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Chapter 615: Old Macaque

Bai Zhiyi did not intend to stay for long. After resting for a day, he set out to return to his sect with Ou Yangming.

They were in the Humans’ boundary, after all. Although powerhouses from the Beasts could be seen along the way, the chances of being attacked by them were minimal.

With that, they returned safely to the Beast King Sect after several days.

Being one of Danzhou’s Nine Great Sects, their resources and strength were beyond one’s imagination.

The Beast King Sect was not attached to a city; it was located on an undulating mountain. Below the mountain, several cities of different scales protected the sect as though they were twinkling stars around a bright moon.

As they got closer to the Beast King Sect, Ou Yangming could sense the powerful auras in the air.

Needless to say, the owners of those auras were restraining themselves quite well as they did not release their pressures, nor did they affect the environment and the ordinary people.

Putting aside everything else, this alone impressed Ou Yangming. Sure enough, the Beast King Sect had a well-deserved reputation for being able to manage those powerhouses well.

Bai Zhiyi was evidently quite renowned in the Beast King Sect; many people were already waiting to welcome him when he appeared at the city nearest to the mountain. Ou Yangming watched quietly beside the elder and somewhat understood a blacksmith’s status in the Spiritual Realm.

Of course, that referred to blacksmiths with t.i.tles and sufficient strengths. For instance, Bai Zhiyi was not only the Beast King Sect’s elder, but he was also the elder of Danzhou’s Smithing Alliance. With those 2 statuses, he enjoyed treatments unreachable by normal people.

Nonetheless, Bai Zhiyi valued Ou Yangming unusually. No matter where he went, he insisted that the young fellow stayed by his side.

The elder still did not stay in the city; he crossed it directly and headed to the Beast King Sect. Upon seeing this, the crowd that welcomed him into the city was extremely disappointed.

After leaving the city, Bai Zhiyi chuckled and asked, “Lil’ Ou, do you think I was being unreasonable?”

Ou Yangming pondered and answered, “Elder Bai, I’m sure you have a reason.”

Bai Zhiyi laughed out loud and noted, “You don’t know it now, but you’ll surely experience it in the future.”

“Were those people trying to get you to smith pieces of equipment for them?” Ou Yangming was slightly stunned.

“Young fella, you’re too smart sometimes.” Bai Zhiyi could not help but laugh and sighed. “Ah, back when I had the mood to enjoy, I wouldn’t have minded earning some smithing fees. Now, I’m no longer interested in that.” He glanced at Ou Yangming and smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Now, I’m most interested in how the old fellas from my sect will react once I introduce you to them.”

Ou Yangming secretly shook his head and thought, ‘I can’t believe that this elder has such a bad habit.’

Once they entered the Beast King Sect’s main gate, instead of Bai Zhiyi and the others, Fat Antelope and the Silver Ridge Giant Leopard were the most excited ones.

They followed behind Ou Yangming and the others and advanced with their heads held high. The pa.s.sersby did not find it strange and were not surprised at all.

Ou Yangming was even more astonished when they saw several formidable spirit beasts along the way. The spirit beasts were casually strolling on the mountain or dozing off. Occasionally, some of them greeted Bai Zhiyi, but they ignored Ou Yangming and Big Yellow.

The Beast King Sect was truly worthy of its name. Over here, the Humans and the Beasts had a harmonious relationship, which would be unimaginable in the lower realm.

All of a sudden, Bai Zhiyi stopped and called out to someone while he faced the forest on his left. “Senior Macaque, please come over for a friendly chat.”

A white figure suddenly jumped out from the trees and stood next to Bai Zhiyi in a flash. It was an old macaque, whose beard and hair were white, so much so that its fur had completely turned snow-white too.

The old macaque turned to look at Ou Yangming, then it twitched its nose as if it was sniffing something. After a brief moment, it uttered out of shock, “Something’s strange about this young fella!”

Big Yellow glared at it and shouted, “You’re the strange one!”

The old macaque did not seem to carry a strong aura, which was the reason Big Yellow dared to yell at it.

Bai Zhiyi shook his head and noted, “You mustn’t be impolite; this is the Beast King Sect’s former Beast King.”

The old macaque waved its hand and said, “A hero doesn’t boast about his past glories. I’ve aged, and I’m no longer the Beast King.” It kept a smile on its face and was not furious even after being shouted at by Big Yellow.

Ou Yangming was moved. He held down Big Yellow and saluted the macaque with respect, “Greetings, senior.”

The old macaque reached out to help the young fellow up, but the look in its eyes changed as soon as it placed its thin hand on his shoulder. At this moment, the macaque’s dull eyes became hollow and unpredictable, similar to a vast ocean or a boundless starry sky; they were filled with endless wonders.

A shiver ran over Ou Yangming’s body. When he looked again, the look in the old macaque’s eyes went back to normal.

Nevertheless, after what happened, Ou Yangming dared not underestimate it at all.

“Ah, little brother, you’re truly amazing. That fella’s lucky to have followed you!” The old macaque lamented.

Ou Yangming was surprised. So far, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was the only one that could sense Multi-armed King Kong’s aura right away and perceive the relationship between them.

It would only be possible if one was incredibly familiar with Multi-armed King Kong and was exceptionally potent. Ou Yangming could not help but wonder at this moment, ‘Is this unimpressive old macaque on par with the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One?’

Bai Zhiyi cupped his hands and said, “Senior Macaque, this is Lil’ Friend Ou Yangming, a rogue cultivator from an outer county. He’s a caster and a blacksmith.” The elder paused for a while and continued eagerly, “He’s immensely gifted in smithing art and is one of a kind, so I’d like to recruit him into our sect. If you could put in a few words, this will be easier!”

Ou Yangming looked at Bai Zhiyi in shock. It was indeed surprising that the old macaque could partic.i.p.ate in the Beast King Sect’s internal affairs.

In the Ni family in the lower realm, though Big Yellow had become invincible by advancing into a spirit beast, the people from the Ni family never thought about letting it take part in the family’s internal affairs.

After all, humans and beasts were different, and it was already a common view for everyone.

On the contrary, everything changed fundamentally in the Beast King Sect. Over here, the mighty spirit beast was qualified to engage in the sect’s affairs.

At this point, Ou Yangming even had a feeling that the Beast King Sect was more than just a sect for the Humans; it was a joint-created sect by the Humans and the Beasts.

The old macaque chuckled and responded, “Don’t worry. If it’s for him, no problem.”

Bai Zhiyi looked at Ou Yangming in shock as he could not understand why the old macaque valued the young fellow so much. He valued Ou Yangming very much too, but there was a precondition—he witnessed the miracles shown by the fellow.

This was the reason Bai Zhiyi was trying to recruit Ou Yangming into the Beast King Sect.

On the other hand, the old macaque made its decision without holding back after seeing Ou Yangming once, hence Bai Zhiyi was puzzled, and he thought, ‘Does this young fella have other secrets?’

The old macaque waved its hand and added, “I know it already, so go ahead and do it. If anyone obstructs you, I’ll naturally step in.”

“Yes. Thank you, Senior Macaque.” Bai Zhiyi beamed.

The old macaque then looked deeply at Ou Yangming again and expressed, “Please look after that young fella in the future.” Following that, it took a step out, then a white figure was seen drifting into the distance.

Bai Zhiyi frowned and questioned, “Lil’ Ou, who exactly is the young fella that Senior Macaque was talking about?”

Ou Yangming smiled bitterly. “It’s probably one of Senior Macaque’s juniors. I have a contract with that fella.”

“Oh, I see.” Bai Zhiyi chuckled and was not bothered anymore.

The Beast King Sect’s cultivation concept was having 2 parties cultivate at the same time, thus it was very normal for humans and beasts to make contracts. In fact, it would be unbelievable if there were no contracts between the 2 parties.

Even though Bai Zhiyi did not know how Ou Yangming met the old macaque’s junior, those were his personal resources, so he was not too interested in finding out. However, if the elder knew Multi-armed King Kong’s real ident.i.ty, he would certainly not be so calm.

Subsequently, he continued to climb the mountain with Ou Yangming and the rest until they arrived at the mountainside where a main hall was located.

Bai Zhiyi explained their arrival and retrieved several badges, which he distributed to Ou Yangming, Big Yellow, and the others. He then exhorted, “These badges represent your ident.i.ties as the Beast King Sect’s guests, so you must always carry them and not lose them.”

Ou Yangming fiddled with the badge and nodded, then he kept it well.

“I’ve arranged your accommodation, so you can take a break there first. Lil’ Ou, as for you, come with me to Mount Copper Furnace,” Bai Zhiyi continued. He looked proud as he explained, “Mount Tonglu is the main camp for blacksmiths from the Beast King Sect. The Earth Fire can be found over there, and it has the wonderful effect of warming and nourishing our spiritual fires. Once you try it, you’ll know how beneficial it is.”

“Thank you, senior.” Ou Yangming nodded.

He was not sure if he would join the Beast King Sect, but he was very interested in visiting a smithing workshop in the Spiritual Realm.

After Ou Yangming and his companions settled down in the courtyard halfway on the mountain, Bai Zhiyi hurried over indeed and brought the young fellow to another mountain.

The tall mountain resembled an inverted copper furnace, so its name could not be more apt.

Once they entered the mountain, more people saluted Bai Zhiyi, which was clear that he was the most famous person here.


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