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Chapter 779: Inexplicable Battles to the Death

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Bai Hu City was located at the center of the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool.

It was constructed along the side of a ma.s.sive mountain, and it wasn’t very intricate, but it gave off a majestic, antiquated feel.

The city stretched for several dozen kilometers from north to south, and over a hundred kilometers from east to west. All manners of strange buildings could be seen from within the city. There were ma.s.sive houses close to ten thousand feet tall, but also tiny little houses about a dozen centimeters tall.

The streets here were extremely wide, and an extremely diverse smorgasbord of beasts roamed along these streets.

There were ma.s.sive beasts close to a kilometer in height that were able to send violent tremors running through the ground with each and every step. All the surrounding beasts were taking extreme caution in fear of being trampled on, which would spell certain death.

There were also tiny, caterpillar-like beasts, which gathered together in large groups. All manners of weird and wacky beasts lived in harmony, creating quite a peculiar spectacle to behold.

This was a true beast city.

It was completely different from a human city as the scale for constructions and infrastructure here was completely skewed.

An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, and Xiao Ze had only just arrived at Bai Hu City when they witnessed a tragic sequence of events.

A huge yak over a thousand feet in height accidentally trampled on a large, fat red bee, which was purchasing fruit, thereby instantly crus.h.i.+ng it to death. Thousands of its brethren then gathered to avenge it, and the ma.s.sive yak was reduced to a pile of bones once they were done.

The surrounding beasts were completely accustomed to things of this nature, as hundreds of events such as this one took place on a daily basis.

After witnessing the tragedy that had befallen the ma.s.sive yak, a ma.s.sive grizzly bear and a ma.s.sive rooster with black spines for feathers looked at each other.

The grizzly bear’s expression instantly darkened. “Whatchu looking at?”

It could sense the enmity in the rooster’s eyes.

The black-spined rooster rose to the challenge. “So what if I look at you?!”

“Try looking at me again!” The grizzly bear flared up in rage.

“I’m looking at you! What the f*ck are you gonna do?! Cluck cluck cluck!!!” The black-spined rooster flapped its wings as the aura of a Spirit Nurturing Stage powerful being erupted forth from its body.

“I’ll f*ck you up, tras.h.!.+” the grizzly bear roared before pouncing violently toward the black-spined rooster.

“Cluck cluck cluck… Stupid c*nt!” The black-spined rooster flew fearlessly toward the grizzly bear!


Thus, another intense battle occurred.

All the spectating beasts were about to disperse after witnessing the fall of the huge yak, but they all stopped to watch this new show with keen interest.

An Lin was dumbstruck. So this was the beginning of the battle to the death?

Were they all this violent?!

In the end, the rooster’s black spines punctured the grizzly bear’s head, thereby killing it on the spot, upon which it put the carca.s.s of the grizzly bear into its storage ring.

It appeared that it was a tradition among the beast tribes to put the of their slain enemies into their storage rings.

Apparently, this was so that they could bring out these to show off and flex to everyone else at a later date!

The rooster won, and it flapped its wings before turning to everyone else with unbridled aggression in its eyes. “Who’s next? Who the f*ck is next? I’ll kill all of you!”

The rooster appeared to be as arrogant as an ostrich.

“That’s enough. Do you really think you’re top sh*t?” A humanoid black horse with a huge saber in its hand turned a disdainful glance toward the black-spined rooster.

The rooster instantly turned toward the black horse. “What? You wanna fight?”

The black horse sneered coldly. “I have no interest in fighting chickens.”

The rooster felt as if it was being belittled, and its aura instantly erupted forth again!

All the beast onlookers who were just about to leave all faltered in their footsteps again. They had no choice! This was one blockbuster after another!

Even Xu Xiaolan couldn’t resist ridiculing these violent beasts. “An Lin, I feel like if we wanted to, we can stand here and watch fights for an entire day…”

An Lin was also a little dazed. Were all the beasts here so explosive in temper?

The rooster’s powerful aura had subdued all the surrounding onlookers.

However, the black horse’s expression did not change in the slightest as it heaved a forlorn sigh. “So be it then. I didn’t want to fight today, but since you insisted on being taught a lesson, so be it!”


An extremely vast aura exploded forth from its body, soaring straight into the clouds!

All the onlookers were dumbstruck. This was the aura of a Soul Formation Stage soul beast!

This black horse was a Soul Formation Stage powerful being! Soul Formation Stage beasts were extremely powerful, even in the context of Bai Hu City! It was no wonder that the black horse would try and knock the rooster down a notch.

Its power certainly gave it the right to denounce the rooster.

All the beast onlookers turned to the rooster with antic.i.p.ation in their eyes. Even An Lin and the others turned to the rooster, wondering what method it was going to utilize to run away.

The black-spined rooster was a bird-type spirit beast, so it should be one of the fastest among all spirit beasts. A such, there was a chance that it could escape from the black horse.

“Go f*ck yourself! Cluck cluck cluck… I’ve set life and death aside! I live only to battle!”

To An Lin’s surprise, the black-spined rooster didn’t run away. Instead, it threw itself toward the black horse!

It spread its wings and countless black spines shot forth like sharp swords at an alarming speed. Each and every one of the spines was like a flying sword that was capable of slicing apart iron and steel.

So powerful!

So fast!

All the beast onlookers were astonished.

At that moment, the black-spined rooster seemed to grow in stature in their eyes.

The black horse drew its huge saber before slas.h.i.+ng down toward the rooster!

A dazzling saber projection swept past, which sliced through the black spines like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter, before cras.h.i.+ng into the rooster’s body.

The rooster’s ferocious expression instantly froze on its face as its body was sliced in half, sending blood flying through the air.

All the beast onlookers: “…”

An Lin: “…”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

“Hehe, I was craving chicken soup tonight,” the black horse said in a joyful voice as it sheathed its huge saber.

It put the two halves of the ma.s.sive rooster into its storage ring before strutting away into the distance, leaving a trail of scorching gazes of admiration in its wake.

“Master, I don’t understand! Why didn’t the rooster run?” Xiao Ze was baffled.

An Lin was quite shocked by it himself. The rooster had completely shattered his outlook on cultivation. “I had thought that the rooster would have some sort of trump card that could turn the tables, but it was actually just donating its body to be made into chicken soup?”

“This is what happens when you don’t have self-awareness.” Xu Xiaolan sighed.

She then lamented in a dazed voice, “I was initially skeptical toward all those mighty figures who theorized that the beast tribes here possessed flawed souls. However, now… I’m starting to change my mind…”

An Lin nodded in agreement. “These beasts are getting angry for no reason, and they’re engaging in battles to the death over the smallest of altercations! It’s really hard to believe that this entire race has not fallen to extinction yet!”

An Lin’s voice had only just fallen when a burst of killing intent swept toward him.

“Human, I can’t ignore what you have just said! Your words have insulted all the beasts here, including myself!” A humanoid cow glowered at An Lin with unbridled aggression from nearby.

An Lin was a little taken aback, before offering an apology. “I apologize. That was an overgeneralization by me.”

“Hehe, if apologies were useful, why were we born with fists?” The humanoid cow wielded a ma.s.sive mace with a sinister smile on its face.

An Lin: “…”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

“Come, brothers, these three humans seem a little unhappy with our beast tribes! They talked a lot of sh*t! What should we do with them?!” the humanoid cow roared.

“Haha, we kill them, of course!”

“No! We should eat them!”

“Eat them? Humans are so small, how are we going to split them?”

“I’ll eat the head!”

“I’ll eat the heart!”

“I want the bones! Don’t even think about taking that from me, woof!”

All the beast onlookers that had yet to leave all gathered around An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, and Xiao Ze with scorching eyes.

An Lin could see an unbridled urge to battle in their eyes. It was as if the previous battles they had just witnessed had urged them to pick fights of their own.


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