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Chapter 1036: Stop Flirting

The kiss was dizzying. Turning on her side, Yun Xi was panting heavily after barely escaping from the kiss.

Her shyness had made Mu Feichi’s heart sing louder.

“Looks like we have to kiss more. What if you faint if we do it in the future?”

He stroked her flushed cheeks gently. His heart had softened and melted into a puddle.

Only in front of her could he be himself fearlessly. He did not need any facade or masks.

“Quiet!” Yun Xi glared at him as she bit her lips feeling fl.u.s.tered. Even when she was embarra.s.sed, she was extremely appealing.

It was one thing to be a shameless opportunist, but it was another to tease her afterward.

“You sure you want me to be quiet?” Mu Feichi leaned down and planted a few more kisses, a look of triumph obvious on his handsome features. “Then there’s no need for us to discuss what you wanted to discuss since you want me to be quiet.”

Yun Xi was completely trapped by him at this moment. She felt like a piece of meat on the butcher’s block.

She mustered her strength and charged toward his waist with her legs that were positioned beside his body, but the attempt at escape was met with great resistance. He had sealed off any window of s.p.a.ce for her to make a move.

As she tried to wriggle out of this situation, the places where they were in the closest contact started to rub against each other. Mu Feichi got control of himself. If he were to react in a certain way to all this rubbing, he might truly scare her off.

Turning his head, he leaned down and bit the base of her ear. His voice was a slight whisper as he said, “If you keep rubbing, I will not be able to hold anything back.”

“Do you think it’s good to be flirting with me all the time? I will need to get married one day!”

“Who else will you marry besides me?”

Mu Feichi felt a little offended at this sentence, and he inched toward her face and kissed her again in retaliation.

“I’m not dead yet, so you’re not gonna get away from me this easily.”

“Right, right, right. I can’t get away at all. Hurry and get up. We have business to discuss.”

She firmly believed she would be killed by embarra.s.sment if they were to continue in this position.

She did not lack awareness of her surroundings. They were in the living room. If the butler were to walk in, she would have been so embarra.s.sed that she would have wanted to crawl into a hole. Therefore, she decided that the best tactic was to agree with what he said.

The man seemed to like what he’d heard. He sat back up and pulled her up with him. He leaned his body against the side of the wall as he got up. He pulled in one of his legs and placed a hand atop the knee as his gaze met hers lazily.

“Go on. What did you want to discuss?”

Yun Xi got up and retrieved her folder from the couch. Returning, her footsteps halted as she stopped to admire the man sitting on the floor.

The man in the white T-s.h.i.+rt looked like he was part of a painting as he sat on the dark-gray floor mat.

Sunlight that streamed down from the long gla.s.s windows shone on him and showered half of his body in bright rays of light. The golden light outlined the sharp edges of his handsome features with a s.h.i.+ning gold frame. The beauty of the scene before her felt sacred, and she could only admire it in silence.

In this second life, she had encountered many men of varying degrees of attractiveness. The brooding appeal of Jiang Qilin, the warmth and kindness of the Eldest Heir, the lighthearted appeal of Jiang Chenghuan, and even the attraction found in the ice-cold looks of Young Master Huo. However, none of them could compare to the charm of a hardened soldier like Mu Feichi.

He had strength, yet he was gentle. Even in his coldest mood, he could cherish and spoil her unyieldingly. He was someone with many faces who was hard to read, but he always had the charm to captivate the hearts of women.

She was no exception.

” Look, babe, I know I look delicious, and you can eat your fill once you’ve completed your coming-of-age ceremony. But for now, I’ll request that you wipe off your drool.”

His teasing words had popped all of the pink bubbles of love in her mind.

Gritting her teeth, she walked forward and kicked his leg away. “Keep your leg to yourself and stop flirting.”

Mu Feichi smiled. As she retracted her kicking leg, he reached out and tripped her. He opened his arms with precise timing and waited for her to fall onto him.


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