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Chapter 176: Get Her to Break up with That Man Quickly

Qiao Anxin was speechless.

What a jerk.

He was just like his sister, acting all high and mighty now that they had a backing.

“Get to the point.” Qiao Chen looked at her in annoyance. “You said it’s something to do with Sister. What is it?”

Qiao Anxin wouldn’t have tolerated his att.i.tude any other time.

But this time, she didn’t have a choice.

She kept her anger down and acted worried. She sighed and started by saying, “It isn’t just regarding your sister. Do you know she met a man recently? Chen Chen, have you seen that man?”

Qiao Chen narrowed his eyes. “You mean Brother-in-law?”

Qiao Anxin’s expression changed instantly. “What do you call him?”

“Brother-in-law.” Qiao Chen sneered a little boastfully. “Of course I’ve seen him. The first time we met, Brother-in-law gave me a watch that costs a few million yuan. Brother-in-law is good-looking and rich, and he treats Sister so well. He and Sister are a match made in heaven.

“Well, my sister is such a nice woman. Only someone like Brother-in-law is worthy to be with her.”

Qiao Anxin was in shock.

The way Qiao Chen called him “Brother-in-law” startled her completely.

Qiao Chen was smug to see how shocked Qiao Anxin looked. “You want to tell me about this? In that case, you can forget it.”

“Chen Chen, you call him Brother-in-law? Do you know what that means?” Qiao Anxin’s voice quivered slightly.

“Of course. My sister and he are married, what else should I be calling him?”

Hmph, he wanted this terrible woman to know that his sister wasn’t some pathetic woman who’d been dumped.

In fact, she was living in bliss.

She was a hundred, no, a thousand times happier than she’d have been with Su Ze!


Qiao Anxin staggered back a step when she heard that word.


Definitely impossible.

She couldn’t believe it. “Chen Chen, are you sure about this? You say they’re married? Who told you that?”

Qiao Mianmian broke up with Su Ze not too long ago.

How could she be married to another man already?

Qiao Anxin couldn’t believe this.

“Sister told me that herself.” Qiao Chen raised a brow as he saw Qiao Anxin’s reaction. He was a little cautious when he said, “Qiao Anxin, are you thinking of hitting on Brother-in-law? Let me tell you, drop that thought.

“Brother-in-law isn’t as easily tempted as the jerk Su Ze. He only has eyes for Sister. Give it up!”

Qiao Anxin was a little embarra.s.sed that he saw right through her. “You believe what Qiao Mianmian said? She and the man aren’t married. She’s just his mistress!

“I came here to tell you this. Chen Chen, the relations.h.i.+p Sister shares with that man isn’t as she said. She’s been bought over as a mistress, it’s an embarra.s.sment to our Qiao family!

“You don’t want to see her go down from here, right? She wouldn’t listen to what we have to say, but perhaps she’d hear you out. You’d better persuade her and get her to break up with that man quickly.”


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