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Chapter 474 – A Scary Romance

The unexpected part was Xiao Qin didn’t say anything even though saw me put 20 condoms in my bag. She pretended to be studying for the next cla.s.s (but she was holding her book upside down) and turned a blind eye.

I was amazed she was so well-behaved now, but I realized someone messed around with the condoms in my bag after I came back from doing radio calisthenics. Someone had poked a hole in every single condom with a needle.

Xiao Qin pretended to be studying intently and made it seem like it had nothing to do with her. She mumbled: “Wjhen ignited, the external temperature of a candle reaches…”

Stop pretending, you’re the only one who doesn’t have to partic.i.p.ate in radio calisthenics in our cla.s.s, so you’re the only possible suspect.

What were you even thing about. Did… did you think the condoms were prepared for me to use on you? Did you damage the condoms because you wanted to bear my child?

Stop joking around. I’m already losing hair because Auntie Ren is carrying my dad’s child, if you had my child too, then I would die an early death.

“Hey, why did you poke holes in my condoms?” I interrogated Xiao Qin, “It’s merchandise for my family’s store that I was planning on selling.”

I was telling the truth. Although it was almost expired, I could still let Shu Zhe blow them and sell them to willing customers.

“No, no, I wasn’t the one who used the cla.s.s leader’s sewing needle to poke holes in them.” She was fl.u.s.tered to the point she even confessed the weapon.

I looked at Xiao Qin with disdain, “If I didn’t notice it, then these condoms would have been sold. What happens if people get unplanned pregnancies? It would be your responsibility if people abandoned their babies at hospitals.”

Xiao Qin lowered her head after I severely criticized her.

“I, I’m sorry. I only wanted to have Ye Lin cla.s.smate’s kids…”

Is that something a normal 14 year old girl should say? Is that something my soon-to-be sister-in-law should say?

I couldn’t help but begin to sympathize with Auntie Ren.

She’s watching Xiao Qin fall head over heels in love, but she doesn’t have any way to stop her.

Now she’s pregnant and the child’s father is her daughter’s boyfriend’s father.

It’s hard to imagine how Auntie Ren will explain it to Xiao Qin. Or she doesn’t plan on explaining it because she still wants to have an abortion?

The cla.s.s leader who returned from radio calisthenics, easily noticed someone had touched the sewing kit in her desk.

It’s not like she didn’t want other people to use her stuff, but rather she was sensitive to each items placement due to her OCD. She had to spend the entire cla.s.s putting the sewing kit back into the exact original spot.

In addition, Xiong YaoYue came to ask for my Physics homework as expected. She flipped through my work and said happily:

“The good thing about Physics homework is that there isn’t a lot of work and I can copy it quickly.”

Xiong YaoYue left while whistling and it left Xiao Qin unhappy. She pointed to Xiong YaoYue’s back and said:

“Why did Ye Lin cla.s.smate let someone else copy your Physics homework? I also want to copy your work, but I didn’t ask because I thought it would be a bother, but someone else did it before me!”

“I gave it a lot of thought and want you to study on your own.” I said without meaning it.

“Then eat lunch with me.” Xiao Qin requested. It was completely unrelated, but I still accepted.

After eating lunch at a random roadside stall on food street, Xiao Qin said she wanted to look around at study materials. She brought me down a path I usually don’t go down, but for some reason the stationery store was closed. But there was a homeless person writing on the sidewalk with chalk who caught everyone’s attention.

The homeless man was frail, wore shabby clothes, and had a dark green military hat. Both his eyes were filled with vigor and his words were even more beautiful than any of the words that any of my teachers wrote on the chalkboard.

I had a good impression towards homeless people who had talent, so I pulled out ¥3 of change from my pockets and put it in his money box.

“I want it too.” Xiao Qin said mindlessly.

Then she walked next to the homeless man and asked while pointing to the chalk: “Uncle, can you give me one?”

The uncle saw she was with me and called him uncle, so he generously gave a stick of chalk to Xiao Qin.

Xiao Qin happily took the chalk and squatted down less than 5m away from the homeless man and began writing on the ground.

What’s she doing, is she trying to take business away from a homeless man. Even if your words can be considered beautiful, it’s nowhere near his level. Or are you going to write something like ‘my family’s poor and I can’t continue to go to school’.

The homeless man was also full of doubt and turned to look at her. I walked closer and realized Xiao Qin wasn’t writing, she was drawing on the ground.

Xiao Qin wasn’t trying to steal business from the homeless person, but felt bad as Celery-sensei because the homeless person had attracted a lot of attention, so she wanted to use her drawings to attract even more people.

Please stop embarra.s.sing yourself anymore!

Xiao Qin chose a cat as her model. It was a fat cat that was lying down a bit behind the homeless man, I’m not sure if it was the homeless man’s pet.

In less than 20 seconds, Xiao Qin had completed a quick sketch of the cat.

The cat, who was taken as a model, was familiar with humans. It actually lazily stood up and walked next to Xiao Qin to look at her drawing.

The cat’s face quickly changed from a comfortable one to a bitter one.

To be fair, Xiao Qin’s drawings was beyond her capabilities since you can at least tell it’s supposed to be a cat.

The cat looked at Xiao Qin with despise and even glanced once at me, then it returned back to sleep next to the homeless man.

A few curious pa.s.sersby also came to check out Xiao Qin’s drawing. Everyone had the same reaction, they immediately covered their mouth and left. If it wasn’t for me standing nearby, they would have already said some harsh criticisms to Xiao Qin.

Xiao Qin stood up and shook her head:

“My work will help people laugh, it’s a great piece of work.”

Please, all they will do is laugh at you! Even the homeless man laughed a couple times when he saw your artwork.

In order to stop Xiao Qin from disgracing herself anymore, I took away her chalk and returned it to the homeless man. Then I pulled Xiao Qin away.

Xiao Qin had something to say about me taking away her chalk, but she completely forgot about it when I tightly gripped her hand.

We quickly reached an intersection. The main road was ahead of us and we were about to run into many 28 Middle students who came out for lunch.

I wanted to let go of Xiao Qin’s hands, but she wouldn’t let go like I would vanish if she let go.

I thought it was unnecessary for her to clutch my hands. Then I noticed a large truck who suddenly turned and began driving towards me and Xiao Qin.

It’s the middle of the day right now, is the driver drunk?

If Xiao Qin and I were both in our seventies, then we would have been run over by the truck.

But we both practiced martial arts, we might not move at the speed of light, but we should be able to evade a truck.

I pulled Xiao Qin towards the left.

But Xiao Qin, who also noticed the truck, began running towards the right while still clutching my hand.

Stop messing around at this time, it’s going to turn into a tragedy if we’re not going the same way.

I couldn’t pull Xiao Qin since she had a st.u.r.dy center. I decided to let go and let each of us dodge towards our own direction and let the truck go by between us, but Xiao Qin was stubbornly refusing to let go.

If you don’t let go, then we’re both going to die! Why don’t you look nervous at all?

I suddenly remembered Xiao Qin once said she wouldn’t be able to keep living on in a world without me, it turns out she wasn’t joking.

Do you think it’s romantic not letting go of my hand and letting us both die?

I was filled with anger and used all my strength to pull Xiao Qin over. When she fell into my embrace, the truck buzzed by and crashed into a streetlight.

My body was covered in cold sweat, yet Xiao Qin was laughing in my embrace.


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