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Chapter 416: Learning the Ancient Man Language

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Three heavenly fire mutant beasts, just enough for one each.”

Shangguan Yi drew her sword and took a step forward expressionlessly.

An Lin nodded. “Mo Hai and I haven’t obtained high-grade projections of the Vermillion Bird Flame Wing yet, so this really is a fortunate stroke of luck…”

A fortunate stroke of luck? Mo Hai’s face convulsed.

None of the three heavenly fire mutant beasts before them were especially large in stature; all of them were only around ten feet, but their auras were suffocatingly powerful.

There was a humanoid tiger holding a black club with a pair of flame wings sprouting from its back, a six-winged flame bird with blue flames all over its body, and a humanoid wolf with white scales all over its body.

The heavenly flame mutant beasts didn’t charge into battle straight away. Instead, they stood on the sideline with scornful expressions and conversed among themselves.

A sneer appeared on the humanoid tiger’s face. “Jijiguguhouwawalie!”

The flame bird shook its head. “Yingliliguluguyingying…”

The humanoid wolf seemed to be full of killing intent. “Howl!”

“F*ck, how dare they?!” Mo Hai glowered in rage.

Shangguan Yi and An Lin turned their gazes upon him in shock. “You can understand what they’re saying?”

Mo Hai gritted his teeth with rage. “I don’t have to! I can tell from their expressions that they’re looking down on us!”

Shangguan Yi and An Lin: “…”

“Ding Dong!”

The system suddenly sounded at this moment.

An Lin’s heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly opened the system in his mind to discover a new mission.

“Detected that host is in contact with the Ancient Man Language, imitate two pig oinks at no lower than seventy decibels to receive the inheritance of the Ancient Man Language.”

“F*ck off!” An Lin couldn’t help but swear with rage.

Shangguan Yi and Mo Hai both turned to An Lin upon hearing his outburst.

An Lin calmed his rage and turned a conflicted gaze upon the three heavenly fire mutant beasts who were still in a heated discussion.

To oink or not to oink?

Was knowledge more important or was his dignity more important?

This was a no-brainer for someone who had a constant thirst for knowledge as he did!

“Oink oink…!”

He gave an imitation based on his impression of how pigs oinked.

Mo Hai and Shangguan Yi instantly turned to stare at him in bewilderment.

Mo Hai even picked at his ears, as if he thought he had heard wrong.

Even the three heavenly fire mutant beasts instantly fell silent before turning their gazes on An Lin in unison.

An Lin was blus.h.i.+ng heavily from embarra.s.sment, but the mission success notification still hadn’t appeared in his mind…

Was his p.r.o.nunciation incorrect?

“Oink oink!”

He oinked loudly yet again, but there was still no response from the system.

“Howl howl…”

“Cluck cluck!”

“Baah baah!”

“Are you alright, Mr. An Lin?” Mo Hai’s expression was caught somewhere between concern and mirth.

“Could it be that the poison from the spiders impaired his cognitive functions?” Shangguan Yi furrowed her brows with concern.

An Lin was about to collapse. He turned to two people beside him and begged for help. “Do either of you know what pigs sound like? Please teach me!”

Mo Hai: “…”

Shangguan Yi: “…”

Mo Hai turned a sympathetic gaze on An Lin. “Mr. An Lin… you’re a human, not a pig, don’t get it mixed up!”

Shangguan Yi brought out a green pill from her storage ring and handed it to An Lin with a nervous expression. “Mr. An Lin, this is a universal antidote, please take it.”

“I haven’t been poisoned!” An Lin’s chest tightened as he scrambled to explain himself, “I’m studying the Ancient Man Language, which is what those heavenly fire mutant beasts are speaking, but I need to mimic the grunting sound of a pig to master the language! What do they sound like, please teach me!”

Mo Hai’s lips twitched. “Mr. An Lin, don’t treat everyone else like idiots just because you’ve become one yourself.”

“Oink oink…” Two exemplary oinks suddenly sounded.

An Lin and Mo Hai both turned their gazes upon Shangguan Yi.

A blush appeared on her delicate features, and she lowered her head with embarra.s.sment.

“There… That’s how pigs sound like…”

She had initially planned to reject An Lin’s request, but she felt like he wasn’t joking so her lips suddenly made the sound of their own volition.

“Thank you!” An Lin looked at Shangguan Yi with grat.i.tude.

“Oink oink!”

An Lin oinked like a wild boar at the top of his lungs.

Not only Mo Hai was looking at him like he was r.e.t.a.r.ded, but his expression was also mirrored on the faces of all three of the heavenly fire mutant beasts.

The humanoid tiger exclaimed in shock. “Is this human a stupid c*nt?”

An Lin was instantly incensed. “You’re a stupid c*nt, your whole family are all stupid c*nts!”

Shangguan Yi blinked her bright eyes. “You’re insulting the mutant beasts?”

An Lin only came to the realization then that he could already understand what the humanoid tiger was saying!

However, he had just used the Tai Chu language to insult them as opposed to the Ancient Man Language, so none of the three mutant beasts could understand.

A chilling aura burst forth from the humanoid wolf’s body. “I think that human’s insulting us, let’s kill them all!”

The flame bird shook its head. “We can’t, the divine leader has finally captured a powerful human cultivator which he could use as a sacrifice to the demonic moon. If the sacrifice fails, at least we would have these as backup!”

The humanoid tiger sighed in resignation. “Then let’s put this to a vote!”

The humanoid wolf immediately placed its vote. “I vote we kill them and eat them! We’re all at bottlenecks in our cultivation, maybe eating them will help us make breakthroughs. The divine leader can get f*cked!”

The flame bird glared at the humanoid wolf. “Shut your mouth! Everything I do is for the divine leader, I vote to capture them alive and present them to the divine leader!”

The humanoid tiger was undecided. “I forfeit my right to vote.”

All three of them sighed in unison. “Sigh… We’re back to square one again…”

An Lin: “…”

So it turned out the three heavenly fire mutant beasts were just talking about the same thing this whole time? And they were just going around in circles too?

My G.o.d, they’re the real stupid c*nts!

An Lin transmitted his voice to Mo Hai and Shangguan Yi, “I know what they’re saying! From their conversation, I can deduce that there’s a powerful mutant beast which they refer to as the divine leader who has captured Yang Yuan. These three are all followers of this divine leader. Let’s kill everyone here but leave the humanoid wolf alive; it’s not very loyal to this divine leader, so we should be able to interrogate it for some information!”

Shangguan Yi’s eyes immediately lit up, and she looked at An Lin with a hint of admiration in her eyes.

Mo Hai was completely dumbfounded, and he stared blankly at An Lin.

Imitating pig oinks is the key to learning the Ancient Man Language? What is wrong with this world?

“My two Gundams will take care of the small fry, I’ll capture the humanoid wolf alive, and you two take on the other two heavenly fire mutant beasts, any objections?” An Lin continued.

A concerned expression appeared on Shangguan Yi’s face as she looked at An Lin. “Are you sure you can capture it alive?”

Capturing a mutant beast alive was a lot more difficult than killing one, and it could only be accomplished if the hunter’s strength was well above the mutant beast.

Mo Hai was a lot more confident in An Lin’s abilities. “Sister, An Lin might only be Soul Formation Initial Stage, but he’s even more powerful than I am.”

An Lin raised his chin slightly and he smiled confidently as white robes rustled in the breeze.

“Trust me, to me, it’s just like capturing a little puppy!”


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