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Chapter 730 – Avenging The Fallen, PinBall!

Landon quickly noticed the resentful gazes that were constantly directed towards someone.

It’s her!

His eyes lit up when he spotted a lonely girl whose face was half-burnt.

She’s the one from the reports.

The poor girl had been labelled as the reincarnation of a witch just because of her burn.


Seeing that she was here, Landon decided to stop this foolery once and for all.

What if the poor girl decided to take her life just because of these people’s bullying?

To be honest, these people didn’t know any better.

And were also very terrified of anything that was out of the norm.

Which was all due to ignorance.

Nonetheless, whether they were intentional or not, it was still bullying.

This was why having something like a church around was essential.

It was the fastest way in making these people understand and realize some truths.

Just telling similar bible stories on matters like these would make people understand more.

They needed to be better human beings.


“Residents of Menda Town, you heard me correct.

My soldiers and I ventured into Pangera’s cave, and we succeeded in killing the Pangeras.

Look, here are your monsters!”


Everyone stared at the contents that had been pulled out of the bags in shock.

Even Jamison stood there in a daze.

And before they knew it, almost everyone broke out in tears again.

Seeing that their enemy had been killed, they were both grateful and in awe of Landon’s strength.

These creatures had plagued their town for centuries.

Their ancestors and forefathers had fallen just by these beasts alongside thousands of soldiers.

But his majesty killed them with just very few men and came out without any injuries too.

This could only mean that his majesty was mighty!

Jamison knelt and silently cried when he saw several body parts from these beasts.

‘Father, brother… his majesty has avenged you.

Please rest in peace and give this unfilial son of yours the strength to guide this town to greatness.’

Jamison kowtowed several times in pain, as well as several others.

Landon waited for them to calm down a bit before focusing on a bigger problem.

“Please, can Miss Naomi Cze come forth?”



Naomi looked at Landon’s expressionless face in confusion and fear.

Why did his majesty call her out?

Did she do something wrong?

Was she in trouble?

Logan was also fearful as well.

Did his majesty believe these people’s stories about his sister?

He held her hand and stood before as if s.h.i.+elding her.

His actions were quite commendable to these soldiers.

Some people would abandon s.h.i.+p and step aside because they were faced with a stronger person like Landon, Alec or any other king.

But even though the young man was trembling in feral, he still tried his best to s.h.i.+eld her.

He was worth cultivating.

“Brother, it’s alright.

Nothing will happen to me.

Even though I’m shocked, I have faith in his majesty.

You’ve never seen what I saw when I went to Baymard, so you don’t know much about them.

I believe that nothing will happen, so listen to your sister.” Naomi said before taking her hand out of his and stepping forward amidst the shocked, confused and disdainful crowd.

The moment she stepped on stage, Landon smiled at her warmly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll set things straight for you.

No one in my empire should go through what you have.

I’m sorry.”

“T..thank you, your majesty.”

Naomi tried to resist crying, but she just couldn’t help it.

How could one man bring such warmth with so little words?

If before she was a high fan of her idol, now she wors.h.i.+ped him!

In the future, if someone said something bad against him, she would kill the person with her own bare hands.

His majesty was her saviour who came to her in her darkest hours.

She tilted her face downwards and cried silently.


Landon, who had been busy buying something from the system, now had what he wanted.

He quickly sent some soldiers to get the items from one of the vehicles.

And when they found what they were looking for, many of them were utterly shocked… especially those who packed all items in the vehicles earlier today before they left for the trip.

Your majesty, when did you slip this in?

When you left your office, you didn’t have these with you, so when did you slip this in?

Landon just gazed at them mysteriously which left them in astonishment.

As expected, his Majesty’s moves of sneaking things in were beyond their level.

They needed more training!

The entire crowd was curious about what the soldiers were holding, so Landon decided to satisfy them.

“Before going to the cave, I had heard a lot of wild stories going about.

And I have to say that I’m thoroughly disappointed in you all.

Many of you might or might not know this girl standing here.

Her name is Naomi, and she had an unfortunate accident when someone poured hot water on her.

One would think that you all would sympathize with the poor lady.

But instead of doing that, you’re doing the complete opposite.

Many of you said that she’s a witch who signed a blood oath with the pangeras.

You said that once those creatures died, she will die too.

Now, they’re dead.

But she is still alive.

I’d like to tell you all about a few people that I’ve met around the continent.

Men, hold out the charts.”

Immediately, the soldiers held out the largest picture-sized portraits ever.

And Landon also used the system to make everyone see these pictures clearly, no matter how far they were from the podium.


Everyone looked at the first picture chart and gasped in fear and shock.

It was a ma.s.sive blown out picture of a young boy with a cleft lip.

Landon explained everything about how the villagers also shunned the boy.

The people listened silently and felt horrible.

And afterwards, Landon showed them another picture of the same boy after surgery.

The poor guy was just sick.

He then showed another picture of a girl whose bur marks were worse than Naomi’s.

He followed the same story-explaining route and showed another picture chart of her after treatment.

The more he spoke, the more everyone realized how wrong they were.

Additionally, since they believed almost everything that came out of Landon’s mouth since he was like their messiah, idol and for some their G.o.d… They just properly listened to his stories and felt bad.

If it was them, how would they feel?

More still, if it happened to their child… what if the child wasn’t as strong as Naomi and killed him or herself?

“Do you all understand now?

She isn’t any witch.

She’s just this poor victim.

I hope that this is the last time that I will see this sort of thing happening in my empire.

Ibe it the blind, the lame, the trying or the weak… I love all my people equally.

And I want everyone to be happy.

So please, treat this girl with love and respect.”


Naomi cried out loudly after Landon finished his speech.

Her sad weak demeanour made many people in the crowd cry as well.

How could they do this to someone’s child?

Landon patted her back in an attempt to calm her down, but she just cried out loudly instead.




When she calmed down, a soldier escorted her down the podium.

Immediately, many people swarmed her way.

“Child… don’t cry.

We were in the wrong.”

“Who said that you’re an ugly monster?

You heard what his majesty said right?

With proper treatment, you’ll be fine.”


Come over to my house for dinner alright?

I’ve been told that my food can make a layman walk.”


Who are you fooling?

That overly salty food of yours could never do the trick.


Why don’t you come over to my house instead?”

“Sister Chinzu, are you trying to pick a fight with me?”


You wis.h.!.+

I’m just stating a fact.”

“Why don’t you say that to me again, old hag.”

“Look who’s talking!

You’re just a few days away from turning into dust.

So who are you calling old?”



Naomi laughed while watching the 2, and everyone else laughed as well.

The atmosphere was very warm and peaceful.

This was their new Baymard.

A place of happiness.


Landon finished up everything within Menda town and headed back to the Capital city.

Now he could start his missions.

But first, he had to head over to the lower region.

Today, he would teach the engineers how to make PinBall Machines!


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