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Chapter 2376: She Disgustes Me

In the car.

Shen Rou’s nails dug into the screen of her cell phone as she bit her lip. Her gaze was sharp as she looked at the results of the voting.

What the h.e.l.l was this?

Qiao Mianmian must have controlled the results.

That s.l.u.t.

What she said at the awards ceremony was enough to disgust her.

And now this.

Did she think she would win just by using some fake votes on Weibo?


She only knew how to use such underhanded means to fool others.

Shen Rou would never admit that she couldn’t compare to Qiao Mianmian.

Little Xiao was sitting in the backseat with her, and she also saw the voting post.

Seeing that Shen Rou was so angry, she immediately said, “Miss Shen, don’t believe it. This kind of voting can be controlled by the Internet Water Army. I’ve seen this too many times. Not many real netizens vote at all.”

“Of course I know.” Shen Rou snorted and tightened her grip on the cell phone. “I don’t believe it, either. I just can’t bear to see that s.l.u.t use such despicable means.

“She disgusts me.”

“Miss Shen, didn’t I say that she and Mo Yesi might not really be in love? It’s probably because Miss Shen dressed too beautifully tonight that she got jealous, so she made such a vote.

“The more she cares about Miss Shen, the more it shows that she’s not confident enough. Although she’s with Mo Yesi, this doesn’t mean anything. How many couples divorce these days? She and Mo Yesi have been living in different environments since they were young, and their social are also different. Even if they’re together, they definitely don’t have anything in common. It’s just a new thing for them.

“Miss Shen, just wait and see. They’ll definitely break up in less than a year.”

Shen Rou got excited.

Would Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi break up one day?

Perhaps Mo Yesi didn’t really like her.

If they broke up, wouldn’t she still have a chance?

“You think they’ll break up?” Shen Rou suppressed her excitement and tried to look calm.

“Definitely.” A trace of jealousy flashed past Little Xiao’s eyes. She sneered and said, “It’s impossible to last without a common ground. Mo Yesi is good-looking, comes from a good family, and graduated from a world-renowned school. He and Qiao Mianmian aren’t compatible anywhere. How could he really like her?”

“But…” Shen Rou pursed her lips. “Qiao Mianmian is also the daughter of the Bai family now. Speaking of which, her family is compatible with the Mo family.”

“How is that true? She’s just a fake heiress. She’s different from a real heiress like Miss Shen. She just has an ident.i.ty. Could someone from the countryside suddenly become a city person after being recognized by her parents?

“She’s just a country b.u.mpkin.”


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