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Chapter 432: You’re Just Like That Wrench, All You Do Is Put on a Show

The more her a.s.sistant whimpered and looked pitiful, the more she felt like slapping her again to teach her a lesson.

Qiao Mianmian that wrench, all she knew to do was also to act pitiful all day to get guys’ sympathy.

“You were afraid to distract me?” Qiao Anxin’s expression darkened as she walked towards her a.s.sistant. Looking at her fair and chubby face, she pinched down hard on her a.s.sistant’s face. Venting all her anger, she dug her long nails into her skin. “You just hope for me to fail and get destroyed, don’t you? I know you’re celebrating deep down.”

Her nails pierced her flesh and created a fresh and red cut on her face.

“Sister Anxin, I wouldn’t dare to.” The a.s.sistant was too afraid to talk back, her whole body shaking from the fear with tears of pain rolling down her face.

“You don’t dare to? I bet you actually dare to!

“You’re just like that little wrench, all you do is put on a show. But too bad for you, there are no guys around here. So what even if you put on this pitiful look? Do you think some guy is going to come, save, and console you? Or you are trying to let everyone know that I’m bullying you by crying and putting on a show like this here?”

“Sister Anxin, I… I really didn’t..”

Her a.s.sistant shook her head furiously as her tears rolled down.

She was completely terrorized by Qiao Anxin.

Qiao Anxin was once again reminded of Qiao Mianmian as she looked at her, and she raised her hand as her anger rose, wanting to pinch her once again.

At this moment, one of the crew members walked out of the broadcasting room.

He froze on the spot when he saw this scene.

Qiao Anxin noticed the crew from the corner of her eye and also froze for a moment, but she quickly changed her expression in the next moment.

Her outstretched hand immediately wiped away her a.s.sistant’s tears.

Her fierce and intimidating expression completely transformed into that of a warm and caring older sister, as she spoke gently. “Xiao Ke, don’t cry anymore. If you find yourself in any trouble, you can just tell me. I will definitely help you settle it.”

“You’ve been working closely with me for so many years, I always treated you as my own little sister. You don’t have to feel sorry for asking me for help.”

The a.s.sistant was totally stunned.

Only when she realized that the broadcasting crew member was staring at them did she raise her hand to wipe away her own tears and bit down hard on her lip as she tried to play along with Qiao Anxin. “Thank you, Sister Anxin. It’s nothing much, you don’t have to worry. I can settle it by myself.”

Qiao Anxin smiled as she wiped her tears away once more. “That’s good to hear. If you find it too much to handle, please feel free to tell me anytime.”

“Alright. I… I will.”

The crew member was completely puzzled as he watched the scene unfold before his eyes.

Did he see wrongly just now?

Qiao Anxin was actually trying to console her a.s.sistant instead of bullying her?

Qiao Anxin left the broadcasting station safely from another exit with the help of the crew.

She took the car back to the office.

At the front entrance of the company, many reporters were already staked out waiting for her there.

The company’s bodyguards had also arranged to pick her up there. Once Qiao Anxin’s car stopped at the entrance, the bodyguards went up to protect and escort her out.

The reporters all rushed forwards once they saw her.

Some were holding recording devices, some with microphones, and some with cameras. If not for the bodyguards’ protection, she would have been drowned out by all the reporters.

Numerous reporters rushed forward, trying to break through the bodyguards. “Qiao Anxin, can you say a few words regarding the post about you? Were you really the mistress in the relations.h.i.+p? Was Su Ze really your own sister’s fiancé?”

“Qiao Anxin, it’s been said that Su Ze was originally engaged to your sister, and the two of them almost got married.”


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