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Chapter 1681: Emperor Ziwei’s Gift

The two people that An Lin was most looking forward to meeting had finally arrived!

He wasn’t eager because of how powerful they were. Rather, he was excited because they had gone to the Lang Ya Forbidden Realm to retrieve a valuable item! And this item was related to him!

What on earth is this valuable item?

An Lin had experienced nine days of stress and discomfort due to Lin Junjun’s simple remark. Now, it was finally time to witness the answer!

“Battle G.o.d An Lin, long time no see.” Emperor Ziwei chuckled cheerily as he waved at An Lin.

“Ziwei, you’re still so handsome and graceful,” An Lin shamelessly praised Emperor Ziwei. This was unavoidable. Who told Emperor Ziwei to be so nice to him? He had spent a full nine days retrieving a valuable item for him.

“Hahaha… Battle G.o.d An Lin, you’re only so sweet-tongued when you know that something good is going to happen to you.” The Celestial Thearch chuckled as he clasped his hands behind his back.

His golden-white emperor robe billowed behind him as he walked through the void.

The Celestial Thearch was naturally mighty, and he didn’t need to release an ounce of his aura to appear magnificent. He attracted countless gazes, and the spectators present were all filled with a sense of awe and profound respect.

“So, what did you two retrieve from that forbidden land?”

There was a look of curiosity and antic.i.p.ation on An Lin’s face as he cut straight to the point.

“You need to thank Emperor Ziwei for this matter. He has poured countless amounts of sweat and blood to create this item.” The Celestial Thearch pointed at the white-haired male next to him and continued, “Merely forging this item took him one hundred years. If it weren’t for the critical nature of this battle, he wouldn’t have forcibly retrieved this treasure either. After all, it still needed a period of nourishment. Emperor Ziwei used his own divine dao power to remedy this flaw…”

An Lin was astonished upon hearing this. His expression became even more curious as he gazed at Emperor Ziwei.

Emperor Ziwei t.i.tled his head proudly and said, “One hundred years ago, you came to me with several divine materials and immortal tools. You asked me to forge a sealing-type divine tool for you. Do you still remember?”

An Lin came to a sudden realization. He had indeed made such a request!

Apart from the divine tool, Sword to Send You Safely On Your Way, he had requested Ziwei to forge another sealing-type divine tool for him. However, he didn’t expect that it would take over one hundred years for Ziwei to forge!

“Originally, the materials that you gave me were nowhere near the level of the White Cherry G.o.d-Slaying Sword. If I forged a divine tool with them, the resulting item would be of the elementary rank at best.” Emperor Ziwei’s expression was aloof as he glanced toward the sky with his eagle-like gaze. “However, I unleashed my power as the Kingdom of the Nine States’ number one tool refiner.” There was a hint of smugness in Emperor Ziwei’s voice as he said this.

“I found a perfect land of fortune to carry out the forging—the Lang Ya Forbidden Realm’s Dark Sky Ice Spring. There, I crafted your divine tool for over one hundred years and also repaired all of its flaws. I forcibly raised the divine tool from the elementary rank into the intermediate rank!”


An Lin couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath. He was filled with a sense of deep admiration.

“Ziwei, you’re awesome!”

An Lin was so excited that he was almost about to run over and hug Emperor Ziwei.

He had only wanted Emperor Ziwei to forge an elementary-rank divine tool for him. However, to his surprise, Ziwei came back to him with an intermediate-rank divine tool! What more could one ask from such a considerate male?

“Okay, okay…” Emperor Ziwei waved his hands in disgust. “I admit, I’m a very professional and dedicated individual. I’m so dedicated that even I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of by you…

“However, your actions after your return proved to me that my effort and dedication wasn’t in vain. You’re extremely qualified to own this divine tool!”

An Lin was extremely moved by Ziwei’s words. Not only did Emperor Ziwei forge a divine tool for him, but he also raised the rank of the divine tool and praised him so effusively… This kind of male was so heart-warming!

“So, Emperor Ziwei, where is my divine tool?” An Lin asked eagerly.

“I’ll show you right away.” There was a flash as Emperor Ziwei held a finger to his storage ring. Immediately afterward, the overwhelming fluctuation of a divine tool started to spread throughout the void. Its extraordinary nature could be easily felt from its fluctuations.

An Lin’s eyes glimmered brightly as he looked on in antic.i.p.ation. Then, his expression gradually became stiff and unnatural…

A st.u.r.dy, glowing green sh.e.l.l materialized before his eyes. It exuded an ancient aura, and every vein that was engraved into it looked like a beautiful work of art.

That’s right, what materialized before him was a green turtle sh.e.l.l!

An Lin was stupefied. “Emperor Ziwei, you didn’t retrieve the wrong item, did you? What I want is a sealing-type divine tool. This is a turtle sh.e.l.l… Why don’t you explain to me, how is a turtle sh.e.l.l related to the power of sealing?”

Emperor Ziwei clasped his hands behind his back and grinned. “Simple. You can seal the enemy’s powers by trapping them within this turtle sh.e.l.l.”

Why on earth are you wearing such a proud expression?!

An Lin was on the verge of vomiting blood. The image and feel of this divine tool were completely wrong!

What exactly are you so proud of?

“Fellow cultivator An Lin, I still have another surprise for you! This surprise is also why this divine tool was able to break through to the intermediate rank.” There was a mysterious expression on Emperor Ziwei’s face.

As if finding a saving grace, An Lin grabbed onto Emperor Ziwei’s sleeve and asked, “What surprise? Can the turtle sh.e.l.l transform into other shapes and forms? For example, crosses or chains?”

Emperor Ziwei shook his head. “No, the surprise is that… you can also wear this turtle sh.e.l.l!”

An Lin: “…”

“Is this some new kind of dark humor?” An Lin’s lips involuntarily twitched.

What the f*ck was with wearing a turtle sh.e.l.l that could seal away the enemy’s powers? Seal his own powers away?

“I’m not kidding you. Not only can it seal away the enemy’s powers, but it can also act as a suit of armor for you! As long as you charge it up with energy before battles, it can boost your defense significantly. In fact, combined with your powers, you’ll even be able to defend a single strike from a divine being of the G.o.d of Creation Stage!”

An Lin’s eyes widened in surprise. “For real?”

“Of course! Not only is this a sealing-type divine tool, but it’s also a life-saving divine tool!” Emperor Ziwei exclaimed earnestly. “Moreover, it’s a turtle sh.e.l.l that likes to remain silent. Although it has an item spirit, it doesn’t like to speak. It’ll never annoy you.”

“I’ve got to give its character a bad rating then,” An Lin spurted. “This turtle sh.e.l.l should be paired with a lively loli voice!”

Emperor Ziwei: “???”

“It’s fine if it doesn’t like to speak a lot. That’s right, what does this turtle sh.e.l.l divine tool sound like?” An Lin was a male who was very picky when it came to voices. He would only be satisfied if his divine tool sounded as pleasant as Xiaolan, Su Qianyun, or Big Brother Cheng.

“I forgot…” Emperor Ziwei replied awkwardly.

An Lin: “???”

“To be honest with you, in the one hundred years that I crafted it, I’ve only heard it speak once. I genuinely can’t remember its voice anymore…” There was a look of exasperation on Emperor Ziwei’s face.

An Lin’s face twitched involuntarily. “This divine tool isn’t mute, is it? Emperor Ziwei, you must’ve imagined hearing it because you were feeling too lonely… am I right?”

“No.” Emperor Ziwei shook his head firmly. “It’s true that it said one sentence. I still remember what it said very clearly. This was something that it said when it ranked up from an elementary-rank divine tool to an intermediate-rank divine tool.”

“What did it say?” An Lin asked.

“Ah! I am ranking up!” Ziwei replied.

An Lin: “…

“Nothing else?”

Emperor Ziwei shook his head. “Nope.”

“Alright, I’ll just treat it as a mute then.” A look of despair fell across An Lin’s face.

Ranking up from an elementary-rank divine tool to an intermediate-rank divine tool was an extremely mighty and inspiring occasion. Yet… this item spirit only said five words? What was the difference between being able to speak and not being able to speak then?!

An Lin released a drop of blood essence and refined the turtle sh.e.l.l divine tool. Then, he wore it onto his body. The turtle sh.e.l.l was very thick and st.u.r.dy, yet it felt extremely lightweight and well-fitting.

An Lin nodded in satisfaction. Although the turtle sh.e.l.l divine tool was a bit too green, he had to admit that its st.u.r.dy nature gave him a great sense of security!


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