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Chapter 457: Welcome Back, Xu Xiaolan

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The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue looked on in exasperation as An Lin and Xu Xiaolan bickered back and forth between one another. In the end, he could only use a muting spell technique to shut both of them up.

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan only realized they had let their emotions get the better of themselves when they found that they had been muted. Both of them lowered their heads in shame.

A content smile appeared on The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue’s face before he continued, “I’ll tell you the other methods regardless of whether you want to hear them or not. The second method is to find another cultivator with a phoenix bloodline who is willing to transfuse their bloodline to Xu Xiaolan. The more powerful and pure the bloodline is, the greater the probability of success. Of course, no matter how powerful the phoenix bloodline is, the effect will still be inferior to transfusing An Lin’s bloodline straight back into Xu Xiaolan.

“The third method is to go and search for the ancient divine beast, the phoenix, and obtain its true blood essence. I predict a fifty percent chance of success if we were to use the blood essence of the phoenix. However, phoenixes are extremely rare in all the worlds and realms, so it’ll be incredibly difficult to find them. Furthermore, a phoenix’s true blood essence is not just some normal blood, but rather something that contains a part of its fundamental power. So, this method is one which is exceedingly difficult to achieve.

“Alright, those are the three methods. Tell me what you think.”

The muting spell technique was lifted as soon as the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue stopped speaking.

Xu Xiaolan immediately offered her thoughts without hesitation, “We’ll go with the third method, I can wait.”

To her surprise, An Lin didn’t offer a reb.u.t.tal. Instead, he was staring intently at her chest.

Xu Xiaolan blushed slightly as she sensed An Lin’s intense gaze. “What are you looking at?”

An Lin didn’t answer her question. Instead, he extended his hand toward her swan-like neck before gently pulling on her white necklace.

A crimson teardrop of blood appeared before everyone’s eyes.

With Xu Xiaolan’s snowy white skin as a backdrop, the crimson drop of blood appeared extremely vibrant, as if all the droplets of blood in this world were gathered within this one teardrop.

“Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue, can we use this?” An Lin asked.

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue faltered slightly when he saw the teardrop of blood.

Extremely high-rank items were sometimes incredibly difficult to detect.

They could merge into nature and become one with heaven and earth, thereby escaping detection.

However, the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue couldn’t move his eyes away when he caught sight of the teardrop of blood.

“That’s… the true blood of a Holy Beast! And from its aura, I can tell that it’s a drop of true blood essence from the Vermilion Bird!” The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue’s calm expression had already been replaced by an expression of complete shock.

An Lin knew that he had guessed right. This drop of true blood essence was part of the energy that the black phoenix had stolen from the Vermilion Bird!

“Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue, can we use this as a subst.i.tute for the true blood essence of the phoenix?” An Lin asked.

“Of course! Why not?” the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue replied excitedly. “The Vermilion Bird was born from chaos, and it’s the earliest ancestor for all winged creatures. Moreover, it’s one of the only four unique Holy Beasts in all the worlds and realms! From a bloodline perspective, it’s the ancestor of the phoenix!”

The ancestor of the phoenix?

An Lin was a little stunned.

He had thought that the phoenix and the Vermilion Bird were two completely different creatures. Who’d have thought that they had a bloodline connection with one another?

Then didn’t that mean… that they had satisfied the condition for the third method?!

Xu Xiaolan was also a little dazed as she was suddenly struck by a feeling of immense joy.

Never would she have thought that the pendant An Lin had gifted her would be such a legendary item.

This was the true blood of a Holy Beast! It was a top-grade treasure that even elicited a surprised reaction from the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue!

Xu Xiaolan had already mentally prepared herself for An Lin to fail in his search for the true blood essence of the phoenix, after which she would die of old age.

But who would’ve thought that the present he had gifted her would give her new hope to soar into the skies again?

They had gone around in a huge circle, yet in the end, they discovered that the solution lay right before their eyes!

Perhaps this was all pre-ordained by fate…

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue chortled heartily. “I really didn’t expect you to have something like the true blood essence of the Vermilion Bird. Everything is simple now. The true blood essence of the Vermilion Bird is extremely close in nature to that of the phoenix, but it possesses an even higher rank bloodline power and will have an even greater effect on activating the Dao intent within Xu Xiaolan’s True Dragon Bloodline. Not only will she be able to restore her Dao foundation, but her bloodline will also become even more powerful than it previously was!”

An Lin drew a sharp intake of breath. “Then… what about the probability of success?”

“Heh, do you even need to ask? With the true blood essence of the Vermilion Bird and myself present to initiate the Dao foundation restoration, there’s zero chance of failure!” The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue smiled lightly with an extremely confident expression on his face.

All the beast pets whooped in joy when they heard this.

Xu Xiaolan gripped the necklace tightly in her hands as she fought to suppress her emotions.

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue had already brought out his Purple-Gold Bell. It rang with the sound of the Great Dao as it slowly initiated a change in heaven and earth.

Before everyone knew it, they had already appeared in the sky high above Xixia City.

The beast pets were relatively calm, but the four maids huddled together in fear. Their knees trembled as they looked down at the ant-like houses below. Little Qiu, in particular, had acrophobia, and she held onto Little Dong tightly as her body trembled uncontrollably.

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue turned his gaze toward Xu Xiaolan and made a series of seals with his hands. Then, an extremely mysterious energy fluctuation began to ripple outward.

“Don’t fight it, just let it be.”

Each of his words was imbued with the law of heaven and earth.

The true blood essence of the Vermilion Bird seemed to have been affected by an invisible force as a crimson-colored light burst forth. Then, it separated from the chain on the necklace and flew into Xu Xiaolan’s glabella.

A series of golden veined patterns materialized on the ground below and formed a spell formation that extended for as far as the eye could see.

A vast sea of stars glowed with brilliant light, and the power of the stars pierced through s.p.a.ce to converge toward Xu Xiaolan.

The earth acted as the formation, and the starry heavens gathered energy.

Xu Xiaolan stood in the center of the formation, and the power of heaven and earth flowed relentlessly into her body as the roar of a True Dragon erupted throughout heaven and earth.

The true intent of Dao began to appear, and the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue brought out a diamond bracelet. This was a two-sided bracelet, one side of which abided by the Great Dao of heaven and earth, the other of which defied the natural order.

“Immortal Mortal Reversal—Dao Reconstruction!”


The rumbling boom of the Great Dao crashed straight into one’s heart and soul.

An extremely painful expression appeared on Xu Xiaolan’s face as the image of a flaming phoenix surfaced on her forehead. Then, this image gradually transformed to become the image of a Vermilion Bird.

An Lin’s body shuddered as a wound appeared on his wrist. Golden blood imbued with an extremely pure true flame essence power flowed from his wound toward Xu Xiaolan.

Xu Xiaolan turned pale with fright upon seeing this, and she was just about to forcefully end the Dao foundation reconstruction.

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue immediately cautioned in a loud voice, “Don’t stop! This isn’t a bloodline transfusion! His bloodline is only acting as a catalyst! The phoenix bloodline within An Lin’s body will automatically bind with the bloodline of the Vermilion Bird, and it won’t affect his Dao foundation!”

Xu Xiaolan allowed the golden blood to flow into her body after hearing this.

The golden blood completely drained from An Lin’s body, and he knew that he no longer had the power of the phoenix bloodline within him.

However, he had no regrets, as this was Xu Xiaolan’s bloodline anyway.

Right at this moment, Xu Xiaolan moaned in pain as beads of white blood started to fly out from her glabella toward An Lin’s wrist.

Extremely pure flame power emanated from the beads of white blood as they threatened to crush heaven and earth with their paramount holy power.

An Lin was given a fright, and he instinctively chose to reject the beads of white blood. After all, this was Xu Xiaolan’s power!

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue cautioned once again, “Don’t reject it! This is the reciprocation from the bloodline power of the Vermilion Bird! It won’t be harmful to Xu Xiaolan if you accept it! Rather, it’ll be beneficial to you!”

An Lin stopped resisting the beads of white blood once he heard this.

The Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue wiped the sweat from his forehead.

To have bloodline binding and bloodline reciprocation occur in the same Dao foundation reconstruction… How can these two be struck by so many mishaps…?

Luckily, he was extremely experienced and knowledgeable, thereby enabling him to recognize these two scenarios. Otherwise, everything would’ve ended in failure as soon as one of the two parties began resisting.

An Lin felt a stream of warmth permeate throughout his entire body.

The beads of white blood flowed into his sea of vital energy before landing on the white phoenix.

A divine aura erupted from the white phoenix’s body, and its wings gradually grew more voluminous as a pair of bright, intelligent eyes appeared on its head. Then, as if it was an actual living being, it began to inspect the world around it!

An Kirin was startled by the change, and he silently retreated. He didn’t dare to provoke the white phoenix anymore.

This… this phoenix’s aura… Why has it suddenly become so similar to the aura of the true blood essence of the Vermilion Bird?

Is this a phoenix or a Vermilion Bird?

An Lin was a little confused.

Right at this moment, a light screech reverberated throughout the heavens.

Wings of white flames spread open behind Xu Xiaolan’s back.

White flames that were imbued with a divine aura spread outward, transforming the heavens into a sea of flames.

The projection of an azure dragon also appeared and started to circle around Xu Xiaolan’s body.

Meanwhile, the white flames which hovered around her body were like energetic fairies who were imbued with boundless amounts of vitality.

“Soul Formation Stage… Has she already broken through to the Soul Formation Stage?”

An Lin stared at Xu Xiaolan with shock and joy.

But why was there no lightning tribulation? An Lin was starting to get confused again.

The white flames proliferated throughout the entire sky, making the night as bright as day.

Xu Xiaolan stood in the center of the sea of flames, and her aura gradually became more and more powerful.

At this moment, her eyes became pure gold. A supreme divine might burst forth, making her appear as if she were a proud queen looking down at the world she ruled.

Meanwhile, her wings of white flames extended outward in a pristine display, making her appear as if she were a holy maiden standing proudly above the heavens.

An Lin was in an entranced daze as he stared at the female in the sky. “Xiaolan, welcome back,” he muttered quietly

His voice was very quiet, but the regal, holy female who had been reborn from the flames had already turned her gaze toward him.

In the next instant, she had already appeared before An Lin, and she pressed her soft and warm body into An Lin’s in a tight embrace.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she replied in a trembling voice, “Yes… I’m back!”


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