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Chapter 1172 – The Apocalypse?

Like so, the Arcadinians and Baymardians continued their Siege on the city.

And only after the T.O.E.P members were taken care of… did the Baymardian vehicles suddenly storm into the place, taking care of the majority of enemies with their machine guns.

The silent night led to a silent ma.s.sacre for many.

And after several more days, the Arcadinians and Baymardians successfully took back not just the city but the other towns and villages that Baron Cain and the T.O.E.P had started to make a move on.

Like so, countless incidents occurred around Pyno, with various memories having their own battles to fight.

And before everyone knew it, time flew even quicker than usual.

The months of April, May, and June pa.s.sed on too.

And now, it was already July. Summertime.

His majesty Landon had long arrived back in Baymard, and countless different occasions had pa.s.sed.

For one, Prince Astar of Terique had finally been crowned ruler, Making him Monarch Aster now.

Additionally, the Caronians also won another drive battle against the Viets, who were sent by Prince Skye’s father, Monarch Alexander, to teach her a lesson.

Again, the Teriques (Terqs) had welcomed yet another attack from the Temple of Adonis. This time, those that did come were fewer in number than the first batch.

These troops seemed like backup troops and were brutally taken care of by the new and improved Siege weapons that had been continuously tweaked and modified to shoot at further ranges and whatnot.

This time, the change of strategy ȧssured that almost no slaves were killed.

This time, the Teriquens learned their lessons and felt mightily proud of their victory!

One other key thing to note was that not too long ago, Princess Kora had her first Royal celebration.

It was a public event that was greatly celebrated with 4 whole days of public holidays.

The image of the cute baby was seen everywhere, in magazines, books, and some historians even wrote about her day and kept their writings in the archives too.

He was watched, loved and cherished by many.

But the person who seemed most excited was his majesty Landon.

Landon didn’t care whether she was a reincarnated person or not.

To him, he had a little sister, one he could spoil silly!

Like that, Princess Kora watched the ȧduŀts junk around her in sheer embarra.s.sment and excitement.

Someone coming from an even more ancient ear than this was bound to be excited, no?

But maybe the most prominent one was the fact that towards the last weeks of June, the Trans-Zalipnian cruise lines had finally begun their travels to and fro Baymard and Zalipnia.

Meaning, very soon, the first group of Zalipnian tourists would arrive.

Additionally, Baymard has also started making contact with several other empires within the Continent of Romain too.

Landon wasn’t per se involved with this because he sent several people over there instead.

The reputation of Baymard in Zalipnia was so remarkable that a few others within the neighbouring empires and even merchants had begun noticing their greatness.

Thus, for now, many just wanted to first board the cruise lines and see what the fuss was about before making any decisions.

And like so, the coastal city where the cruise lines were stationed had now become a popular site, welcoming people from far and wide.

Of course, the news hadn’t travelled out for long as the majority of people still didn’t know Baymard.

But given time, things would definitely change!

Finally, the first week of July was here!

And all over Baymard, countless people woke up feeling jittery, as they couldn’t seem to contain their excitement.


To many, one of the greatest inventions of all, that had been published for months and months now, was finally going to be out on the market!


It was here! The first generation of Gameboys was here!

Instantly, those in Baymard got heated up.

In short, right at this very moment, countless people, especially teenagers, woke up way ahead of their biological clocks.

Ian woke up at 4 A.M, and couldn’t go frowning when he still saw places dark.

Hey? Why isn’t it morning yet?

He grumbled and pulled his blanket over his head, forcing himself to sleep in order to make the time go fast.

Well. It did work.

But who can tell him why after sleeping for long again, he woke up to realize that it was just 5:15 A.M?


He kicked his blanket off and almost felt like crying when he still saw places so dark.

His excitement had kept him up several times during the night.

And the worst thing was that he couldn’t sleep at all.

His lips kept rising subconsciously when he thought of the gameboys he had been dying to get for months now.

It wasn’t just him, as even the ȧduŀts also wanted it as well.

Tv and even Arcade game screens were supposed to be big and large. But they never knew that one could make it so small.

They had seen the adverts, where teenagers would be playing Pokemon, a few other games that one could insert behind the Gameboy.

Additionally, the manga stories of Pokemon were already sold 2 months ago. So everyone now had a good grasp of how the Pokemon world, team Rocket and Ash’s adventures to catch them all!

In Ian’s mind, this was no doubt the greatest invention of all.

That’s right. Phones, photocopying machines and even the light bulbs couldn’t beat it!

In sunny July, the early morning sun came out around 7:30’ish.

So the darkness had still engulfed the land.

And now that Ian couldn’t sleep anymore, then there was just no helping it.

Now, he had more time to prepare for the battle ahead!

Ian quickly cleaned up, are breakfast and dashed out of his apartment at around 6:30 A.M, heading towards the ground floor like crazy, 

But what he saw made him speechless.

The number of people around like crazily, shocked him silly


What the h.e.l.l was this?

The Apocalypse?


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