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Chapter 144: He Doesn’t Like You, But I Like You!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

How unsympathetic of her!

His company had been preparing for its IPO recently so he’d been extremely busy and had neglected his health.

If it hadn’t been for his grandma’s illness, he might have been working overtime at the company right now.

Leaning over, Chen Yichen reached out and poked her pink cheeks and teased her mirthfully.

“You’re telling me not to stay up late working and to rest, but where did your panda eyes come from? Did you sneak out somewhere last night?”

Yun Xi frowned, made a hand gesture, and flicked his fingers away from her face.

Gazing at the man who was bothering her, she said without a smile, “I’m going to take the college entrance examination soon. I have a heavy study load, so having some dark circles means nothing.”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Chen Yichen smiled. “Today’s the weekend. How come you didn’t sleep in late?”

“I have the habit of running in the morning, and I don’t sleep in late, so my fitness level is higher than yours.”

“Really? I don’t see it!”

Watching the young people quarreling, Jiang Wanyun smiled and patted Chen Yichen on the shoulder. “That’s enough, Chen Chen, don’t cause trouble for Yun Xi. Girls are sensitive, so if you scare her away, who will treat Grandma? Those army of doctors are now waiting to see Yun Xi make a fool of herself.”

“Mom, why would I want to scare her away?”

Chen Yichen turned his head, and with a mischievous smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, “I heard that my cousin doesn’t seem to like you very much.”

When the topic of Jiang Henglin came up, Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and gazed at Chen Yichen ambivalently. The oppressiveness in her eyes caught Chen Yichen off guard.

He couldn’t help but glance at her a few more times. This little girl was young, and not yet at the age where she could hide her emotions.

She appeared neither angry nor irritated, but rather proud and stubborn, as if she was unwilling to let anyone trample on her pride.

Like a little hedgehog, she would put up her thorns to protect herself whenever she encountered an attack.

He had heard about everything at the auction and had watched the surveillance videos the manager had given him. This little girl had outfoxed her opponents smoothly.

Even though his cousin had gone out of his way to humiliate her, she’d promptly made him fall on his own sword.

Huh, she was really a unique character!

He liked this little wild cat who was fiercely protective of her own people, but ruthless against others.

“Why don’t you nullify the marriage contract and be my bride instead?”

“Chen Chen! How can you say such a thing!” Jiang Wanyun felt really helpless around her son, and gave him a warning look.

Turning her head to appease Yun Xi, she said, “Yun Xi, this child is always talking nonsense, so don’t take it to heart.”

“Madame, it’s okay. The eldest son is also telling the truth. The Jiang family’s second young master really doesn’t like me that much.”

“He doesn’t like you, but I like you! Why not…”

“Chen Chen!” Jiang Wanyun glared at her son. Although she would also like to have Yun Xi as her daughter-in-law, marriages were decided by the elders. If the old man didn’t agree, they had no choice.

The two Mrs. Chens, who had been watching them, glanced at each other secretly. Seeing her precious grandson’s intentions, old Madame Chen grinned from ear to ear.

“Oh, what’s going on? Perhaps our Chen Chen has fallen in love with Little Yun Xi?”

“Old Madame, please don’t tease me. I still have to go to school, so this matter shouldn’t be joked about.”

“Perhaps the girl is feeling shy?” The old Madame smiled. “Okay, let’s not mention it for now because it’s still important for the girl to study!”

Besides, there was still time for her to s.n.a.t.c.h her away from the Jiang family’s old man, and there was nothing she was afraid of doing.

Seizing the opportunity to change the subject, Yun Xi hurriedly stood up and said, “Madame, I will take you outside to bask in the sunlight now.”

“Okay.” The old Madame nodded, and no one continued this topic.

When pa.s.sing by Chen Yichen, Yun Xi stepped on his foot.

Chen Yichen glared at her and took a deep breath, then looked down at his sneakers with the shoe print on them and touched his nose as he smiled dotingly.

His little wild cat really liked to hold grudges!


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