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In another residence, Sanders was currently facing an unknown ent.i.ty alongside his hidden guards.

unlike Marder, Sanders always had at least 30 hidden guards with him when he was away from his city.

But even though he had been prepared, he still found himself in somewhat of a disadvantage here.


‘Pthow! Pthow! Pthow!’

‘Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!’

Sanders ran anxiously, while looking backwards from time to time…. as if he was avoiding some sort of demonic ent.i.ty.


What the h.e.l.l was going on here?


Previously, he had been talking to 3 of Marders men in his bedroom chambers alone.

Of course, his secret guards were all hidden within the room, just in case Marder had sent these men here to pull a fast one on him.

But just as he quickly remembered something and abruptly leaned forward….. he soon heard a loud cracking sound from behind him.



The wall that he was just leaning on, now had a hole in the spot where his head initially rested.

By a stroke of luck, he had missed some sort of attack to his life.

What the h.e.l.l?

All this happened in a matter of seconds, and even though he didn’t know what was going on, he still subconsciously felt that if this attack would’ve hit him….. then he would be dead by now.


Very quickly, Sanders dropped to the floor and rolled away.


A dignified city lord, had actually rolled away like a riffraff?


If someone would’ve told him that he would do this, he wouldve called them a jester and laughed it off instead.

But right now, he was doing just that.

He swore that if he died, he would strangle whatever spiritual being was doing this for all eternity.



‘Pthow! Pthow! Pthow! Pthow! Pthow!’


The other 3 men besides Sanders unsheathed their swords while shots were being fired.

As for Sanders, he was rolling away from the scene in shame.

From there, the saga continued with all his hidden guards revealing themselves, in attempts to save their master.

They stood in front of the rolling Sanders, and tried to stop whatever attacks were coming in with their swords.


They even closed their eyes, and tried to gauge were the attacks were coming from…. as they had once had to block off incoming arrows before.

But, how could an arrow speed compare to that of a gun?

One would need to risk their lives and practice with actual bullets, just to master a bullet’s speed and trajectory.

(*This isn’t the matrix bro)


Since they couldn’t see whatever was coming their way… They closed their eyes tightly, as they wanted to stop their sense of sight, and heighten their other senses instead.


They could hear the sound of the bullets leaving the gun….. but surprisingly, they couldnt hear any whistling noises at all.

This was definitely strange!!


Typically, when an arrow was shot….. one could almost hear some whistling noise, as the arrow tore through the air at a somewhat fast speed.

That’s how they could als cut down incoming arrows with their swordsas well.

But why weren’t these weapons similar to arrows?

And why couldn’t they hear any whistling noises from these ones as well?

The answer had to do with speed.


‘Thack! Thack! Thack! Thack! Thack!’


Several bullets. .h.i.t them numerous times in just a few seconds, making them vibrate vigorously from the bullet’s impact.

The men breathed hard, as if they were having panic attacks….. while trying to calm their chronic hearts.

They faces grew paler by the second, as more bullets continued to rain on them from the windows, as well as one of the side doors within the bedroom chamber.


They truly thought that they were fighting against a spiritual being because firstly… how kme those hidden guards outside the residence hadn’t sent them word about any intruders?

Typically if it were an enemy track, those outside would send 1 or 2 people to signal their master about any intruders outside the bedroom chambers.

But how come none of them had signalled anything yet?


Their answer was simple!

These intruders had used night vision binocular to spot out all their enemies…. as no human being can be hidden from these

Henec it was safe to say that those hidden guards outside had been ‘well’ taken care of right now.


While some of the guards were shot down by the raining bullets, those who were standing directly behind those that were shot… soon used their comrades bodies as s.h.i.+elds, and quickly followed their rolling boss out of the room.

Fighting the unknown was something that even they themselves had never trained for.

‘Boss wait for us!!’


Once he left the room, Sanders immediately stood back up and made a run for it as quickly as he could….. with some of his hidden guards following him from behind as well.

They ran through the long winding corridors in fear, as they tried to outdo the footsteps that they had heard inching in from behind their pact.

Wait!!… footsteps?


As they listened while making a run for it… they soon realized that these attacks had indeed probably come from intruders.

But what sort of weapons did these intruders have to deal with them like so?

And who were the people who could actually produce such weapons?


Without thinking any further….. Baymard’s name immediately appeared in the minds of Sanders and every fleeing hidden guard there.

They smiled bitterly, as they now understood that this small empire had come for them because of today’s attack.

In their heads, what they had to do now was make a run for it and loose these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds so as to secure their safety.


‘Pthow! Pthow! Pthow! Pthow! Pthow!’

As they ran… their numbers soon dwindled down as those at the very back, kept dropping down like flies.

And just like that, Sanders and 2 other surviving hidden knights quickly entered another room….. where they hurriedly placed their swords across the door handles….. as well as heavy objects in front of the door itself.


‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!’

As the banging sounds continued, they fearfully stepped back…. while trying to look for any exits within the room.

This room was on the third floor….. so they would have to jump down if they wanted to escape.

What do they do now?


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