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Chapter 2325: Fifth Tribulation

In the north-eastern region of the Tai Chu Continent.

In the desolate and fractured Purple Star ruins.

In the center of this land, winds howled and clouds surged.

Cyril had changed into a suit of golden-white armor. His sleeves fluttered in the wind, and his divine might emanated into the surroundings. Meanwhile, the black and white spear in his hand slowly pierced into the sky.

His sanguine red and profound eyes shuddered slightly, and a slight smile involuntarily spread across his face. “The Four Nine Immortal Sect is fairly quick. They’ve already rectified the instability of the Heavenly Dao. What a bunch of extraordinary people.”

Chen Chen nodded slightly and said, “They’re a bunch of trustworthy friends.”

The instability of the Heavenly Dao was a huge problem for the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Sect. However, the Four Nine Immortal Sect had flawlessly resolved this problem, and this was a clear sign of their formidable power.

Chen Chen pondered for a moment before adding, “We also need to work hard. We definitely can’t disappoint them.”

He wasn’t a person of many words.

However, upon recalling that An Lin was battling against three Supreme Heavenly G.o.ds in the White Nectar Sea, he couldn’t help but feel slightly remorseful and guilty. An Lin shouldn’t have needed to shoulder this pressure.

Anyhow, since An Lin had already stepped forward, he definitely wouldn’t disappoint his courageously battling friends. At the very least, he would accomplish what he needed to do.

After unleas.h.i.+ng his Heaven Shattering Stars technique, Chen Chen looked at the sky, where two extremely gigantic bodies were starting to appear.

One was a slender and shapely woman who was shrouded in a glowing light. There was a small crystal-like sapling in her hands.

The other was a man who was dressed in a suit of spiky armor and radiating with a b.l.o.o.d.y and murderous aura. He was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent, and he was also emanating a deathly silent aura. There was a decaying skull in his hands.

Chen Chen squinted his eyes upon seeing this. He knew that the Nine Tribulations of the Heavenly Dao had arrived again.

This was the fifth tribulation.

The man and woman turned their gazes toward Cyril and Chen Chen, and it was as if they were aware that they were the main force in crus.h.i.+ng the heavens.

“Is it a personal tribulation this time…?” Cyril murmured. His expression became solemn as he tightened his grip on the spear in his hand.

Meanwhile, Chen Chen had already activated his Spotless Realm, causing a faint white radiance to envelop his body. Nothing in the world could enter his domain.

There were nine tribulations of the Heavenly Dao, yet it was anyone’s guess how these nine tribulations would show themselves and what they would entail.

Only genuine powerful beings—genuinely perfect powerful beings—would have the courage to face these unknown tribulations.

The woman turned her gaze toward Chen Chen, and the sapling in her hands started to slowly grow. This was a sapling that radiated with an aura of hope and magnificence. “Life…?”

The man’s eyes were filled with dark and silent death, and the skull in his hands continued to endlessly decay. “Or… death?”

Just as he finished speaking.

A giant Disc of Life and Death that could blot out the entire heaven and earth suddenly materialized beneath the man’s and woman’s feet. One half of the disc was filled with death and decay, while the other half of the disc was lush green and flouris.h.i.+ng with life. The disc slowly spun in the air.

At this moment, both Chen Chen and Cyril came to a sudden realization.

This was a choice—a choice between life and death.

It was evident that there were two standing spots on the Disc of Life and Death. One represented life, and one represented death. Upon standing in these two spots, this tribulation would come to an end.

Regarding who lived and who died, this was a decision for Cyril and Chen Chen.

This was a simple game.

However, it was also a game of certain death.

Could Cyril and Chen Chen refuse this game?

This Disc of Life and Death possessed the paramount nomological laws of heaven and earth.

This was an absolute subconscious willpower and nomological law of the Heavenly Dao that was even more powerful than the power of life and death of the Supreme Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

These were absolute nomological laws that were a culmination of the nomological laws of the Tai Chu Continent, the infinite Realm of Stars, and the countless Great Worlds and Small Worlds. These were incomparable to ordinary nomological laws.

In fact, even Supreme Heavenly G.o.ds were afraid of suffering a backlash from the subconscious will of the Heavenly Dao.

Similarly, Cyril and Chen Chen were also extremely afraid.

However, when faced with a choice between life and death, their solemn expressions quickly disappeared. These expressions were instead replaced with a slight smile.

Cyril shook his head and said with a smile, “How truly terrifying. One choice is life, and the other choice is death. Are they forcing me to sacrifice my life for righteousness?”

Chen Chen pursed his lips and said, “Stop acting, this is a simple and meaningless question for us.”

Cyril nodded in agreement. “Heh, that’s indeed the case. The Heavenly Dao has given us a difficult question, yet we can choose not to answer it. What right does the Heavenly Dao have to force us to decide?”

The two of them exchanged a glance to confirm each other’s thoughts.

At this moment, a vast and unfathomable power suddenly erupted from their bodies and soared into the sky!

Just how powerful were Cyril and Chen Chen?

Chen Chen’s Spotless Realm started to furiously expand, transforming everything that it came into contact with into void and nothingness.

Meanwhile, Cyril’s domineering and piercing True Demon Essential Power was like a celestial sword as it directly pierced into the sky. A tornado of sword intent transformed into a giant swirl of swords that measured tens of thousands of kilometers in height as it rose in a helical manner. This was a dragon-like spear that astounded heaven and earth!

The man’s and woman’s expressions changed slightly.

“What are you trying to do?

“Resisting will invite divine retribution from the heavens and doom you for all eternity!”

The woman who was shrouded in light spoke in a calm voice.

Cyril held his black and white Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Spear in one hand, while he raised his Nine Heavens True Demon Sword and ruthlessly slashed it at the Disc of Life and Death with his other hand. “I’m resisting… none other than the heavens!”

“I’m most unafraid of divine retributions,” Chen Chen said calmly. His Spotless Realm had already expanded to thirty thousand kilometers in diameter at this moment, and it severed all of the nomological laws of heaven and earth. In fact, he even dragged the Disc of Life and Death as well as the man and woman into his Spotless Realm!

The True Demon Sword slashed down at this moment, and the Spotless Realm created an opening for it. A sharp screeching sound instantly erupted from the nomological laws that were regarded as the most powerful and indestructible of the Heavenly Dao. A Spotless Essential Power and a True Demon Essential Power also surged forth at this moment, unleas.h.i.+ng a boundless might as they engulfed heaven and earth. The Disc of Life and Death was also immediately engulfed by these powers.

The woman screamed loudly as both her body and the sapling in her hands were destroyed. Meanwhile, the spiky armor of the man instantly crumbled, and the decaying skull in his hands was also unable to react as it was immediately annihilated by the True Demon Essential Power of Cyril!

Even though they were standing inside the spell formation in the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Glazed Palace, the members of the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Sect still couldn’t help but feel stifled upon seeing the earth-shattering collision of energy.

A boundless might and pressure pierced through the protection of the spell formation, causing them to feel as if the entire heaven and earth were about to be destroyed.

“Is this the true combat capability of the Heavenly Disciples?” the Ancient Dragon Empress murmured as she gazed at the Spotless Realm that was capable of annihilating all matter and the True Demon Essential Power that was domineering and unyielding. She suddenly felt like a cheap and fake Heavenly Disciple…

The explosion of energy dissipated, and along with it, the man, woman, and Disc of Life and Death had also vanished into thin air.

Only two people remained silently standing, proud and unyielding.

In the eyes of the super-mighty beings, and in the eyes of the G.o.d of Creation Stage divine beings, this fifth tribulation—the Life and Death Tribulation—was the most terrifying tribulation. However, Cyril and Chen Chen had defeated it using brute strength…

Was this tribulation truly a free pa.s.s for them?!


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