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Chapter 574: Escaping From the Whale’s MouthTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone turned nervous eyes on the projection, in fear that it would go back on its word.

The gargantuan whale remained silent for a long while before its golden eyes flashed, and the Golden Li Flames began to dissipate from this world.

The s.p.a.ce in a radius of over fifty kilometers had been twisted and shattered, and the ground lost a vast amount of ma.s.s from being scorched by the flames.

The whale surveyed the damage with a pained expression before turning to An Lin.

“What is your name, human?” the whale asked.

An Lin smiled lightly. “Do you want to take revenge on me? That’s fine by me! My name is An Ritian!”

Ca.s.sidy: “…”

An ecstatic expression appeared on Xue Zhantian’s face.

“Good. That’s an arrogant and unyielding name worthy for someone who dares to oppose me. I’ll remember you… An Ritian!” The whale’s projection began to slowly disappear.

Celestial Maiden He and the others were all at a complete loss for words.

In the next instant, a mighty spatial power swept through heaven and earth as the s.p.a.ce around them began to blur and transform.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had reappeared on a certain broken continent with a vast expanse of stars overhead! Everything was so familiar…

The only thing that everyone was surprised about was that an earth-shattering battle seemed to have taken place here as the earth was riddled with countless ma.s.sive craters.

The gargantuan whale looked at everyone with a pair of resentful eyes, which lingered for a few seconds on An Lin before it averted its gaze and continued doing its business.

“Hahaha… we finally made it out of there!” Ca.s.sidy and Merlin were ecstatic.

“Lucy, did you think that you would be able to see me again?” Tobias looked up at the sky as tears streaked down his face.

Tina sat on An Lin’s shoulder as she covered her face with both hands. “Why am I always so useless… I am the epitome of a nuisance…”

Xue Zhantian curled up in An Lin’s arms as he trembled uncontrollably, and Xiao Ze latched onto An Lin’s arm once again.

An Lin heaved a light sigh as he shook his head. It looked like the extreme emotions were back.

Celestial Maiden He, the Night Patrol G.o.d, Chang He, and Chang Zang also wore different expressions on their faces. They too had clearly been struck by some sorts of emotions. However, Chang Zang and Chang He were reciting Buddhist mantras to themselves in a low voice, which seemed to a.s.sist them in regulating their emotions, thereby allowing them to keep relatively calm.

“Mr. An Lin, it’s all thanks to you that we were able to escape from the clutch from death. I hereby express my utmost grat.i.tude to you.” Celestial Maiden He bowed in grat.i.tude to An Lin as her dress rippled around her like a blossoming lotus flower.

The Night Patrol G.o.d and Chang He as well as Chang Zang also expressed their grat.i.tude to An Lin one after another.

An Lin waved his hands in a gesture that said “you’re welcome”.

“Master, that huge whale is blocking the exit of the Remorseless Realm once again, how should we…” Xiao Ze stared at the gargantuan whale in the distance with an uneasy expression.

Xiao Ze was like a completely vulnerable little kid as he latched on An Lin’s arm tightly.

An Lin gave Xiao Ze a gentle smile as he stroked his head. “Don’t worry, Master will protect you.”

He flew toward the Heavenly Void Beast with the entire group standing atop his brick, and he only used his vital energy to amplify his voice when he was not far from the whale. “Mr. Whale, since you’ve released us anyway, can you please move aside so that we can get past you?”

The Heavenly Void Beast turned its gaze on An Lin again as boundless heat and light burst forth from its golden eyes.

An Lin felt like he was being directly glared at by two suns as a fearsome aura swept toward him.

His expression remained unchanged, and a golden light flashed before his eyes as he activated the Divine Might Technique. He stared down at the Heavenly Void Beast with the arrogance and pride of a peerless War G.o.d looking down upon the world over which he ruled.

That’s right, An Lin triumphed over the Heavenly Void Beast in a battle of will.

The Heavenly Void Beast was understandably not fond of An Lin and his group.

For it, the mighty Heavenly Void Beast, to be referred to as a whale was a huge disgrace! This made it even more resentful toward An Lin.

“Mr. Whale, we don’t have all day…” An Lin urged with a smile.

The Heavenly Void Beast narrowed its eyes slightly. An Lin’s smile seemed innocent and harmless, but for some reason, it made the Heavenly Void Beast’s flesh crawl. This response was triggered by the fear of having its Heavenly Void Spirit stolen, of inexplicably losing its reproductive abilities, of mysteriously losing its eyesight…

“Hmph!” The Heavenly Void Beast finally conceded as it moved its ma.s.sive body to the side to reveal a little path. It was quite reluctant to concede any further to An Lin, but it decided to swallow its pride for the greater good.

An Lin and the others immediately walked through that little path with delight on their faces.

As they crossed that black line, the respective extreme emotions they had been blighted with all slowly disappeared, leaving them feeling much more in control of themselves.

“Phew… we’ve finally made it!” Xiao Ze was ecstatic after surviving that ordeal.

“We almost all fell to that Heavenly Void Beast…” Celestial Maiden He looked back with fear lingering in her eyes.

The whale slowly moved its body back into position, blocking off the entire black line of the Remorseless Realm.

“Why is this big guy blocking everyone here in the first place?!” Tina pouted with indignant rage.

She had already recovered from her mood of “I’m useless aside from my beauty and power” as she looked back with a resentful expression at the Heavenly Void Beast.

Tobias remained silent. To him, breaking down in tears as he screamed out Lucy’s name was a dark chapter in his past that he would love to forget.

“The Heavenly Void Beast is extremely fond of places with special laws of heaven and earth as they are able to refine their Heavenly Void Body in such locations. Furthermore, having one half of its body outside the region affected by the laws while the other half remains within that region is the best way for it to observe the mysteries of the laws of heaven and earth.” Xiao Ze smiled as he pointed to the Heavenly Void Beast’s ma.s.sive tail.

Everyone turned to look at the Heavenly Void Beast as understanding flashed through their features.

So the Heavenly Void Beast was cultivating here!

“Wah! Wah! Wah…”

Right at this moment, the gargantuan body of the whale suddenly began to tremble, as if it was struggling with something.

An Lin and the others were just about to depart, but their interest was piqued at the sight of its gargantuan trembling body.

They had once fought the whale in a battle of life and death. Hence, it was a natural reaction to stay behind and observe their enemy when they appeared to be struggling.

The whale wasn’t trembling very violently, but with a body as vast as a continent, just a light tremble could trigger earth-shattering effects.

“Giant An Lin, it seems like the big guy is in a lot of pain,” Tina said in a low voice.

Xue Zhantian’s eyes lit up. He provided an a.n.a.lysis as he waved his little wings around. “From a soft moan to a heartwrenching cry… The progression in emotion and pain indicates that the Heavenly Void Beast is giving birth!”


Everyone burst into laughter at Xue Zhantian’s joking a.n.a.lysis.

However, their smiles soon congealed on their faces.

The gargantuan whale suddenly lifted up its tail, whipping up gale-force winds within a radius of fifty kilometers. A slit opened up on its backside before blood gushed forth along with a black organism.

Everyone looked at the organism with shock on their faces as they drew collective sharp intakes of breath.

Xue Zhantian was also completely dumbstruck as he murmured to himself, “Holy sh*t… It looks I’m right; this really is childbirth!”


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