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Chapter 476: A Little Bird

Ou Yangming fell hard to the ground. Although the thunderbolt had disappeared, his body still kept twitched and shaking. The thunderbolt’s remaining power rage inside his body, making it seem like he had epilepsy.

Nonetheless, when his powerful Thunderbolt-resistant Suit shattered into pieces, the remaining power could not threaten his life anymore.

After a brief moment, Ou Yangming gritted his teeth and stopped twisting his body. He panted while still feeling afraid, and his body completely went weak.

He was in high spirits after having surpa.s.sed the great ancestor boundary but was suddenly zapped by the extremely fearsome thunderbolt. In fact, he was in despair the moment his Thunderbolt-resistant Suit cracked. The thunderbolt power was so forceful that it could not be resisted by someone his level.

Fortunately, while he did not know where the Heavenly Thunderbolt came from, there was only one. If he were to be hit by another one, he would only end up losing his life.

Ou Yangming’s face suddenly changed because he sensed something beneath his body.

He forced himself to get up, and he immediately heard the goshawk exclaim.

When he looked down in shock, he noticed a burnt, unknown thing, which was only slightly bigger than his fist, twitching a little.

Ou Yangming could tell from the way the thing acted that it was struck by the thunderbolt too, which was why it was in such a pitiable state. He had experienced the same situation himself and knew it felt like he was as good as dead.

He reached out to touch the thing, and sure enough, he sensed numbness through his fingertip. Nevertheless, the feeling was insignificant and not worth mentioning at all if it was compared to the thunderbolt that attached to his body.

The young fellow pondered and extended his arm to pick up the thing.


Ou Yangming turned to look at the goshawk, only to find that the creature was staring at him with wide eyes as if he was a monster.

He frowned and asked in shock, “What is it?”

The goshawk’s beak trembled, and it smiled bitterly. “B-be careful.”

Ou Yangming was slightly stunned. He looked at it in confusion, then at the burnt thing in his hand. All of a sudden, he felt a penetrating chill…

“Goshawk, what’s this… Thing?”

The goshawk widened its eyes again. It felt like crashing its head to its death at this moment.

Ou Yangming did not know what the thing was, whereas the goshawk identified it right away. Even so, as bold as it was, it dared not say it out loud.

Seeing as the goshawk was hesitant, Ou Yangming vaguely understood something. He looked away from the spirit bird and carefully studied the burnt thing in his hand. For some reason, he had a friendly thought about it.

It was as though the thing on his palm was not an awful-looking burnt object, but something that gave him joy… He shook his head and cursed to himself, ‘Since when I started liking burnt things?’

Despite that, he knew the little thing did not originally look like this. It probably ended up in this state because it was struck by the thunderbolt.

Ou Yangming shuddered with fear when he recalled the intense thunderbolt earlier.

Fortunately, there was only one thunderbolt, but it was all it took to destroy his Thunderbolt-resistant Suit.

After possessing such a suit, Ou Yangming initially thought he would not fear the Heavenly Thunderbolts anymore, but he dared not underestimate them anymore after this lesson. In particular, when the thunderbolt wrecked the young fellow’s suit, it felt like he took a trip to h.e.l.l’s gate and was almost frightened out of his wits.

So far, he finally understood something—the pieces of Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment that he smithed still had shortcomings and were lacking in quality.

Magic tools were the best type of equipment in the present era, but tools of a higher rank and quality would be needed to resist greater Heavenly Thunderbolts.

The upper realm.

Perhaps the legendary upper realm would be where Ou Yangming could find better smithing materials.

Ou Yangming sighed and looked at the burnt thing again. At the spur of the moment, it quivered a bit and revealed a pair of watery eyes.

“Hey?” Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up, and he smiled. “It’s a little bird, not a creature.”

The burnt thing was curled up at first but as the little bird awoke and opened up its body, Ou Yangming could identify what it was despite its burnt surface.

Upon hearing him, the little bird was dumbfounded, and it finally realized the state it was in. It turned its watery eyes to look at the black feathers on its body.

The little bird sprung up at once and glanced at itself angrily. When its shivering body finally calmed down, it tilted its head to look at Ou Yangming and his companions.

As soon as the little bird looked at the goshawk, the goshawk was so appalled that it almost fell to the ground because it noticed a faint killing intent from the little bird’s eyes.

The goshawk turned its head and instantly understood what was going on.

After all, the n.o.ble little bird seemed to have not shown up in such an embarra.s.sing state before. Therefore, any living being that witnessed its appearance became a thorn in its eyes. Judging from the Phoenix’s temper, they would not stint on sacrificing to hide their bad reputation. Needless to say, their race was not the only one that was willing to make such sacrifices.

While the goshawk knew the problem, it did not have a solution.

Its legs are tied in front of the little bird, by which it could not disobey the little bird even if it was asked to commit suicide.

Ou Yangming did not notice the danger in his hand. He reached out to casually pinch the little bird’s body and remarked, “You’re quite blessed to have survived the Heavenly Thunderbolt.”

He lamented because it was especially tough to stay alive after being struck by the thunderbolt.

The little bird flapped its wings as hard as it could to get rid of Ou Yangming’s hand.

Ou Yangming laughed out loud. “Little fella, you’re quite reserved. Alright, I’ll bring you back to clean you up; I’m sure you feel uncomfortable having black feathers.” Following that, he removed his already-torn shirt, revealing his black skin, which was the result of being hit by thunderbolts.

Even though Ou Yangming had pieces of Thunderbolt-resistant equipment to reduce most of the thunderbolt powers, he could not fully evade the remaining power. That said, the black spots on his skin were merely superficial injuries.

The little bird stopped struggling after it noticed the black spots on the young fellow’s skin. In fact, the fierce look in its eyes disappeared as it looked gentle and helpless instead.

It did not know Ou Yangming suffered attacks from the thunderbolts before this, hence it thought his injuries were due to the thunderbolt that it attracted.

When the little bird thought about how it was saved by Ou Yangming this time, a wonderful feeling arose from its heart.

‘How should I treat him?’

If Ou Yangming was switched out for the goshawk, the little bird might return kindness with ingrat.i.tude by killing all living beings that witnessed its appearance. However, the bird had long regarded the young fellow as its kind. As such, while it did not express it through words, it was incredibly grateful that he saved it.

Just as the little bird was imagining things, Ou Yangming flashed and sat on the goshawk. “Let’s go—let’s enter the city.”

The goshawk flapped its wings fearfully and thought about the little devil on its back the moment it rose into the sky. Its body twitched, causing it to fall while it was flying halfway.

This was because it suddenly remembered that it was flying with Sir Phoenix without its permission. Would it not mean that it was courting its death?

“Woof…” Big Yellow followed Ou Yangming and hopped on to the goshawk, but it was enraged because the goshawk descended right after it began to fly.

The little bird looked around and chirped for a while.

Big Yellow looked at the coal-like bird in bewilderment. The little fellow was small and did not look good, but the big yellow dog somehow sensed immense danger. It quickly shut up and no longer dared to provoke the spirit bird.

On the other hand, the goshawk’s eyes lit up. It shrieked with valiance and spirit, then it spread its wings and soared into the sky at lightning speed. Subsequently, it zoomed toward Changlong City.

Ou Yangming looked meaningfully at the little bird on his hand, but he pretended as if nothing happened.

The fight in the city had come to an end.

Though the Insects sent three spirit beasts, the two lizards were the only ones that took charge.

The lizards did not have many competent helpers when they led the other insects to Changlong City. They managed to rope in some insect powerhouses along the way, but there were not many of them. In any case, the insects that the lizards recruited were meant to be cannon fodders. At the end of the day, nothing else mattered to them as long as they could complete the mission a.s.signed to them by the Venerable One.

Thus, while it seemed like the Insects launched a ma.s.sive attack on the city, they were not formidable enough to make the Humans feel hopeless.

On the contrary, every Supreme Great Ancestor in Changlong City was a powerhouse that received gifts from Ou Yangming. Not only were they given magic weapons and armors, but the pieces of equipment were also magic skill tools.

With help from the magic tools, every Supreme Great Ancestor became more than twice as potent as they were.

Moreover, when the great ancestors attacked with magic tools, they were no longer timid and wary of equal-ranked spirit insects. Instead, they relied on their remarkable pieces of equipment and caused the insects to be utterly defeated.

As long as the spirit insects did not attack the people, the outcome of the fight was already set.

Once the two lizards were killed, the top-notch insects in the city changed their course and escaped through the underground. If any of them were slightly slower, they would instantly be killed by human powerhouses.

By the time Ou Yangming rode the goshawk back to the prefecture, the killings had eventually stopped. At the top of the wall, several great ancestors were even waiting to welcome the young fellow.

Ou Yangming gently tapped the goshawk’s neck. The spirit bird then swooped down but took an abrupt turn when it was near the wall, causing a strong wind to be stirred. Afterward, it slowly landed atop the wall.


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