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Chapter 1923: I Don’t Think This Is Very Appropriate

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Everyone was willing to be close to her.

Everyone was polite to her.

As for her…

Would anyone still be willing to look at her?

Qiao Anxin used to follow Su Ze, and Starlight treated her like the lady boss. She had the best resources, and she was the one who stood out the most wherever she went.

But now, she was just like a green leaf in the background.

Qiao Anxin couldn’t accept this difference.

She bit her lip and glared at Qiao Mianmian.

After a while, a sweet-looking girl with a suitcase walked into the hall.

This was Xu Lu, the new guest who had replaced Song Ke. She looked like a rather cute girl. After she walked into the hall, she greeted everyone enthusiastically.

Soon after, Zhao Yuan walked in.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, he informed them of the upcoming arrangements.

“The director informed us that we have to reshoot this episode. Since the filming location has been changed, the content will no longer be the same as before. Everyone knows that this is Weihai’s famous tourist attraction, so our theme for this episode is to welcome tourists.

“Tomorrow, you’ll be taking over a scenic restaurant. The owner of this restaurant is preparing to close it due to poor management. Everyone’s mission is to ‘bring this restaurant back from the dead’. There will be a regulation of sales every day. If the turnover of the day reaches the standard, then it will pa.s.s.

“If we don’t meet the requirements, everyone will be punished.

“Now, you can choose a manager. Then, the manager will arrange the other’s positions.

“You can go to the restaurant to familiarize yourselves with the environment. It will be officially open tomorrow.”

After changing the venue, the production team did not plan to take the path of torturing the guests anymore.

The place wasn’t right. If they continued on the path of bitter laughter, there would be nothing to see.

After Zhao Yuan said that, everyone revealed a relaxed smile.

Because to them, the current mission was much simpler and easier.

As for the manager’s position, everyone voted for Shen Fei without any suspense.

Shen Fei gave up her seat to Qiao Mianmian.

“I think Qiao Mianmian is more suitable to be the manager. Back in Ning City, everyone knew how capable she was after she was elected as the team leader. I think I’m not as good as her in this aspect.

“So, I think she’s more suitable. What do you guys think?”

“Qiao Mianmian as the team leader?” Before anyone else could say anything, Qiao Anxin said with a disapproving look, “I don’t think this is very appropriate.”

Shen Fei turned to look at her. “What’s inappropriate?”

Qiao Anxin looked unconvinced. “In terms of qualifications, Sister Fei is the most suitable. Qiao Mianmian… is still a newcomer. It’s not appropriate for her to be our manager.”

Shen Fei smiled and said lightly, “The qualifications you’re talking about are from work. It’s different from whether she can be the manager or not. You can’t use work qualifications as a living thing. If you have the ability, I can choose you.

“But as far as I know, you’re not very good at managing yourself, let alone others.

“And not only is Qiao Mianmian very good at managing herself, but she also knows a lot of things that we don’t. If she’s the manager, I think she has the ability to manage the restaurant well. I recommend her to be the manager.. If anyone else has any objections or better recommendations, we can all decide together.”


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