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Chapter 1929: You’ve Caused Trouble for Our Gong Family

As long as he was angered, there was a possibility that he would flare up.

Madam Gong was afraid that he would flare up now.

“Mom, do you know who Qiao Mianmian is? She’s my savior. She saved your son’s life, and you treat her like this? Do you want me to suffer retribution?”

Madam Gong was dumbfounded.

Her eyes were full of doubt. “Savior? What savior? You said Qiao Mianmian saved your life?”

“Ten years ago, I fell into the pool and almost drowned. She saved me. I hope this is the last time. If you do anything to hurt Qiao Mianmian again, don’t blame your son for being unfilial.”

“What did you say?” Madam Gong’s eyes widened in shock. “Wasn’t Shen Rou the one who saved you ten years ago? Why is it Qiao Mianmian now?”

“It was Qiao Mianmian, not Shen Rou.”

“How could this be…”

Gong Zeli did not explain further.

He just looked at Madam Gong coldly. “Mo Yesi won’t let this matter rest after what you did to Qiao Mianmian. Mom, you’ve caused trouble for our Gong family.”

After saying this, Gong Zeli turned and left her bedroom.

Madam Gong was left alone pale-faced as she watched him slam the door shut.

The next day.

Qiao Mianmian woke up an hour earlier than everyone else.

As the manager, she needed to go to the restaurant earlier to decorate and prepare a lot of things.

Actually, they had already gone to the restaurant last night.

It used to be a western restaurant. Due to poor management, it was about to close down.

Qiao Mianmian and the rest took over the restaurant before it closed down.

Their mission was to revive it.

It wasn’t easy to save a restaurant that was about to close down.

Qiao Mianmian had some understanding of the restaurant’s business model and tasted some of its dishes.

She could guess why it was about to close down.

The dishes’ price was too high. The taste wasn’t worth it.

The customers felt that it wasn’t worth it. As more and more people complained about it, the restaurant’s reputation naturally became worse.

After finding the main problem, Qiao Mianmian discussed it with the others for a long time last night and finally decided to change the food to Chinese home-cooked dishes.

Because home-cooked food was Qiao Mianmian’s specialty, and the price wasn’t too high.

This time, the production team was much more generous. They gave them money every day, so they didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Qiao Mianmian made breakfast.

The others were still sleeping, and she did the same for them. After packing up and leaving a note, she went to the dining room alone.

Because the official Weibo account of “The Meaning of Traveling” had posted the fact that Qiao Mianmian and the others had opened a restaurant, the revenue on the first day easily reached the mark and even exceeded it a lot.

Most of the customers were fans who came to support their idols.

These fans didn’t really want to eat. Most of them wanted to see their idols and talk to them.

After the fans went to the restaurant, they returned with enthusiastic responses.

“Ahhh, I saw Zhan Bo at a rest stop during my vacation. Brother is so gentle. He even smiled at me when he served us the dishes. G.o.d, just that smile was enough to make me think of what school our future child is going to attend.”


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