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Chapter 969: The Infuriated Black Spirit Snake

Black Spirit Snake swept toward him with an overbearing force. Even though she possessed no killing intent, An Lin was not about to sit around and act as her human punching bag. If she insisted on making him suffer, then he would make her pay!

An Lin glared viciously at Black Spirit Snake.

The Make You Cry and Make You Poo Techniques were activated at once.

Black Spirit Snake’s expression suddenly s.h.i.+fted drastically as she gripped onto her stomach and tears flowed from her eyes.

“An Lin, what… what did you do to me?” Black Spirit Snake gripped onto her lower abdomen as translucent tears flowed down her intricate features.

An Lin was shocked upon seeing this. As expected of a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure, Black Spirit Snake was somehow able to resist the urge to shart herself! This was something outside of his expectations.

However… This was the perfect opportunity to launch a counterattack!


The Origin Energy of the Netherworld erupted from his body.

An Lin’s aura soared explosively, allowing him to possess a Return to Void Stage aura for a short time.

He leaped into the air as a golden light encapsulated his fist, and he activated his Earth Lotus Supreme Skill to further lend power to his Mountain Quaking Fist.

Golden Void Lightning crackled around his golden fist. It became more and more terrifying as An Lin activated his Lightning Amplification Technique. At the same time, the true intent of the Dark Night Monarch’s Darkness of Origin began to merge with his fist as a devastating black power of annihilation.

That wasn’t the end of it. He also fused his six Divine Flames and one Holy Flame into his fist.

This was the Flame Merging Technique from the first stage of his Yang G.o.d cultivation method!

The terrifying golden fist was further amplified in power by the merged flames, and the power of annihilation instantly threatened to make the s.p.a.ce around the fist collapse and crumble.

Black Spirit Snake raised her head to find an insanely terrifying fist cras.h.i.+ng down toward herself.

“Eat my original super spell technique, Lightning Amplified Flaming Mountain Quaking Lightning Fist!!!”

The golden fist fell.

In that instant, a new sun appeared over the gra.s.sland.

Countless cattle and sheep were sent running away in a panicked frenzy for a second time today.

Many people stared in shock and horror at the new sun in the distance, feeling as if they were witnessing a divine miracle. This scene was going to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Some people were praying for their lives, while others were huddled under their blankets as they trembled uncontrollably from fear.

The power of the earth was vast and boundless, the power of Golden Void Lightning annihilated all things, the true intent of the Darkness of Origin engulfed everything, and the divine and holy flames incinerated all living beings. The combination of these four powers resulted in an unfathomably powerful attack.

Thankfully, Black Spirit Snake had set up a spell technique to isolate their battlefield. Otherwise, the Mongolia Nation would cease to exist! This was an attack powerful enough to annihilate an entire nation!

“Big Sister Black!” White Spirit Snake’s target for concerns had finally switched to Black Spirit Snake upon seeing her being engulfed by that terrifying explosion of power.

Her instinct told her that she would definitely be screwed if she were to cop An Lin’s punch!

Xuanyuan Cheng stared at the scenes unfolding before him with scorching excitement as inspiration rushed into his mind.

The earth continued to tremor as a dazzling energy engulfed this entire s.p.a.ce. Insanely devastating shockwaves crashed into Black Spirit Snake’s spatial barrier as a series of tiny cracks began to appear on the seemingly indestructible barrier.

This was a spell technique unleashed by a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure!

Even though it was casually set up, it still worked to exemplify just how terrifying that attack was.

“Aren’t they sparring? Why do I feel like An Lin is trying to kill Master Black?” Battle G.o.d Zi Yang swallowed with fear as he stared at the realm of annihilation beyond the spell technique barrier.

“This…” Battle G.o.ddess Bi Qiong was also staring at this scene with incredulity in her eyes.

She had also thought that this was a sparring match. After all, Black Spirit Snake didn’t unleash her full power and was only slowly abusing An Lin. It was like she wanted to teach An Lin a lesson.

So what was happening here?

Who would use such a weapon of ma.s.s destruction while sparring like this?

“Hehe, that’s what she gets! Big Brother An is not so easy to mess with, woof!” Da Bai was greatly satisfied by the scenes unfolding before his eyes. Why was Black Spirit Snake allowed to abuse Big Brother An without any retaliation?

If you wanted to bully others, then you had better be prepared to cop some retaliation.

The power of annihilation slowly dissipated.

An Lin stood panting heavily in the air. That last attack had expended a lot of his power, and he had also been caught by the shockwaves from that attack.

However, he was standing quite far away, and the shockwaves were unable to break through his divine body.

This was the benefit of having the body of the War G.o.d. Back in the day, his defenses were too weak, and using the Nuclear Mountain Quaking Fist just once would put him out of commission for about half a month. However, after attaining his divine body, there was a much smaller chance of him being injured by an explosion that resulted from his own spell technique. After all, his skin was much thicker than before…

An Lin stared into the center of the explosion, where a woman’s figure was slowly being revealed in a ma.s.sive, deep crater.

Black Spirit Snake’s black dress had been blasted into tatters, and her face was slightly charred black as she glared at An Lin with a thunderous expression.

An Lin was greatly gratified upon seeing this. That’s what you deserve!

A chill then ran down his spine.

Black Spirit Snake didn’t say anything, nor did she do anything. She didn’t appear very angry, and she only stared at An Lin expressionlessly.

An Lin knew that this was the worst possible situation for him.

Black Spirit Snake had clearly already been tipped over the edge…

F*ck! He really was screwed this time!

The atmosphere began to grow even more tense than before.

Black Spirit Snake’s aura slowly seeped out. This was an ethereal power that evoked an image of a G.o.d looking down upon the world as if everything between heaven and earth was as insignificant as soil.

This was Black Spirit Snake’s true power. She had just been fooling around before, only to cop a punch to the face. Now, she was about to get serious!!!

An Lin turned a pleading gaze to White Spirit Snake.

White Spirit Snake was yelling at the top of her lungs for Big Sister Black to calm down and restrain herself, but it was as if Black Spirit Snake couldn’t hear her as her eyes continued to focus firmly on An Lin.

An Lin didn’t dare to move. If he moved now, there was a good chance that Black Spirit Snake would also move.

The result of that would definitely be a brutal beating at her hands.

The two of them faced off each other anxiously.

Suddenly, a ringtone broke through the silence.

Black Spirit Snake’s storage ring flashed, and a mirror appeared in her hand.

An extremely gentle and pleasant voice sounded.

“Little Black, everything on Earth has been taken care of, so be good and come back with the sensor.”

Black Spirit Snake stared at the mirror with an aggrieved expression, looking as if she was on the verge of tears.

She then turned her eyes toward An Lin, and she spoke as if she was trying her best to repress a certain type of emotion, “An Lin… I’ll remember this!”

Black Spirit Snake tore open a spatial rift and departed.

An Lin: “…”

He looked at the location where Black Spirit Snake had just disappeared as a frosty wind blew through his heart.

He felt like there was a bomb hanging over his head, which would explode on their next encounter.

No! He had to hurry up and get stronger! He had to get to the Return to Void Stage before he encountered Black Spirit Snake!

That way, he wouldn’t accidentally get pummeled to death!

The fighting spirit in An Lin’s heart was ignited, and his desire to break through to the Return to Void Stage was even stronger now!


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