only is he not dead, but he also led the Divine Phoenix Maiden and the others and destroyed the Heavenly Human Tribe’s Northern Heavenly Gate!” the Starry Night Monarch elaborated in a panicked voice.

“Holy f*ck!” The Dark Wing Emperor was rooted to the spot, as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

“Th… that must be fake news, right?” The Dark Wing Emperor was holding onto one last ray of hope.

“It’s all real!” The Starry Night Monarch was also astonished after browsing the news. “The Four Nine Immortal Sect has held a celebratory event, and according to some sources, many of the Heavenly Humans from the Northern Heavenly Human Tribe United Army have committed suicide. Even Great General Zhong Qing has been driven insane!”


All of the Dark Wing Tribe monarchs drew a sharp intake of breath.

This was a truly powerful being.

He didn’t even have to do anything, and a bunch of Heavenly Humans had already been driven insane!

“Then, what should we do now, Emperor?” the Starry Night Monarch asked.

“What should we do?” The Dark Wing Emperor’s face convulsed, but he had to keep up appearances. “What else can we do? This is a sinister plot hatched by An Lin! Are we just going to walk right into his trap? Will our quick-witted and resourceful tribe fall for his crude tactics? No!”

All of the Dark Wing Tribe monarchs puffed out their chests with pride upon hearing the Dark Wing Emperor’s rousing speech.

“An Lin can’t fool us! We’ll recover the Evil-Slaying Sword another time!” The Dark Wing Emperor made his decision!

All of the Dark Wing Tribe monarchs yelled in unison, “Our emperor is so wise!”

This was a night with a bright moon and hardly any stars.

The Four Nine Immortal Sect was a sea of celebration and joy.

Vibrant fireworks exploded in the sky, enhancing the joyful atmosphere.

A large banner had been set up over the drill grounds, upon which was written a string of elegant, flowing text.

[Congratulations to the Four Nine Immortal Sect extermination team for destroying two Heavenly Gates and crus.h.i.+ng the heavens beneath their feet!]

The text was imbued with extremely terrifying heaven crus.h.i.+ng true intent, making the blood boil within the onlooker’s body and striking them with the urge to oppose the heavens.

This was naturally the work of Elder Xue Zhantian.

After hearing about how An Lin had destroyed two Heavenly Gates, his reverence for his master had risen to an all-time high. He was stuck to An Lin’s body like glue and absolutely refused to let go no matter how much An Lin resisted.

An Lin was feeling quite exasperated by Xue Zhantian’s actions and could only allow Xue Zhantian to adhere to him as if he were glued to his chest. From a distance, it looked like their sect leader had a ball of white fur on his chest, which made for quite an interesting sight.

“Please welcome Sect Leader An Lin as he delivers his address!” Bai Ling announced with a wide smile.

Clap clap clap…

The raucous applause of several thousand sect disciples erupted across the dao plaza.

Most of them were inner-sect disciples of the Four Nine Immortal Sect, and each of them was staring at An Lin with a scorching light in their eyes, unwilling to even blink.


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