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Chapter 411 – Please Stay Safe

Xiao Qin’s words seem to have flipped a switch inside me. In the heat of the the moment, I hugged her tightly and pressed our hot lips against each other.

This was the third kiss I had with Xiao Qin, but it was much more pa.s.sionate than the two previous ones. I felt like our hearts were also connected after our lips came into contact.

I greedily latched onto her soft lips and she welcomed me. Although neither of us were skilled, we didn’t really mind.

Her long eyelashes poked my face.

We briefly separated after a suffocatingly long kiss. Only a pale blue fluorescent light lit up our surroundings.

I lost all sense of reason. Xiao Qin wanted to say something, but she stopped herself and waited obediently.

I kissed her again.

My palms were sweaty from being nervous as I fumbled around on top of her shirt looking for Xiao Qin’s small buds.

I’m not sure why I was doing this, if it was because of love or l.u.s.t. Can I take responsibility for Xiao Qin or is it only because I can’t go against hundred of thousands of years of male instinct.

Xiao Qin stopped the second kiss when I mistakenly took one of her b.u.t.tons as her sensitive spot. She said her first words since we started in embarra.s.sment:

“Am I… really that small?”

I didn’t know how to reply, but my left hand still shamelessly caressed the top of her chest.

She gently moved my hand to the side, then she began to unb.u.t.ton her shirt.

A snow white neck and a beautiful neckline. I felt my head heating up as a faint delicate fragrance floated in the air causing me to lose my reasoning.

Xiao Qin unb.u.t.toned the third b.u.t.ton and with a.s.sistance from the faint fluorescent light from the stars, I could see Xiao Qin was wearing the training bra I bought for her.

I’m not sure if Xiao Qin learned something strange from Chen YingRan, but she removed her shirt very slowly. She temporarily stopped unb.u.t.toning her shirt and first revealed one of her shoulders. The shirt seductively wrapped around her body in a half revealed state and the bonfire in my heart burned hotter and larger.

Xiao Qin suddenly stopped.

“Ye Lin cla.s.smate, I’m a bit embarra.s.sed if I’m the only one taking off my clothes… I also want to see your body…”

Then I will show you if you want to see, since you’ve already seen my thing so many times when were kids.

I quickly took off my shirt and revealed my solid pecs and six pack.

If I think about it, without the Little Tyrant, I wouldn’t have my current figure. I might have even become as fat as Eunuch Cao. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be able to proudly show off my body in front of Xiao Qin.

Since I took off my clothes first, Xiao Qin lost her excuse to delay it anymore an could only unb.u.t.ton her shirt.

My line of sight first landed on Xiao Qin’s navel. It looks like I’m incorrigible as the first thing I looked at was a place normal people would ignore.

Xiao Qin was a bit coy under my scorching hot gaze and completely removed her shirt.

“Bra…” I reminded Xiao Qin with no sense of shame, “You, you still haven’t removed your bra…”

I actually stuttered a bit.

Xiao Qin’s face was flushed red and she trembled and said:

“I, I don’t have any more strength. Remove it… yourself… if you want to see…”

I was already teased to the point where my blood vessels were dilated to the max. I stuck out my hands and grabbed onto her b.r.e.a.s.t.s through her bra.

Uh, I could say I feel it, but at the same time I don’t really feel anything. Can you please tell me whether or not I’m actually grabbing Xiao Qin’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s?

Based on her expression, it seems I did grab it.

She first widened her eyes as she was surprised by my fearlessness, then her breathing became rapid and her eyes darted side to side. She might have been lying earlier when she said she had no strength, but it was probably true now.

Her silence gave me encouragement, so I put a bit more strength into the hands that were on her chest and she had a pained expression. I slightly relaxed and her bashful expression returned.

I felt a great pleasure being able to easily influence her. I guess deep down I still wanted to get revenge on her.

I pushed Xiao Qin down on the bed without thinking it through. She landed right on the pillow that was behind her.

I was too nervous and couldn’t say anything. One of my hands was still on Xiao Qin’s breast, while I used the other hand to take off her skirt. That’s why it took so long to find the zipper that was hidden on the side.

Xiao Qin was like a fish out of water clumsily bending her legs and moving along with me until her skirt was down to her knees.

As we were entangled on top of the bed right before I was about to lose control, we could hear the sound of the front door opening and closing.

Xiao Qin quivered, “My mom’s home.”

“Didn’t you say she would be back late?” My hands dangled angrily in midair, if Auntie Ren was any later, I would have already ripped Xiao Qin’s underwear.

“How would I know?” Xiao Qin lowered her voice, “We have to hide… ah, I forgot to hide your shoes, my mom is going to see it.”

My heart almost died. Auntie Ren clearly warned me that Xiao Qin and I could only at most kiss before high school or she would burst my dad’s eggs! When Auntie Ren sees a pair of men’s shoes at the front door, she’s definitely going to run in and KO me in one kick.

What should I do, my life is currently at stake. I already have to pay the price without even being able to taste the forbidden fruit! I would feel regret if I died now, if only Auntie Ren came back later by 5 minutes… no, by half an hour. I would be fine dying after enjoying myself.

I hugged onto Xiao Qin waiting for Auntie Ren to kill me, but I didn’t hear any shouting.

Maybe Auntie Ren didn’t see my shoes because she didn’t open the lights. Perhaps it’s my lucky day and I don’t have to die?

After sounds of stumbling footsteps, Auntie Ren went to her own room and dropped on her bed.

“Xiao Qin… Xiao Qin, are you home?” Auntie Ren moaned.

“I, I’m here.” Xiao Qin broke free from me and put on her skirt and shirt. I couldn’t help but swallow after seeing her tight body being covered by her skirt.

Xiao Qin shushed me before going to Auntie Ren’s room.

“Mom, what’s wrong? You don’t look good.”

“Uh, I don’t know what’s wrong either. I didn’t feel good, so I came home early.”

“Is it a cold? I’ll go and get a thermometer and some medicine.”

“No, I don’t have a cold, it’s just my stomach feels uncomfortable. Do we have any canned haw fruit at home? I might get better eating some of that.”

“Uh, I thought you didn’t like haw? Since you never eat it, I finished the last can yesterday…”

“I don’t know either… I just suddenly have a craving for it… Xiao Qin, can you run down to the grocery store and help me buy a can?”

“Of course, you rest here and I’ll go buy it for you. The light might be too blinding with your door open, so I’ll close it for you. I’ll be back soon.”

Auntie Ren agreed and Xiao Qin closed the door.

Then she crept into her room to find me and she said seriously:

“Let’s leave now, but don’t make a sound.”

I was on edge the entire time as I left her home with Xiao Qin. I didn’t even put on my shoes until I was outside.

It was already dark outside and you could see some stars in the sky.

Xiao Qin said with a red face: “Ye Lin cla.s.smate, I didn’t know my mom would be home early. Let’s…. do it another time.”

We separated at the grocery store. I headed towards the subway station alone as I thought about today’s events.

As I pa.s.sed a pharmacy, I saw some condoms in the display window and thought: I was going to do it with Xiao Qin without even wearing condoms, how irresponsible.

There were also a lot of pregnancy tests next to the condoms, and on the advertis.e.m.e.nt it wrote: Early pregnancy test, fast and convenient, 98% accuracy…

That’s false advertising. I remember a research paper which said it only had an accuracy of 50% – 75%, you could only achieve 98% accuracy if you do a blood test at least 10 days after having s.e.x.

I suddenly remembered it’s been at least 10 days since Auntie Ren pushed down my dad at the hotel.

Why is she suddenly uncomfortable? Why does she suddenly have a craving for sour food?

No way. No way. No way.


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