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Chapter 195: The Legendary Useless Teammate

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Liu Qianhuan twirled her six-feathered staff as she made her way casually into the blue gate.

An Lin stared after her with antic.i.p.ation burning in his eyes. She was a Half-Step Soul Formation Stage cultivator. If she could go about sixty steps, then he only had to do a little better than Hong Dou for them to secure first place in this segment.

Liu Qianhuan walked into the Starry Maze and was immediately entranced by the beautiful scenery within. “My G.o.d, are these stars real!?”

She unleashed a Final Spark into the starry sky as she wondered to herself.

The white bolt of energy tore into the night sky like a sharp sword.


The energy from her Final Spark exploded, causing a ripple to appear in the starry night sky above her. Yu Hua winced and immediately transmitted his voice to her, “Student Liu, please be serious and stop trying to destroy public property!”

Liu Qianhuan was startled by Yu Hua’s voice transmission and stuck out her little pink tongue before setting off.

The obstacles became stronger as you progressed on the stone path. Each contestant simply walked on the path expressionlessly, so it really didn’t make for very interesting viewing. Hence, all the spectators were a little bored and began to chat among themselves.

“Hey, look, Sister Liu seems to be slowing down.”

“No sh*t, it’s not supposed to get easier as you progress!”

“The important thing is, she’s stopped after only about a dozen steps!”

“No way…”

Some students began to refocus their attention on the crystalline screen.

Within the Starry Maze, Liu Qianhuan was already sweating profusely with a conflicted expression on her face.

“Ah… this game is really fun, ah, I want to play this game too, don’t delete it, sob sob sob…”

Liu Qianhuan’s body swayed as she made her way forward.

“What… there are no phones here?”

Her alluring purple eyes seemed to have lost all their l.u.s.ter as she stared around her. She was surrounded by a vast expanse of desert and there was nothing fun to play with there.

She was absolutely stupefied. Tears began to overflow as she stood rooted to the spot.

Five minutes later.

Liu Qianhuan was back and the crowd was shocked into silence.

“Waah… An Lin, this mystic realm is far too cruel! There’s nothing in there, it’s so lonely, so boring, please comfort me…” She sobbed as she wiped tears away from her face with her slim, delicate hands.

An Lin was completely dumbfounded, unable to offer up even a single word of comfort.

“Liu Qianhuan, 16 steps, 1.6 points!” Yu Hua was on the verge of collapse but he still forced himself to announce Liu Qianhuan’s score. What a f*cking disgrace!

All the higher-ups from the university also averted their gaze, trying to hide their shame.

The tens-of-thousands of students in the spectator stands were completely incredulous.

15 steps? That’s terrifying!

w.a.n.g Xuanzhan’s airways began to constrict, and his face began to turn red. He felt as if everything that he had worked so hard for had now been eaten by a dog.

“You guys probably think I’m a useless teammate, right?” Liu Qianhuan sobbed as she stared at the two people in front of her.

Useless teammate?

An Lin suddenly had a revelation. He was always worried that he would be the one to drag the team down and be a disgrace to the university.

But it looked like Liu Qianhuan had taken that position away from him!

She came last in the Spells segment, and now she was also last in the Dao segment…

Tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes as she wiped them away with her hands.

She felt guilty and ashamed as she too wanted to build a reputation for the young sorceress that she was in front of the tens-of-thousands of people in the audience as well those from all four powers.

But her best efforts were met with such a tragic result.

“Sister Liu, calm down, we can still win this!”

An Lin did not speak his thoughts. Even though he agreed that she was useless, he chose to console her with his words instead.

Liu Qianhuan stared up at An Lin as her tears faltered.

She raised her head to find that An Lin was looking down at her with an expression of encouragement on his face and not a hint of anger could be seen. She was momentarily touched by his words. “An Lin… you don’t blame me?”

An Lin extended his fingers toward her and flicked her on the forehead.

“Ouch! What the h.e.l.l are you doing?” Liu Qianhuan covered her forehead with her hands as she complained about it with a light blush on her face.

“You screwed your teammates over, and now you expect your teammates to not blame you, that’s far too naive.” An Lin chuckled lightly. “But it’s not a problem, I’ll just turn the tables again!”

He made his way toward the blue gate at the conclusion at the sentence.

Liu Qianhuan pursed her pink little lips as she stared after An Lin, seemingly a little entranced.

w.a.n.g Xuanzhan also raised his head to stare after An Lin as hope reignited in his heart.

He knew that An Lin was a person capable of creating miracles. If it were him, then maybe he really could turn the tables and not let his prior efforts go in vain.

The students in the spectator stands were also all aware of this, and they also stared at An Lin with hope and antic.i.p.ation.

Even the mighty figures from the four powers stirred and began to focus their attention.

They had thought that An Lin’s unfathomable power couldn’t be wielded at his own behest.

But his Nuclear Lightning Fist clearly demonstrated that even though An Lin was of Spirit Nurturing Initial Stage cultivation base, he was still capable of blowing away everyone’s expectations.

An Lin walked into the blue gate and was struck by a burst of dizziness before he appeared under a starry night.

There was silence all around and the stars in the sky lit up the darkness, forming a galaxy of stardust, s.h.i.+mmering with a dreamlike glow.

The lake beneath him reflected the starry night above, forming an endless expanse of the same starry night sky all around him.

An Lin was momentarily entranced by the scene around him, and he only returned to his senses after a long while.

Such exquisite scenery.

He brought out his phone from his storage ring and snapped a few pictures of the starry sky, then took a few selfies too.

Twenty million pixel resolution soft flash dual camera, light up your beauty! [1. This is meant to be spoken in the form of an ad slogan]

w.a.n.g Xuanzhan: “…”

All the spectators: “…”

“Aiyah!” Liu Qianhuan slapped her own forehead for forgetting to take a few photos herself.

After snapping a few pictures, An Lin stowed his phone away into his storage ring and continued onward.

The first few steps should be quite easy, so he wasn’t very nervous.

However, he had only taken his first step onto the stone path when heaven and earth suddenly began to tremble, and the scene in front of him began to transform.

A boundless sense of fear began to engulf him.

An Lin was instantly horrified. He didn’t understand what illusion this was.

This was only the first step and it was already this hard, how was he supposed to go on?!

Suddenly, an endless wave of pain swallowed up his body, threatening to tear him apart.

This was an indescribable sense of pain. It transcended above and beyond physical, mental, and spiritual pain.

AH! He wanted to roar in agony, but he was unable to make a sound.

A voice reverberated throughout his mind.

“With the power of the whole clan and the power of heaven and earth…”

An Lin’s body was torn apart. To put it more accurately it was his very existence that was ripped apart…

Everyone on the Blue Sky Plaza stared up at An Lin with incredulity.

“Why isn’t Senior An Lin moving?”

“Is he stuck?”

“No way, this is only the first step, anyone here would probably have no problems on just the first step. If G.o.d An stops here, I’ll eat my own sh*t!”

“Then why has he stopped there?


No one knew how to answer that question. They could only stare up at the person on the screen in silent confusion.

Five minutes later.

The light flashed, and An Lin returned to the stage.

After exiting the mystic realm, he immediately fell to the ground, panting heavily. His brain was a pile of mush, and he had clearly not recovered from whatever he had experienced.

He was greeted by dead silence.

The tens-of-thousands of spectators all maintained a deafening silence where even a pin drop could be heard.

Yes, they were all dumbfounded.

Regardless of whether it was the students or the Return to Void Stage mighty figures, all of them were staring at the man panting heavily on the stage.

Everyone: “…”

Liu Qianhuan: “…”

An Lin’s confident words of “I’ll turn the tables” still reverberated in her mind.

But she now understood.

If she was the one that screwed her teammates over in a video game, then An Lin was the small fry that died as soon as he appeared…

“An Lin, one step, 0.1 of a point!”

Celestial Immortal Yu Hua’s voice reverberated throughout the plaza. He felt as if he had collapsed. This was no longer just disgraceful, this was like having sh*t smeared on his face!

w.a.n.g Xuanzhan almost fainted after hearing the announcement.

What was the point of all his hard work?

It was all in an attempt to alleviate some pressure on his teammates so they could perform with no qualms.

What was the result? He got the highest individual score, following which one of his teammates received 1.6 points while the other received a paltry 0.1 of a point.

Tears welled up in w.a.n.g Xuanzhan’s eyes as his lips trembled. “U… useless teammates!”


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