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Chapter 1248: Fighting the Devil King

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A breeze blew, and the stars dimmed. On the distant horizon, a morning glow appeared.

In the Plum Mountain, the Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox looked at the tightly shut cave entrance not far away with a hesitant look.

“An Ancient Devil G.o.d’s training field is of great importance. Should I tell Big Brother?”

The Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox did not know how to make a decision. Through its third younger brother’s description, it had a rough understanding of that place. It might not be able to enter the waterfall, but its big brother could definitely enter. Its big brother had cultivated for tens of thousands of years. Not only was its divine ability powerful, but it had also fused with countless Dripping Blood Stones. It was already at the peak of the Devil King boundary.

After hesitating for a moment, the Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox still did not knock on the door.

‘Big Brother said last time that it had gained something, so it chose to enter seclusion. If it was disturbed at a critical moment, it won’t be good. Why don’t I go and take a look first? Even if I can’t enter, I’ll occupy that place first. Big Brother can go after it finishes its closed-door cultivation.”

Thinking of this, it gradually walked away.

‘Old Ape, take good care of our home.’ The Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox flew into the air and said telepathically.

‘Yes, Second Big King.’ The ape-man’s voice sounded in the Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox’s mind. Then, the fox flew away and flew toward the mysterious waterfall.

In terms of speed, the Seven-tailed Heavenly Fox was not good enough, but it was not inferior to the rock sparrow at all.

The smoke in the forest gradually dispersed.

Ou Yangming slowly revealed his figure. One night was enough for him to stabilize his body’s state. Looking at the morning glow in the sky, he muttered to himself, “It’s time to go to the waterfall to take a look. With my current state, it shouldn’t be too difficult to enter the waterfall.”

Yesterday, he only had 15 steps left.

Now, he had fused with more than 50 Dripping Blood Stones in one night, and his physical fitness had increased explosively.

Not only that, but the Ancient Demons’ blood essences also had the effect of increasing the strength of the body. Although Ou Yangming had only fused 50 Dripping Blood Stones, in terms of effect, it could be compared to 60 or 70 stones.

The physical quality of an Ancient Demon could not compare to that of the monsters in this Fallen Land but in the Great Wide World, it could still be considered a top-notch existence.

Ou Yangming was full of confidence.

All of a sudden, he thought of the powerhouse that flew over his head last night.

Judging from the other party’s speed, that powerhouse was probably in the second step of the laws. Ou Yangming did not know if the powerhouse had discovered the waterfall.

Thinking of this, Ou Yangming increased his speed once again.

The Dripping Blood Stones in the waterfall had been taken by Ou Yangming as his own. He absolutely could not let others get them. Moreover, he had a premonition in his heart. Perhaps the Dripping Blood Stones behind the waterfall were not important. That mysterious pressure was unusual. Perhaps there was something better waiting for him.

Of course, that could also be dangerous.

No matter what it was, it could not fall into the hands of others.

Thinking of this, Ou Yangming lightly tapped on the ground with the tip of his feet, and he flew into the sky like a great roc spreading its wings.

The waterfall in the early morning was exceptionally quiet.

As soon as Ou Yangming arrived, he felt that the atmosphere was somewhat unusual. Those Dark Ferocious Beasts that feared him like tigers were actually not afraid at all when they saw him at this moment.

Ou Yangming raised his gaze slightly. He quickly found the reason. A rock sparrow was looking at him from the waterfall.

That fellow’s aura was powerful. It was far from what other beasts could compare to. At this moment, it was staring at him.

‘That powerhouse from last night?’

Ou Yangming quickly recognized the other party. This rock sparrow was the expert that flew over from the sky last night. It had indeed discovered this place.

His expression became serious. Since the rock sparrow had discovered this place, he could only rely on his strength.

“Are you the Devil Dweller who occupied this place and s.n.a.t.c.hed away all the Dripping Blood Stones that flew out every day?”

The rock sparrow strolled over, looking relaxed and at ease. Nonetheless, Ou Yangming also noticed caution in its eyes.

“Sir Devil King, it’s this guy.” The Snake Demon who hated Ou Yangming the most immediately stood out.

“Yes, Sir Devil King, it’s him!”

Ou Yangming’s expression turned slightly cold. These guys were well-behaved before, and he did not have any malice toward them. Now that they had an expert backing them up, they changed in the blink of an eye.

‘Could it be that this expert was invited by them?’ Suddenly, Ou Yangming thought of what the fierce tiger had told him when it left.

‘These beasts had been planning something behind the fierce tiger’s back. Could it be…’

Ou Yangming had guessed the answer in his heart. His gaze became cold. With a casual glance, he made the ferocious beasts tremble in fear. Fortunately, thinking that the Devil King was here and that the Devil Dweller would die soon, they felt better.

The young fellow slightly raised his head. The rock sparrow’s body was much taller than his. He asked in a deep voice, “You were invited by them? Are you planning to stand up for them?”

“Hahaha…” The rock sparrow laughed. “Do you think they have the right to invite me? I’m one of the 3 kings of Plum Mountain. This area of 500,000 kilometers is Plum Mountain’s territory. They only gave me a piece of news.”

“It seems that you’re planning to monopolize this place?” Ou Yangming slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

He did not care about the kings. This place was discovered by him first, so it naturally belonged to him. Even if there were no other opportunities behind the waterfall, those Dripping Blood Stones were what he needed the most at this time.

The rock sparrow did not deny it. It said indifferently, “This depends on whether you take Plum Mountain seriously or not.”

As the third big king of Plum Mountain spoke, it looked at Ou Yangming’s expression. Unfortunately, it did not find any changes. Even when it mentioned Plum Mountain, it could not make the other party feel the slightest bit of shock.

‘Is he hiding it well, or does he not regard Plum Mountain as anything? Does he not know what Plum Mountain is? He isn’t strong to begin with but because of his treasure, he has reached only 20 steps away from the waterfall.’

To know which one Ou Yangming belonged to, the rock sparrow still needed to judge from his answer.

Ou Yangming smiled and said, “I’m very sorry. I’ve never heard of the so-called Plum Mountain you mentioned. Now I’m warning you, leave this place immediately, or don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Little Devil Dweller, let’s see if you’re qualified!” Seeing that Ou Yangming treated Plum Mountain lightly, the rock sparrow’s gaze focused, and sharp spikes appeared on the ground. These spikes flickered with cold lights, and they looked incomparably sharp.

Ou Yangming was already prepared. He soared into the air and dodged the spikes. Since the other party had attacked, he would not hold back.

Grabbing in the air with one hand, the Reincarnation Spear appeared in Ou Yangming’s hand.

With the Taoist Tool in hand, a sharp aura instantly appeared on Ou Yangming’s body. He was like a primordial beast that was about to break through the seal.

The rock sparrow was shocked. This Devil Dweller was indeed extraordinary.

Just this aura alone was not something an ordinary Devil King could compare to.

Despite that, the rock sparrow had just broken through, so it was extremely confident. It had honed its moves for tens of thousands of years, so it was confident that it would not be defeated by a Devil Dweller.

“That Devil Dweller is also a Devil King!” The fierce beasts on the riverbank opened their mouths wide and did not shut them for a long time. Ou Yangming’s aura had made them fully aware of the reality.

This Devil Dweller was also a Devil King.

‘So the Devil Dweller didn’t rely on a treasure to reach that spot? He really relied on his own strength to reach within 20 steps of the waterfall. The Devil King that White Eagle invited was only 50 steps away, but this Devil Dweller has reached within 20 steps!’

Thinking of this, the ferocious beasts felt a chill in their hearts. They hurriedly turned around and ran into the surrounding forest.

Nevertheless, it was too late to think of escaping.

Ou Yangming did not attack the rock sparrow in the second step first. Instead, he targeted the fierce beasts that had stabbed him in the back.

He had spared their lives and let them stay here. It was fine if they did not know how to be grateful, but they still wanted to plot against him. How could he let them live well?

The weak did not have the awareness of the weak, and they took the tolerance of others as their capital to be unbridled.

There was no need to show mercy to such people.

The Reincarnation Spear gently flicked, and a huge amount of spiritual power exploded from Ou Yangming’s arm.

A ray of destructive light rushed out from the Reincarnation Spear.

“Boom!” A violent explosion sounded.

On the riverbank, were strewn all over the ground, wailing. With this move, almost all the fierce beasts were killed. Having said that, the master they invited did not even look at them.

After fusing with more than 100 Dripping Blood Stones, Ou Yangming felt even more comfortable using the Reincarnation Spear.

The Reincarnation Spear did as he pleased as if it had become an extension of his arm.

With just one move, Ou Yangming did not pay attention to those fierce beasts. Perhaps there were still a few lucky ones among them, but he did not even look at them. He looked at the rock sparrow opposite him and said coldly, “Now, it’s your turn…”


The rock sparrow roared. Although the Devil Dweller’s strength surprised it, his arrogant att.i.tude still infuriated it.

“Do you think I’m comparable to those trash?” A fierce light flashed in the rock sparrow’s eyes.

Ou Yangming stood proudly in the air. He gently lifted the Reincarnation Spear in his hand and said indifferently, “Actually, you’re no different from them to me.”

With that said, the long spear flashed! Like the breath of a horned dragon, it stabbed toward the rock sparrow.

“Path Intent Spear!” On the Reincarnation Spear, a destructive air current suddenly gushed out.

The rock sparrow’s expression changed slightly. It suddenly raised its hand.

A thick wall appeared in front of it out of thin air.

The wall was drilled out from the ground, and the rune lights on it flickered, bringing with it a gloomy aura from ancient times.

“It’s impossible for you to break through my shield wall!” The rock sparrow shouted coldly.

“Is that so?” Ou Yangming’s eyes were filled with ridicule. He increased the strength of his arm again and this time, not only did he use his spiritual power, but he also used all of his physical strength.


The sound was like thunder, and it was terrifying.


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