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Chapter 2069: The Male Who Helped Her Mature

“The four Heavenly G.o.ds have all been trapped?”

“That’s impossible… definitely impossible! How can Lan Xiaoni and Demon Lord Ling Gu alone overpower four of our Heavenly G.o.ds?!”

The Heavenly Human Tribe United Army of sixty million strong also heard Lan Xiaoni’s words. However, they were completely unable to accept her claims. They had never imagined that such things could ever occur!

Meanwhile, the one hundred thousand feet long water dragon continued to lunge toward another Great General. By the looks of it, it was planning to ingest its next victim. Demon Lord Ling Gu also sprang into action. He crashed through the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army and wantonly slaughtered anyone in his path. Without the threats of the Heavenly G.o.ds, he was nothing short of invincible.

Lan Xiaoni and Demon Lord Ling Gu both displayed their indomitable might on the battlefield. This was a time of great danger, so… where were the Heavenly G.o.ds? This was the brutal reality of the matter.

No matter how incredulous the Heavenly Humans found this to be, the battle before their eyes firmly pointed them toward a single fact. That was, their Heavenly G.o.ds had indeed been disposed of!

The Heavenly Human Tribe United Army clearly had a huge advantage in numbers, yet as time went by, they gradually started to show signs of crumbling apart.

This was due to the ma.s.sive influence that top echelon cultivators had on the direction of the battle. There was no one in the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army who could stop Lan Xiaoni and Demon Lord Ling Gu. As a result, the casualty count started to climb rapidly, and even the Heavenly Human Great Generals started to fear for their own lives. If the battle continued along this trajectory, then it would only be a matter of time before they were all slaughtered! Moreover, the morale of the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army had taken a ma.s.sive hit after they learned of the four Heavenly G.o.ds’ downfall. Thoughts of retreat had already crept into the minds of some Heavenly Humans.

Finally, after another Heavenly Human Great General was swallowed by the water dragon, and after a group of Heavenly Human Great Generals was brutally blasted to death by Demon Lord Ling Gu, the morale of the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army finally crumbled to pieces.

“Attention, all soldiers! Retreat!” A Heavenly Human Great General bellowed at the army as he raised his sword into the air.

The Heavenly Human Tribe United Army started to fall back like a falling tide!

“Don’t let them escape!”


The West Sea Alliance Army surged toward the retreating Heavenly Human Tribe United Army and furiously harvested their enemies’ lives. This was the best time to reap the rewards of battle.

Above the West Sea, the sight of twenty million or so soldiers pursuing sixty million or so enemy soldiers became an especially peculiar stretch of scenery.

Lan Xingyang controlled Amor and had her sweep her golden trident toward the enemies as she chased after them. Devastating waves and razor-sharp wind blades would be formed with every sweep of the trident, causing tens of thousands of deaths to befall the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army.

He gazed at the back of his daughter who was still engaged in a furious battle at the forefront of the pursuit. Like a sun of the West Sea that would never set, she appeared mighty and invincible.

A bubble of mixed emotions mysteriously arose in Lan Xingyang’s heart.

He understood perfectly well what Lan Xiaoni had to go through to attain this overwhelming power.

The growth of his daughter during the past one hundred years had been nothing short of terrifying. She had transformed from a fragile and crybaby girl into an alliance leader who controlled the entire West Sea. How enormous was this transformation? Not only did she have to face toils and hards.h.i.+ps head-on, but she also had to face unknown dangers, pressure from formidable enemies, pressure born from the doubts against her by her allies, as well as countless tribulations and deadly battles…

How was a crybaby able to complete this journey? What was it that supported her firm determination? Lan Xingyang believed that this all had to do with that male—the male who had bullied Lan Xiaoni and deceived all of the powerful beings of the West Sea; the male who had selfishly left and even irresponsibly faked his death for one hundred years.

If it weren’t for the Divine Phoenix Maiden, Lan Xingyang would likely have personally visited that male to ask him when his daughter would go from being his underling to becoming his wife…

Lan Xingyang involuntarily glanced toward the east.

What was that male doing right now?

The sun gradually set from the sky.

Streaks of golden and fiery red colors appeared above the horizon.

Dusk silently set in.

On a battlefield that was located in the center of the Tai Chu Continent, there was an orb of darkness. Like a harbinger of the dark night, it appeared especially eye-catching.

A pure darkness ripped at the chest of a youth who had a semi-transparent amber-like body and an azure-yellow divine halo above his head. The gash on his chest appeared like it would never be able to heal and would eventually engulf all of the wounds on his body.

This wounded youth was none other than the Heavenly Earth G.o.d, a being whose existence terrified the entire continent. He wielded a paramount Heavenly Dao Power, he was also a paramount Heavenly G.o.d of the Heavenly Human Tribe. At the same time, he was also one of the Human Tribe’s greatest enemies.

“This… You’re actually this quick…?”

The Heavenly Earth G.o.d stared at the sword-wielding male before him in shock.

He had initially thought that the male would be no match for him if he didn’t unleash the full power of his heavenly darkness power. After all, they were both paramount Heavenly G.o.ds, and he was more so a complete paramount Heavenly G.o.d.

Right now, however, his initial belief seemed to be extremely laughable.

He had overlooked one very important point. That was, the suppression caused by the subconscious will of the Heavenly Dao was completely different for him and An Lin…


A milky-white liquid radiated with a brilliant glow before transforming into countless golden swords and piercing toward An Lin’s chest.

An Lin flicked his wrist, and his Evil-Slaying Sword instantly became a blur of black as it slashed all of the approaching golden blades into nothingness. The blades weren’t simply shattered or disfigured. Rather, they were thoroughly erased along with the milky-white liquid.

The Heavenly Earth G.o.d’s expression became even darker as he shot back in retreat.

“Even the Independent Vital Substance is useless against you now? Who would’ve thought… You’re actually able to manipulate the unique properties of the heavenly darkness power to this extent already…”

An Lin didn’t speak. Instead, he silently gazed at the Heavenly Earth G.o.d.

It was as though he had become a completely different person. The look in his eyes was extremely indifferent, as if nothing before him was of any importance. In fact, he wasn’t even interested in flexing. The only thought running through his mind was to destroy the Heavenly Earth G.o.d who was standing before him.

An Lin slowly walked toward the Heavenly Earth G.o.d. At some unknown point in time, the land and sky behind him had already descended into pure darkness. It was so dark that even the Heavenly G.o.ds felt a sense of dread.

Compared to the Heavenly Earth G.o.d, it appeared as if An Lin were the genuine Heavenly G.o.d right now. Aloof and indifferent, divine and mighty, mysterious and incomprehensible… It looked as if he were executing the supreme will of the heavens.

“This… Is this really An Lin?” the Heavenly Yin Yang G.o.d asked in a quivering voice.

He ruled over yin and yang, and theoretically speaking, darkness was also somewhat related to the yin element. However, he had never witnessed this kind of darkness before. This was a darkness that even he—a being who was the most knowledgeable on yin and yang—couldn’t comprehend. It was quite clear that the darkness before him had already exceeded his realm of understanding! It was far too pure!

This darkness represented void and destruction, and it also represented silence and eternity.

This made him—a fellow Heavenly G.o.d—feel a mysterious sense of terror.

“Heavenly Sea G.o.d… An Lin has already become like this… Are you still not going to make your move?” There was a hint of extreme anxiousness in the Heavenly Yin Yang G.o.d’s voice.

The Heavenly Sea G.o.d was still transfixed with shock, and he only regained his senses after hearing this question.

“Make my move? The Heavenly Earth G.o.d still hasn’t signaled for me to attack yet. It’ll be bad if I disturb the elegance of his battle,” the Heavenly Sea G.o.d said in a serious tone.

Anyhow, I won’t attack even if he signals for me to do so, he added in his mind.

It appeared as though this turn of events had exceeded his expectations again.

However, this didn’t matter. After all, this was good news to him, no?

At this moment, An Lin s.h.i.+fted his feet and launched toward the Heavenly Earth G.o.d once again!


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