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“Your majesty Landon….. Your majesty….. We’re here to a.s.sist you!”



Landon turned around, to see more than 100 people running in with flashlights and other tools as well.

“Your majesty… are you okay?”

Several of them asked while running towards Landon frantically.

At first, when entering the cave… Lucius and the rest had been walking in stealthily, and slowly.

They first pa.s.sed the first 4 dead Mucins… before pa.s.sing 12 more….. 11 more and so on.

And the more they pa.s.sed, the more shocked they were.

Was his majesty even human?

True enough, his majesty was definitely a battle genius for him to accomplish such a feat.

And the more dead Mucins they saw…. the more confident they felt in Landon’s abilities.

They continued to slowly advance until they reached the region where Landon was in.

In fact, they had just arrived….. when they heard bullets going off.

And when they stepped in, the last Mucin was already dead.

And all that stood, was his majesty at the center.

Of course, at the far corner, there were also some baby Mucins that had been put to sleep with 3 tranquillizers.

Probably from his majesty.

They couldn’t help but wonder how his majesty was always prepared no matter what!

This was definitely the mindset that only a true born leader could have.

His majesty was frickin’ brilliant!


Landon looked at the men and nodded in appreciation, as he thought about the time they took to get here.

One should know that they had followed their trails…. as well as used the military dogs to sniff Landon and Lucius out.

And sometimes…. this alone could take time to accomplish…. as the forest can sometimes mask scent easily.

Also, when getting into the cave…. the men had to walk in slowly, as they had to be sure that they too weren’t walking into danger as well.

So Landon was utterly surprised to see them arrive when he had finished the battle.

Good!…. he didn’t waste his efforts in training them at all.

“Your majesty… are you okay?”

“I’m fine…. you all did well to come to our aid very quickly.

Well done!”

With that Landon quickly divided separate tasks for the men.

Some took 2 Mucin eggs, and the 3 Mucin babies…. while others quickly advanced into the room where these creatures usually kept their prey, of course, Landon followed them as well.


In the room, they could see more than 90 people in there.

Those who were just brought in couldn’t move…. as they had been numbed by the pink fluid from the Mucins.

As for the rest, they could move, but some of them had fatal injuries… because while some mucins carried their prey using their tails, other mucins bit their Prey and dragged them into the den instead.

Luckily, these animals didn’t release any poisonous venom from their fangs…. or else most of these people would’ve died way back.

According to the survivors, most were brought in 3 days ago… while others were brought in 2 days ago, as well as today.

They said that these Mucins would bring in people during the morning, afternoon and evening.

But they didn’t know why they weren’t eaten yet.

Of course, Landon knew why…. and that was because these Mucins could only eat every after 4 days.

Unlike snakes that couldn’t move after swallowing up their prey….. these ones could move after an hour of swallowing up their prey.

But even though they could move, they still couldn’t eat up anything until 4 days had gone by, for some particular reason.

Apparently, for the babies… today was their 4th day.

But for the adults, they hunted and did everything as a clan….. so they all had the same meal day, which would’ve probably been tomorrow if they hadn’t killed them off.


The soldiers carried those who needed to be carried out…while those who could walk, followed happily behind them.

Some cried while others thanked their ancestors for leading these brave men to rescue them.

Of course, before they all left the cave…. the men had planted several bombs around the cave, especially around the Mucin eggs that were left behind.

And with a loud ‘Boom’, the whole place came cras.h.i.+ng down once they left the scene.

Everyone quickly made their way back to the highway and were immediately greeted with claps and praises.

The paramedics quickly rushed forward amidst the Chaos, and quickly a.s.sisted the injured in a flash.

More paramedics were called to the scene, as there were 97 survivors in total.

And even if some weren’t heavily injured, the paramedics still had to treat cuts or bruises that they might have gotten when dealing with those ferocious feasts…. as well as bandage them too.

Of course, some soldiers came forward as well to write down the statements of these survivors.

If this incident would’ve happened within the city…then the police officers would be the ones taking down these statements.

But when it was out of the empire of Baymard, the military had full authority on the situation.

Hence it was their job.

Of course, those who lost their grandchildren, husbands… and other family members this morning, as well as this afternoon… immediately hugged their rescued family members in tears.

This was a miraculous occasion for them.

And while this was going on, those who had witnessed the Mucins grabbing the creatures, also came out to give their own description of the incident as well.

For sure, the news reporters were also there to capture the scene as well.


“A shocking incident has truly left several families devastated.

Today, here on Shanks road… several people were being yanked away by Mucins!

But fortunately, authorities swooped into the scene, chased down the vile creatures and rescued the victims.

And standing beside me, is Bucky…. who was an eye witness to the whole fiasco.

Bucky!… could you please tell the listeners what you saw or heard?”

“It was terrible I tell yah!

I minute I was walking on my own, marching towards Baymard with my new bag in my hand, see?

And then, I tilted my head to the right just to see who were those walking beside me, see?

But what I saw, was a long tail with scales on it… that grabbed a young lady beside me and pulled her into the forest in a blink of an eye.

The woman screamed…. and I screamed back as well.

And then, I saw some soldiers go in after the lady….. so I stopped screaming, sat down and ate my sandwich.”

“But what does this have to do with your sandwich?”

“Oh…. since the soldiers are going in, I knew that the lady would be rescued, so why should I stress?

Look… wasn’t she rescued in the end?”


“Stick around with us more, as we continue to update you on the situation as it unfolds.

I’m Catherine Colber, and you’re listening to the BBC station 1.”


And so just like that, the day ended with soldiers being dubbed as heroic men.

But of course, Landon knew that this wasn’t the end of the matter.

Based on the system’s info, there were still 7 more Mucin nest sites around Shanks road.

So he decided to eradicate all of them, before going out on his mission to Carona.

And so just like that, the soldiers were now being dubbed as the heroes who took down a liege of Mucins.

They were nicknamed the Mucin Slayers.


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