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Chapter 1356 – [Bonus ]A Fight For Survival

Everyone had disturbing looks on their faces, seeing the poor state of the town.

It couldn’t be helped.

They had to contain and quarantine the town while also going about their business.


Over 70 vehicles stormed towards the Town Lord’s estate at the town’s most elevated pique.

Just looking at the grand estate that stood above everything else, it was a no-brainer that it should belong to the town lord.


~Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.~

The heavy rains slapped the shoulders of the very few guards still standing within the estate walls, dressed in full armour.

Their heads poked through the stone openings on the grand estate walls, looking out yonder.


Even without the rains, they dared not stand on ground level outside the estate.

For a long time now, those in the estate had isolated themselves from the outside world.

The metal gates leading to the estate had long been shut tightly, and even their goods had been grown within the estate itself.

This was the continent of Romain, after all.

And to many, having a ma.s.sive indoor garden was a must, lest the terrible winter whirlpools, tornados and storms caused everything to uproot and fly in the air again.

Because of the weather, even the peasants had learnt to build homes with good and deep enough foundations.

However, they still dared not build the roof of their homes with stones because if not done correctly with professionals, the winds would crumble everything to the ground and crush them in the process.

So many at times, one would see buildings where the walls were made of stone, but the ceilings were made of twigs and all the rest.

Romain weather was nothing to home about!


That said, for a big shot like the town lord, his estate had no less than 8 ma.s.sive buildings with indoor fields for cattle raising, planting and growing crops during winter.

So with this strange plague going about, he and his family household of guards and slaves had long s.h.i.+t themselves inside the estate with enough food to keep them alive.

And for water, please! They collected drums of rainwater.

Though ale was preferred due to the fear of water contamination, many didn’t think falling snow or rain was heavily contaminated.

To them, it was cleaner than the running that flowed across the land.

Thus, they boiled it, and used it for booking, drinking and anything else during these desperate times.


Within the estate walls, a few guards fully cloaked in heavy but warming attire, all rubbing their hands together while still looking out the many openings from time to time.

“Blasted! This d.a.m.n weather is never going to let up from the looks of it.”

“Yeah… I thought it would at least give us a little break before falling again. F***! Do you see how freezing the rain is? Hailstones are falling, for crying out loud!”

“To be honest, I can’t even feel my face anymore.

“Bro! You and Adrian are not the only ones. My fingers are about to break, and it’s not even winter yet. Dammit! When will this misery in the town end?”

“Are you talking about that strange curse?”

“Of course I’m talking about that. What else did you think I was talking about?”

“Your marriage?”

“~Pfff… Hahaha.~… He got you good this time.”

“Screw you guys! I’m talking about serious matters, and you’re here talking about a woman?”

“Alright. Alright… We’re sorry. But seriously, this curse is indeed strange. I heard an old witch curse a certain young man after turning her down. And this was the result.”

“So bad? Are women that powerful?”

“And what’s with the woman? Is it by force that a man must love her? Women are required to love, but men aren’t. Who doesn’t make this?”



The gathering of guards commented on the situation, thinking of all the strange things that happened in the town.

But soon, they saw something even stranger.

One of the guards squinted his eyes, looking at the hazy film of rain before him.

“Look! Look! What is that?”

“Eh?… What the h.e.l.l are talk–“


From yonder, all they could see were several pairs of circly-yellow eyes (vehicle headlights) growing bigger and bigger the closer they advanced.

And at this moment, everyone’s expression stretched into a mask of terror.

“Witch! Which! The witch is coming!”

Several people took many steps back, pointing their fingers at the strange yet shocking scene before them.

They had never seen anything that had such eyes before.

Moreover, with how big these eyes grew the closer they got, it could only mean that the owners of the eyes should be gigantic.

And what about the speed?

Nothing! They repeat! Nothing they knew could do this!

This can only be the work of a witch! She must have created these things!


The guards staggered and wobbled away in despair, feeling countless roars get stuck in their throats.

She… She existed. She existed!

Their breathing turned shallow the more their imaginations ran wild.

It took almost all their strength to wake up from their nightmarish stupor.

“Witch! Witch! Witch! We must inform the town, Lord!”

In a flash, countless people ran in all directions, some running into one another and falling on their b.u.t.ts in a daze.

They so badly wanted to scream at the top of their lungs, wanting those in the many estate buildings to know of the incoming atrocity.

However, with the heavy rains and winds, how could it be possible?



It fell on their shoulders to defend the site, not just for the safety of their lord, but for themselves.

Once the witch and her devils in minions pa.s.sed through the gate, then won’t it be over for them too?

In a flash, a few went to inform the town lord and the rest of their colleagues in the estate. Meanwhile, the majority stayed back, getting ready for battle.

“Secure the draw gate! Double-check if it’s closed… Nothing comes in, and nothing goes out!”

The witch and her minions were on their way.

And to survive, they would have to fight!


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