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Chapter 137: Full-Blown Jealousy

Almost reflexively, Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at the sulky man in the living room. She pointed at the haughty figure standing behind her.

“Uh…eldest master, there are guests.”

Only then did Chen Yichen notice Mu Feichi. He was caught off guard, but then quickly walked over.

He nodded at him politely and said in a respectful tone, “Young Marshal Mu, thank you for coming all this way over here.”

Mu Feichi’s face was calm, but his deep eyes were glued on Yun Xi.

It was with the possessiveness and self-confidence that hunters regarded their prey.

“I heard that the old Madame was ill, so I’ve come to visit. Since Miss Yun is also a medical scholar, I might as well let her check on the old Madame.”

Chen Yichen turned his head and gazed at Yun Xi hesitantly.

From his expression, he’d obviously considered this issue as well.

It was probably because just the mention of doctors was taboo to the old lady. She refused to see any doctors at all.

Yun Xi nodded. “Good timing. I brought a medicine pillow for the old Madame.”

With that said, Yun Xi turned around and took the medicine pillow from the housekeeper.

She clutched the medicine pillow as she went upstairs, and Mu Feichi followed closely behind her. Upon seeing this, the doctors in the living room were also curious.

Mu Feichi paused on the stairs, then turned his head and glanced at the doctors.

“What are you all standing there for, come on up!”

“Yes, Young Marshal Mu.”

Upon entering the old lady’s bedroom, Chen Yichen was excited. “Mom, Grandma, look who’s here!”

Mrs. Chen, who had originally been sitting on the bed, appearing bored, suddenly looked overjoyed when she saw Yun Xi’s face.

“Little Yun Xi is here! Come here next to me.”

Mrs. Chen lifted the reading from the bridge of her nose and beckoned to her.

Yun Xi stepped forward and politely glanced at Mrs. Chen and Jiang Wanyun, who was sitting beside her. “Greetings, old Madame! Greetings, Madame!”

Mrs. Chen patted the place on the bed beside her and asked her to sit down. Then, as she looked up, she saw Mu Feichi and several doctors coming in.

“Young Marshal Mu…you are here too!”

There were many people suddenly, and a smile finally appeared on the old Madame’s face.

Stepping forward, Mu Feichi nodded politely. “I heard that you were sick, so I’ve come to visit.”

“How considerate of Young Marshal Mu, but it’s just a minor ailment and nothing serious.”

Right after she’d finished speaking, her face soured when she saw the doctors behind Young Marshal Mu.

“Why did these men come up here? Since you can’t guarantee a 100 percent recovery from the operation, and the results will be the same anyway, why are you all still trying to persuade me to have an operation? Why do you want me to suffer if you can’t guarantee success? Don’t you feel any guilt at all?”

She was very old, and it was extremely risky to undergo surgery.

If she never woke up, how would she be able to see the birth of her family’s fourth generation?

It was better to live well than to have surgery. So what if she couldn’t ever stand up again?

If she died, there would be nothing left.

“Old Madame…” The doctors glanced at each other sheepishly.

After all, she was quite old, and they couldn’t guarantee that there was no risk for any operation.

But she was especially stubborn and jumped to the worst conclusions, and they were helpless in the face of this.

“Mom, don’t be angry, the doctors are also concerned about your health.”

Jiang Wanyun had also tried to help persuade her, but the older Mrs. Chen became, the more she acted like a child, and she stubbornly refused to listen to anyone.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Yun Xi patted the back of the old Madame’s hand. “Don’t be angry, old Madame. I know a bit of Chinese medicine, and all the doctors here specialize in Western medicine, so why don’t I help you a bit?”

“Girl, I know you mean well, but if my illness can’t be cured by even these men, what can you do?”

Yun Xi smiled softly, and her youthful face made her look like a child, so her words lacked credibility.

“Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to nursing you back to health step by step to get to the root of the disease. Yesterday, I made a medicine pillow for you. There are more than 20 kinds of medical ingredients in it. I’ll leave the list of medical ingredients with Uncle Chen so they can be replaced every two months.”


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