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Chapter 819: The Key to Getting Out

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An Lin couldn’t help but sigh with emotion at this turn of events. Not only had he obtained the Kirin Blood Jade, but the resurrected Demonic Blood Kirin, Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+, had also joined his party.

He was technically the master of Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ now, so Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+’s pets, which comprised of Gluttony and the groundhog, also became his pets!

This party was getting weirder and weirder.

“Sigh… This was clearly supposed to be a final BOSS, but now, he’s someone who’s depending on me in order to survive.” An Lin heaved a long sigh.

Now that the conflict had been resolved, it was time to figure out how to get Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ out of here.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ had been essentially detained here as a criminal.

This was a fate much more gruesome than death. Wasn’t the Demonic Blood Kirin renowned for its powerful life force? Then it could endure more torture! Tens of thousands of torture methods were devised, and they were used one by one and in combinations on the Demonic Blood Kirin.

He had endured unbelievably horrific torture before being tortured to death, thereby forming the Kirin Blood Jade. If you thought that was the end, then you would be far too naive.

His consciousness was extracted from the Kirin Blood Jade following his death. It was prevented from entering the cycle of life and death, nor was it allowed to dissipate. Thus, the torment continued.

This was an incredibly tragic fate that he had been subjected to.

However, it was all thanks to An Lin’s arrival that he had a chance to escape from these dark days.

After hearing about Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+’s experiences, everyone was quite sympathetic toward him.

An Lin inquired why Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ was sealed away here and tortured by Pangu. After all, no one would go through the trouble to deliver judgment on a Dao Integration Stage mythological beast unless it had committed an incredibly heinous crime.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ didn’t hide the truth from An Lin. His crime was that he had slaughtered an entire continent worth of living beings as blood sacrifices, thereby incurring Pangu’s wrath.

The hair on the back of An Lin’s neck stood on end upon hearing this. He stared at the middle-aged man standing before him with a warm expression, and he found it extremely difficult to understand why he would do something like that.

“Why would you do that?”

There had to be a reason for his actions, and An Lin was extremely curious about the incentive behind the middle-aged man’s actions.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ shook his head slightly. “Everything is already in the past, so what’s the point of talking about it?”

Heh… You’re trying to gloss things over like this? Don’t you know I have obsessive-compulsive disorder?

“Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+! I command you to tell me the truth!” An Lin demanded in a solemn voice.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+’s body trembled, and he was quite reluctant to speak, but he still confessed after much difficulty, “The being that ruled over that continent deployed their army to destroy the city in which my lover lived in. She died in that disastrous event. Hence, they all deserve to die!”

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan’s expressions faltered upon hearing this, and they didn’t know what to say.

Taking revenge on an entire continent just for the death of one’s lover? That was crazy!

However, An Lin couldn’t find it in him to scold the middle-aged man from a moral high ground. He simply couldn’t find the words as he would probably do something even more deranged if Xu Xiaolan was killed by someone.

Hmm, he was thinking from the perspective of others again. This was a good habit.

An Lin felt like he was such a kind and thoughtful protagonist.

What was most surprising to him was that he was actually able to force the middle-aged man to tell him the truth through a verbal command. It appeared that his words were quite effective. Could he perhaps command the middle-aged man to do some weird things in the future?

This topic of conversation was a little heavy, so An Lin and the others soon turned their attention to another topic, which was how to lift the restrictions on the pa.s.sageway between the Vast Land of Blood and the outside world in order to free Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ led everyone through the mushroom buildings and continued toward the central region of the floating continent.

“This is the pa.s.sageway between the two worlds.” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ pointed to a ma.s.sive blue gate over a kilometer away, from within which an ominous frosty aura exuded and threatened to freeze the s.p.a.ce around it.

“What do we do?” An Lin asked.

“This pa.s.sageway is guarded by a frost symbol carved out by Pangu and has extremely fearsome restrictive power on creatures of my cultivation base. However, its effects on Soul Formation Stage cultivators like you guys are quite minimal.”

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ pointed to the blue gate as he spoke.

An Lin’s lips twitched speechlessly as he pointed to the large number of Soul Formation Stage beasts that had been frozen to death within the gate. “You’re saying it has a minimal effect on Soul Formation Stage cultivators?”

A disdainful expression appeared on Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+’s face. “What kind of trash are those Soul Formation Stage cultivators meant to be? They’re just as useless as the frog and cow you’ve brought with you! In my eyes, you two are the only ones who look like you’re at the Soul Formation Stage!”

Ao Niu and the Divine Poison Frog almost threw up mouthfuls of blood upon hearing this. Why were they getting insulted all of a sudden?

Was this Boss Kirin a little confused with regard to what Soul Formation Stage cultivators should be like? They were the normal Soul Formation Stage cultivators here! Those two humans were freaks!

However, despite what they thought, they could only plaster smiles across their faces and nod in agreement with everything the Kirin said.

An Lin heaved a sigh. “I’m just your normal, average Soul Formation Stage cultivator, so I won’t be able to complete the task if it’s too difficult. Tell me the specific details first.”

Ao Niu, the Divine Poison Frog, and the groundhog almost f*cking knelt down before him.

Normal, average Soul Formation Stage cultivator, An Lin?!

“Sure!” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ nodded. “The frost symbol left behind by Pangu would increase in power as you walk further into the gate. You can use your flame power to dispel the frost power and when you get to about a kilometer into the gate, you’ll find a power core there. All you have to do is to destroy that power core for me.

“Among all the trash that came here before, the strongest one only went six hundred meters past the gate before being frozen to death. Sigh, they were all so weak. And this was a soul beast at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage too! They’re getting weaker with each subsequent generation!”

The middle-aged man shook his head as he lamented.

The frog, Ao Niu, and the groundhog’s bodies trembled in unison as they thanked the G.o.ds that they weren’t chosen to undertake this insane task. A job like this could only be left to hack lords like those two humans!

“There are no other hazards aside from the frost power, right?” An Lin asked.

“No. The power is targeting me, so none of you will be targeted by its full force. It can only be said that those beasts were simply too weak and couldn’t even withstand a tiny sliver of the restrictive power.” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ raised his head with pride, as if to say everyone else here was trash.

An Lin rolled his eyes. “Are you proud of being sealed here by a powerful spell technique? If you keep showing off, I’ll just leave you here so that you can keep flexing!”

“Ah, please don’t that, Mr. An Lin!” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ immediately put on an apologetic smile. “I was wrong. Please forgive me!”

Gluttony was in complete shock. The Demonic Blood Kirin was once like a proud G.o.d that overlooked all living creatures as if they were mere ants! When had he ever apologized?

Was this a fake kirin?!


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