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“Ye Lin, are you dismissing me? Or are you deliberately ignoring me and carrying out neglect play?”

My G.o.d, you’ve only read 10 pages but you already know what neglect play is! If you read another 10 pages you’ll be able to be called king in the p.o.r.n realm!

“Doing this kind of thing in cla.s.s… I’ll probably be seen, right? I’ll definitely be seen, right? Have I already been seen by cla.s.smates with good eyesight?”

I panicked and quickly looked in the direction of the cla.s.s leader. Fortunately, she was taking notes carefully and wasn’t looking at Xiao Qin.

“Ye Lin cla.s.smate, although I’m embarra.s.sed, but I will always cooperate with your hobbies … I just have one request…”

“…Can you just play with me and not with any of the other cla.s.smates in our cla.s.s?”

Her tone was approaching that of a wail.

“Stop speaking, I’m already embarra.s.sed for you!”

I finally realized that I must stop her as soon as possible.

“Un, Ye Lin cla.s.smate is right. A girl like me who can’t have what she wants is futilely trying to satisfy all of Ye Lin cla.s.smate’s perverted desires all by myself. I’m overestimating myself too much, it’ll make others laugh their heads off…”

Why are you making it sound like that my perverted desires are so difficult to deal with?

“I don’t want Ye Lin cla.s.smate to become a criminal!”

“If I’m not enough and you have to reach out to other cla.s.smates, someone will call the police!”

No, there is no need to mobilize the police. If I really did such things to the female students, the cla.s.s leader will directly execute me.

The school bell rang.

Xiao Qin pulled up her zipper in a hurry.

“Ye Lin, I’m sorry, I haven’t done a good job of preparing myself to let you play with in a place where many people are coming and going. Please let me go home and think about it.”

She had an apologetic expression.

“That manga that Ye Lin cla.s.smate really likes, can I borrow it so that I can take it home to study?”


I sternly refused, if I let people know that I lent a H manga to a female student, how would they guess my intentions?

“Yes, but I will not trouble Ye Lin cla.s.smate! If there is anything I don’t understand, I will consult other people!”

“Ah? Who are you going to ask?”

“The other girls in the cla.s.s…they’ve been girls longer than I’ve been, they should be more knowledgeable than me… that’s right! The cla.s.s leader seems to be very knowledgeable —”

“No! You’re not allowed to ask them! Especially not the cla.s.s leader!”

“I can’t?”

Xiao Qin looked down dejectedly.

“That…although I’m embarra.s.sed, but I can wait when my mom’s not too busy and ask her then.”

You’re not allowed to ask auntie Ren! If auntie Ren knew that I lent a H manga to her daughter, she will kick me with that volley kick that won her the win for the MMA champion and split me into two halves. (Something like this but without the ball)

I decided to skip the other two afternoon and directly take this H manga home.

Although my dad might question me, it’s still better than dying under a volley kick or the bullet of a hunting rifle.

If I say I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.

I’m going to leave while taking advantage of the fact that Xiao Qin is still not herself after her world’s outlook has collapsed. If I don’t leave now, I might not be able to escape later.

I grabbed my bag and walked towards the exit, Xiao Qin said something behind me that I didn’t hear.

Although the back door of the cla.s.sroom is very close, it is also where the cla.s.s leader Shu Sha sits.

“Where are you going?”

The cla.s.s leader was discussing something with the chemistry cla.s.s representative. After seeing me shouldering my bag along with an expression that I wanted to play truant, it was impossible for her to pretend that she didn’t see me.

“I have a toothache, I need to leave early to get my tooth checked out!”

I casually lied.

“Endure it! How can a man who can’t even endure the slightest toothache amount to anything in the future!”

Shu Sha said while handing a stack of stapled handouts to the representative. She seated herself sideways and sat like a commanding female president.

Why do you have a tone like you’re lecturing your younger brother? You’re not my sister!

“I can’t endure it, I have to go!”

Saying that I charged towards the door.

Shu Sha looked down and went as far as sticking out her leg to trip me.

Her long leg was in front of me at a 45-degree angle. If I didn’t pay attention, I really would’ve fell flat on my face.

You actually dared to try and trip me! If I was actually tripped by you and fell on my face, I might really have to go to the dentist!

Fortunately, I’ve practiced before. I lept up and jumped over the cla.s.s leader’s long legs and safely landed.

The cla.s.s leader bit her lips angrily.

After landing, I happened to into teacher Yu.

No matter who looks they can definitely tell that I’m trying to play hooky. However, as soon as the timid teacher Yu sees me, his eyes become evasive, as if I would punch him at any time.

When will you be able to be as strong-willed as Shu Sha?

Although there’s nothing wrong with me directly leaving like this, since he’s a teacher, I should give him some face.

It may be because my dad used to be a teacher.

So I bowed slightly towards the teacher.

“Teacher, I have a toothache. I would like to request for a leave of absence to visit a dentist in the afternoon.”

After teacher Yu listened to me speak so politely to him, his face had a flattered expression.

“Don’t listen to him talking nonsense!” Shu Sha stood up from her chair. “He obviously wanted to find an excuse to skip cla.s.s!”

“Oh, my teeth are not your teeth, why are you so sure?”

“You ate so much and so quickly in the cafeteria at noon. It can’t be a toothache!”

Shu Sha’s arguments with people are always well-founded and convincing.

“Eh? Do you have nothing to do? Why are you watching me eat? I was eating quickly because of the pain!”


“You’re the one saying unreasonable things!”


“Ah? What does me being useless have anything to do with you?”

The teacher was caught in between us and didn’t know what to do.

“I, I say, let’s not argue first and listen to your teacher.”

He managed to bring out a bit of a teacher’s dignity.

Shu Sha shut her mouth first in accordance with her position as the cla.s.s leader. She restrained her hatred to her face and fiercely started at me.

I brought my arms to my chest with a hooligans expression of “Do I know you?”.

“Well, Shu Sha, this is where you’re wrong…”

Teacher Yu said while weighing every word.

Shu sha’s had an incredulous expression, she couldn’t believe that the teacher was actually speaking up for such a bad student.

“Teacher, he…”

The teacher held out his hands and motioned for Shu Sha to stop talking.

“Everyone says, ‘Toothache isn’t an illness, and if it hurts the pain is really terrible’. If Ye Lin cla.s.smate has a toothache, even if he reluctantly stays and listens to, he probably wont be able to learn anything, right?”

“Yeah, yeah!” I echoed.

This is definitely not something I would usually do. Now I look a bit like the kind of person who normally follows the teacher’s b.u.t.tocks and makes small reports while using flattery.

This is mainly to anger Shu Sha.

Teacher Yu was very satisfied with my response. I think he was happy to the point where he was going to pat my head.

Of course, he didn’t actually do it. He was afraid that I would beat him.

“Ye Lin cla.s.smate is not leaving early for no reason. He also took a leave of absence from the cla.s.s teacher. Procedure wise there should be no problems.”

Shu Sha trembled with anger.

“So, Shu Sha, can you let Ye Lin cla.s.smate leave?”

A discussing tone, it feels like Shu Sha is the real cla.s.s teacher.

Shu Sha was silent for a moment, and I saw her right hand tightly pinching the cloth on the school uniform’s trousers line.

It was as if she can pinch me to death by pinching like that.

In the end she finally lowered her head to the cla.s.s teacher.

“Teacher Yu, I was wrong. Since Ye Lin had a toothache, I should let him leave early.”

I nodded to the teacher and Shu Sha to show my grat.i.tude. The teacher responded with a giggling smile. Shu Sha bit her lip and ignored me.

I added one more sentence:

“Thank you, teacher!”

A smile bloomed on the teacher’s face.

I added another sentence:

“Thank you cla.s.s leader!”

Shu Sha’s lips were going to bleed.

I felt really good.

I didn’t go to the front gate, but to the back gate to return home.

If it wasn’t noon or after school, the two small iron doors at the back will be locked by a large lock.

However, it wasn’t any difficulty for me. I took a few steps back, ran up and grabbed the pointed railing at the top of the iron gate. I effortlessly flipped over the iron gate and jumped outside the school gate.

As soon as I landed, I discovered that there were 5 student-like people smoking nearby.

Seeing me suddenly fall from the sky, they retreated backwards in surprise but did not run away.

One of them had a lot of pockmarks on his face and rushed to greet me.

“Oh! Isn’t this big brother Ye?”

The other four people also came up.

“I haven’t seen big brother Ye in a long time!”

“We missed you!”

So it’s these guys.

The five fools of QingZi Academy.

They skip cla.s.s almost everyday, and wander around the streets with their hands in their pockets.

Their family clearly has a good financial situation, and they all wear branded clothes, yet they have to imitate those hoodlums and rob money from students at other middle schools.

Uncle guard said that they were looking for stimuli and I said they were just straight up stupid.

Eunuch Cao was also robbed by them before.

But I didn’t see it that time. The first time they were beat up by me was because they had hijacked a girl with and a ponytail, I think it was that study committee member who had been frightened by me in the cafeteria.

Instead of stealing money, they surrounded her and wanted the girl to call them her older brother.

At the time, I was planning to buy some pancakes for lunch. I ended up hearing a girl crying from within the alleys.

I walked over and saw that the study committee stood between the five boys and was wiping her tears. The five boys had an expression of not knowing what to do.

Ever since I’ve been bullied by Little Tyrant, my temper has become worse and worse, and I can’t stand to see anyone bullying someone else.

I saw that the girl was wearing our school uniform. The faces of the 5 boys were unfamiliar and they were dressed as if they were coming out of a Hong Kong/Taiwan TV dramas.

I went up and without saying anything, grabbed the pockmark faced leader and gave him a punch to his lower abdomen.

Three percent of my power, and he started kneeling at he corner and vomiting.

The other four people shouted, “How dare you hit our brother,” and they surrounded me.

I slammed them all against the alley’s wall with my shoulders.

The posture in which they were hit and flew out was like angry birds.

They really can’t fight.

I’ve never seen such s.h.i.tty hoodlums.

I guess based on how expensive the stuff they’re wearing is, they aren’t even hoodlum-like.

I warned them not to come back to 28th Middle to extort students, otherwise I’ll beat them up.

These five people looked at each other, supported each other, and slipped away from the still crying study committee member.

The study committee had cried so much that she couldn’t be comforted by anyone.

I want to have her quickly leave to prevent her from enticing other hoodlums. I can’t stay here looking after her. I still have to go buy pancakes.

It was hard to find two of her cla.s.smates, whom were both women. I told them to quickly take her away because I still had to eat.

Her two female cla.s.smates looked at me with strange eyes, as if I was the one who bullied her and made her cry.

It seems that from that time onward, cla.s.s leader Shu Sha’s att.i.tude towards me has become worse and worse. In the past, she seemed to plan to save and rescue this bad cla.s.smate.


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