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Chapter 1722: Absorbing the DemiG.o.d Carca.s.s

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An Lin knew the root cause behind this predicament, and he was now devising a way to try and get out of this situation even though his body was resisting that idea. After all, it felt so good here, so why not just stay?


If he continued to stay here, he would become a stupid c*nt as stipulated by the system!

“I have to keep going…”

An Lin gritted his teeth and pressed his hands to the ground with all his might in order to support his body into an upright position.

“If this is the power of laws, then I’ll just have to use the paramount powers of laws between heaven and earth to combat it!”

A white divine halo of wind appeared above his head, and a paramount power of laws erupted forth!

Wind of absolute power!

The extreme bliss he had been experiencing disappeared.

No matter how powerful the laws were, they had to concede to the powers of the Heavenly G.o.ds.

An Lin panted heavily, and his glazed-over eyes slowly began to become clear again. At this moment, a sharp pain shot through his consciousness, and it began to exhibit symptoms of withdrawal.

His expression s.h.i.+fted drastically. This was the after-effect of that extremely blissful experience.

Thank G.o.d he hadn’t continued to bask in that power. Otherwise, he would have most likely perished from excessive bliss.

This was the power to take one to heaven before destroying them…

An Lin swallowed an immortal pill to repair his consciousness before continuing on toward the demiG.o.d carca.s.s. This time, he did not encounter any hindrance.

The b.u.t.terfly carca.s.s lay silently on the ground with all manners of dazzling lights s.h.i.+mmering from its body. It was so vibrant and beautiful that it did not appear to be a carca.s.s at all. Not only that, but the pa.s.sage of time left no trace upon it whatsoever. It still looked like it could come alive at any moment.

“Is… is this really a carca.s.s?”

An Lin was a little entranced. This was such a perfect body. It was like the best artistic masterpiece in this world.

He reached out to stroke the body and discovered that it was as smooth and springy as jelly and was also quite cool to the touch. At the same time, peculiar music flowed from his hand and into his mind.

The music was faint and ethereal, seemingly reflecting a boundless world.

An Lin’s eyes turned snowy white.

Divine Inspection Technique!

A string of information began to appear in his mind.

[Remains of the demiG.o.d Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly: The remains of a Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly who fell after a failed attempt at progressing to the G.o.d of Creation Stage. It is imbued with extremely rich soul power essence as well as the essence of substance and matter.]

An Lin drew a sharp intake of breath upon seeing this.

This really was a G.o.d of Creation Stage carca.s.s!

Even though the Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly had failed in its attempt to progress to the G.o.d of Creation Stage, its soul power and body were both infinitely approaching the G.o.d of Creation Stage! All Dao Integration Stage were priceless treasures, let alone G.o.d of Creation Stage!

“What a ma.s.sive treasure…” An excited smile appeared on An Lin’s face.

However, the Void Spirit Tribe really was quite formidable. They had this terrifying being who was infinitely approaching the G.o.d of Creation Stage and the Spirit Patriarch, who was already at the G.o.d of Creation Stage prior to its death. These two alone were already an extremely terrifying force.

Thankfully, both of them had already fallen, and as far as An Lin knew, the most powerful beings within Void Spirit Tribe now were at the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage, which was not enough to pose a substantial threat to him.

The Void Spirit Tribe had a glorious past, and even now, it was one of the very few powers on the Tai Chu Continent that could compare to the human race. From the number of Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures they had, they had even outstripped the human race with a staggering total of eighteen.

Now that the Spirit Realm was open again, those eighteen Void Spirit Tribe powerful beings had most likely already entered. There were going to be some tough battles coming up.

He couldn’t waste any more time!

An Lin took a deep breath before unleas.h.i.+ng his engulfment spell technique.


The Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly’s soul power instantly flowed into his body before being absorbed by his consciousness.

“Ah!!!” An Lin’s entire body trembled!

It was not because he had been attacked. It was because his consciousness was being stimulated.

It felt so good!

If the spiritual bliss he had experienced before was a lake of bliss, then this was an ocean of bliss! It was a feeling of indescribable, extreme bliss.

The laws that struck bliss directly into his consciousness were created by the Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly’s soul power essence. Just its soul power essence alone was able to create its own laws, and it was difficult to imagine just how terrifyingly powerful the Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly would have been.

Dazzling rainbow energy surged into An Lin’s body like a river.

This energy was extremely vast, extremely pure, and extremely potent. This was the most potent soul power An Lin had ever witnessed, and the reason why his consciousness was experiencing so much bliss was that this unparalleled soul power was cleansing and enhancing the entirety of his consciousness.

This type of extreme bliss completely paralyzed An Lin and made him lose the ability to fight as his mind was completely blank!

He couldn’t even maintain his engulfment spell technique anymore, and he fell to the ground once again.

However, the soul power engulfment process did not conclude as a result. After the pa.s.sageway had been opened up, the soul power essence continued to flow into An Lin’s body to be absorbed by his consciousness!

Wha… what was going on?

An Lin’s expression s.h.i.+fted drastically. He wasn’t even absorbing the soul power essence anymore, but it was giving itself to him? Why was it doing this?

However, regardless of the reasons behind this, it was always a good thing that he was able to absorb the soul power essence.

Slowly, An Lin began to immerse himself in this peculiar feeling of bliss.

The gargantuan Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly was actually a spirit body with no substance, and because its soul power was flowing away, it began to slowly shrink. The carca.s.s that had been here for countless years without exhibiting any changes was finally beginning to transform.

It was giving itself in its entirety to this man.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

The flying blue bird spirit’s expression suddenly s.h.i.+fted. “c.r.a.p! I’ve lost connection with the Nine-Eyed Ghost! It has most likely perished!”

“The Nine-Eyed Ghost is our most powerful scout, how was An Lin able to discover it?” The twin-headed monster was quite surprised to hear this.

“Don’t underestimate An Lin. He may be arrogant, but he has some skills to back it up. Unfortunately for him, I’ve already locked onto him, so he won’t be able to escape.” The G.o.d Engulfing Skeleton’s scythe shone with a divine light as it chuckled coldly.

“You and I will definitely be able to capture An Lin alive.” The twin-headed monster was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence as it said, “When that time comes, we’ll show him what it feels like to regret being born!”

At the site of the fallen Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly.

The gargantuan demiG.o.d carca.s.s became smaller and smaller.

An Lin wore a completely blank expression on his face with drool dripping down his chin, as if he were a broken toy. He felt so good that he no longer even recognized this world. Before he knew it, the carca.s.s of the Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly had completely disappeared.

There was no longer a Holmium Spirit b.u.t.terfly left in this world!

In other words, it was now in a different form. At the moment, it existed as a form of sustenance for An Lin’s consciousness, thus resulting in an evolution!


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