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Chapter 93 Stay Alive, Kill Him!

As Ou Yangming’s body flashed into a blood light, he instantly flew 5 kilometers away.

This was the Blood Flight, the powerful skill contained in his mysterious waist sash. He had unleashed the skill to its greatest extent during the crucial moment.

Besides, Ou Yangming noticed something delightful when he used the Blood Flight; his mental power that had suddenly advanced to a new height due to the rage and fear somehow showed signs of having control over the skill.

He could feel a huge change in his speed during the flight, where he seemed to have slowed down a lot.

The scenery that initially moved backward like the wind became acceptable as he had a clearer view. Although he still could not move his body during the Blood Flight, his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose were in a normal state. The swift movement no longer disrupted his senses.

This was only the first step.

Seeing as he was about to enter the dense forest, Ou Yangming’s mental power that was boosted to the maximum attempted to control the Blood Flight.

The Blood Flight skill instantly crumbled when Ou Yangming tried it the first time, but now that his mental state was stimulated like never before, his flowing thoughts were more engaging by a few times than usual. He used his mental power to the extreme the instant the power came into contact with the skill.

As such, Ou Yangming’s consciousness and the Blood Flight merged at the next instant.

An intense light shot out from his eyes at once, and a vague blood red color was especially seen deep in his eyes. Additionally, there was a drastic change in his aura.

If someone who was familiar with him was present at that moment, that person could certainly not identify him through his aura.

Once Ou Yangming’s mental power and the Blood Flight merged, he clearly felt his Qi and blood flowing away at a high speed. It happened so shockingly fast that he might soon pa.s.s out due to the lack of Qi and blood.

Though he had escaped from Zhang Yinli, it did not mean that he was completely safe.

Since Zhang Yinli’s ident.i.ty was exposed, there was no chance for a reconciliation between them. Zhang Yinli would definitely hunt for Ou Yangming, and would not give up unless one of them died.

Similarly, Ou Yangming was not going to surrender.

He had never hated someone so much.

Zhang Yinli killed eleven soldiers, whom he knew, in front of him, and even threatened to harm Old Craftsman.

When Zhang Yinli brought up the old man, he had totally rubbed Ou Yangming the wrong way.

‘Since you want to harm Old Craftsman, you’ll have to die!’

The blood red color in Ou Yangming’s eyes was becoming richer. It occupied a third of his eyes, which made him look fearsome.

Following that, his body that was moving backward at the speed of light took a sudden turn and formed an S-shaped path in the air.

Control. This was control over the Blood Flight Art, and it was the first time it was effective.

Before this when Ou Yangming activated the skill to escape, he could only travel in a fixed and direct path. In fact, the art would not bother if an obstacle appeared in his path.

As for now, it depended if his body was tough enough. If his body was weaker than the obstacle…

Okay, the uncontrollable Blood Flight had become past tense. Ou Yangming could finally control the Blood Flight Art if he went all out. Even though he had only managed to form an S-shaped path, it proved that change was possible.

The first S shape had appeared, after all, so how could the second one be very far away?

Before long, the dense forest was straight ahead, and the first big tree was becoming bigger through Ou Yangming’s view as though he would crash into it soon. However, his body strangely disappeared the instant he was about to hit the tree.

No, Ou Yangming did not disappear. He had actually moved so fast that he flashed past the tree and appeared behind it.

The unbelievable speed gave an illusion of disconnection as if his body went through the big tree.

Likewise, Ou Yangming’s current speed had surpa.s.sed an ordinary human’s limit, so after evading the first crisis of being crushed into pieces, he was welcomed with the second crisis.

Another big tree was in his path, and his body was charging at it very quickly.

His mental power was instantly boosted again when it originally could not be heightened anymore.

“Woosh -“

Ou Yangming’s body vanished, and he was already behind the tree when he reappeared.

The blood light that surrounded him was gone too.

It was true that the dangerous process was intense, but it was short-lived.

Nonetheless, Ou Yangming instantly sensed an extreme weakness when the Blood Flight Art was lifted. It was a strong feeling of having lost a considerable amount of Qi and blood, and as though his entire body had been emptied. Ou Yangming did not have the power to even move an inch.

He inhaled deeply and grimaced in pain while slowly getting up.

Ou Yangming knew that he seemed to be safe now, but was actually running out of time.

A 5-kilometer distance could not stall Zhang Yinli — a Yang Grade powerhouse — for long.

After putting the bag down, Ou Yangming put his hands on the saber that he had carried on his waist. As his Military Fire burned, the Devouring attribute was attached to the saber. Nevertheless, it was then when Ou Yangming’s heart throbbed because he realized that the military saber had weighed around 500 kilograms, and he could not wield it as he wished anymore.

He was finally conscious of how huge the consumption of his Qi and blood was.

If he could not even hold a saber, how would he hunt? How would he replenish his Qi and blood?

At the spur of the moment, Ou Yangming heard soft sounds. The sounds would not have drawn his attention under normal circ.u.mstances, but they were pleasing to his ear at the moment.

Ou Yangming noticed a small hare in a bush when he turned to look, and the hare stared at him cautiously. He curled his lips into a smile, then reached for a dagger at his waist to throw it at the hare.

The alert hare instantly flashed away to escape, but an explosion was heard at that moment. Its body was penetrated by at least ten steel shards, and as a result, it collapsed to the ground without being able to get back up anymore.

Ou Yangming gritted his teeth and approached it step by step while dragging his military saber. His breathing was rapid and heavy, and he was pale, but his steps were firm. Ou Yangming did not stop at all because he had stronger will power.

‘Stay alive!

‘Kill him!

‘Stay alive! Kill him!’

The hare was mercilessly stabbed, where its blood and flesh instantly turned into energy that flowed into Ou Yangming’s body.

Although a hare alone was not enough for Ou Yangming to regain the Qi and blood that he had lost, he gained some power and speed.

He underwent an enormous change from when he was exceptionally weak earlier.

Ou Yangming turned around with a cold face, then shook his bag upside down to pour out his helmet, armor, arm guards, and greaves. Subsequently, he put them on without wasting a single second.

As he channeled essential Qi into the equipment set, he instantly sensed powerful energy in his body as if he had transformed into someone else.

That said, Ou Yangming remained the same facial expression. The purple consciousness was still floating above his head, hence he was extremely calm.

In order not to waste the empty bag, he used it to keep Jiang Chengwei’s head, then left in a flash.

Ou Yangming searched for a rather obvious spot, and dug a deep hole to bury the head. He took a good look at this area to remember the terrain well, then turned to dash out of the dense forest.

With the Vision +1 attribute, he could see in advance danger and animals that were either far away or lurked in the dark.

Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up all of a sudden when he was running, and he took another turn to kick a big tree beside him, where he jumped strangely to the other side. Over there, an average-sized wild boar was rolling in the mud to give his body a mud treatment.

It seemed to have sensed danger all of a sudden as it quickly straightened its body.

However, a cold light had already appeared next to it, and penetrated its body ruthlessly.

A wild boar was one of the most valiant species in the forest. In particular, an injured wild boar would become so ferocious that a tiger — king of the forest — would feel troubled and would stay away from it.

Just as the wild boar suffered immense pain and wanted to struggle, its body became powerless, and it ended up collapsing to the ground.

The wild boar’s body shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye and completely disappeared after a brief moment.

On the other hand, Ou Yangming had a much better complexion, and his Qi and blood levels were finally satisfactory.

Needless to say, based on his current strength, an ordinary wild boar would be unable to make him feel rich in Qi and blood. Hence, he fixed his eyes on his next prey.

In just 15 minutes, Ou Yangming had recovered his lost Qi and blood by going deeper into the deep forest.

He finally had the time to observe his waist sash’s condition by using his consciousness.

His waist sash was still undamaged, but one of the gems embedded in it had become unusual.

The black human-shaped core in the middle of the Subst.i.tution Gem showed signs of disintegration.

Ou Yangming came to a sudden realization. ‘No wonder I was able to recover in an instant when I clearly felt my arms break. It turns out that the gem has borne the injury.’

His heart could not help but ache when he looked at the slightly disintegrated black human shape in the Subst.i.tution Gem.

He finally understood why Zhang Yinli looked so distressed when he resisted the explosive arrow’s attack by releasing a white light.

‘When an extremely useful piece of equipment is damaged, it’s actually so upsetting.’

Despite that, Ou Yangming did not dwell on it. He quickly shut down that thought and looked deeply behind him, then transformed into a blood light and disappeared.


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